Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
Disclaimer: if some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed fake copyright infringement complaints to UTUBE.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Watch out Gulen Movement, all those bribes and front groups are catching up with you...Sunlight Foundation on your ASS.

During the final weeks of his last term in the House, retiring congressman Jim Moran, a Democrat who still represented Virginia's eighth district, negotiated jobs with a lobbying firm, an energy company and a nonprofit with ties to the government of a country that has been accused of serious human rights violations, including the recent jailing of an investigative journalist.
Moran disclosed his job hunt to the House Ethics Committee. Members can seek outside employment while still in office, but must disclose negotiations with prospective employers to the committee. Members who must recuse themselves from official matters due to a potential conflict or the appearance of a conflict of interest must make public disclosures to the House Clerk's Office. Moran recused himself from matters concerning Washington law firm and lobby shop McDermott, Will and Emery, Homeland Fuels LLC, and an organization listed as the "Assoc. of Friends of Azerbaijan" but is actually known as the Assembly of Friends of Azerbaijan, or AFAZ.
Kemal Oksuz, president of AFAZ, confirmed that the group had been talking to Moran. "This is true that retiring Congressman Jim Moran and Assembly of the Friends of Azerbaijan entered the negotiations for employment," he wrote in an email, adding, "He will provide consulting and advising services to AFAZ in its activities in the United States."
According to the group's website, those activities include fostering "friendship, understanding and cooperation between the United States and Azerbaijan." Last February, the group worked with the Embassy of Azerbaijan to help organize an event on Capitol Hill commemorating the anniversary of the Khojaly massacre, where more than 160 Azerbaijanis were killed during the Nagorno-Karabakh war. According to AFAZ, 20 members of the House and Senate — including Moran — and 60 congressional staffers attended the event.
Oksuz also organized a conference in Baku in 2013 that featured a dizzying array of state and federal legislators, and former White House officials, most of whom did not report the trip on House ethics disclosures according to the Houston Chronicle.
It doesn't appear that Moran joined Oksuz and his colleagues on that junket, but he did visit Baku in November 2013, courtesy of the Humpty Dumpty Institute according to his personal financial disclosure. Moran also served on the Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus.
AFAZ, currently based in Houston, has not registered with the Justice Department under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, though Oksuz says they will after they relocate to Washington in early 2015.
According to the Houston Chronicle, AFAZ "operates as a U.S.-based public relations arm of SOCAR," which is in turn wholly controlled by the Azerbaijani government. The nonprofit lists Rauf Mammadov, director of SOCAR America, as its treasurer.
The Washington Business Journal recently reported that SOCAR America bought a DuPont Circle office building, and that it plans to expand its U.S. operations and influence. The building purchase and Moran's employment negotiations are another indication of Azerbaijan's efforts to up the nation's influence profile in Washington.
At home, the country's track record on human rights has not been sterling.
Nongovernmental watchdog groups, including Human Rights Watch, have repeatedly called out human rights abuses in the Central Asian nation, citing the "Azerbaijani government’s systematic crackdown on human rights defenders and other perceived government critics."
On Dec. 5, just days before Moran said his negotiations with AFAZ began, the country arrested Khadija Ismayilova, who reports for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, an international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. government. Ismayilova, who exposes government corruption, has faced attacks before.
Moran could not be reached for comment.
Update: Over e-mail on Thursday, Oksuz added:
AFAZ is neither lobbying firm nor energy company. It is 501 (c) 6, non-profit organization certified by IRS. During Khojaly Tragedy, 613 people had been killed brutally by Armenians, over 1200 we tortured and 155 remain still missing. AFAZ is not representing either the Azeri Goverment or the Embassy in DC. So I have no idea whether or not AFAZ is supposed be registered in the Dept of Justice. I need to consult with our legal counsel.
He later added:
Furthermore, AFAZ is not the US Arm of Socar.
Questions regarding AFAZ's sources of funding did not receive an immediate reply. This post will be updated if and when we receive a response.

Here are all the criminal Gulen lobbyists meeting at Niagara Foundation
Kemal Oksuz is second from Left and State Senator Madigan is to the right
at head of table.  Madigan has been to Turkey and Azerbaijan, and was responsible
for overturning the denial of 2 Gulen Charter schools in Chicago (which have since been shelved)
Madigan and his family are said to be investors of the Azerbaijani/Gulen resort project in
Montenegro to lure wealthy Russians - great money laundering scheme
See below Mike Madigan's letter to President Aliyev of Azerbaijan.


2014 Gulen Golden Hijab Award - Nominate your favorite Gulen politician

 The first Annual Gulen Golden Hijab Award for 2014
           Vote for your favorite Gulen Tool below in the comment section, or if you have another Gulen political tool to nominate tell us why.  
Thus Far we have 4 nominees
1. Congressman Matt Cartwright (D PA) Matt made it to the top of the food chain With accepting over $20,000 from the Gulen Minions and then honoring Gulen in the US Congress for his "exceptional work"

2. Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee (D Tx) This raving lunatic has accepted countless trips to Turkey and Azerbaijan. Not only stuffing her face with Bakhlava. Jackson-Lee facilitated MORE h1-b visas for additional Gulen teachers to put Americans out of work Jackson-Le also facilitate the approval of a Harmony Science Academy in Washington DC To date trips, gifts and campaign contributions exceed over $30,000 The Gulen Minions love ignorant sassy black women like Lee and Yvette Clark in NY.

3. State Senator Pamela Roach (WA) Poor Pamela was roped into a visit to Azerbaijan then shortly after the politicians returned from the "Oil Festival" they voted to lift a sanction on Iran thereby enabling Iran to be partners in the Shah Deniz pipeline project with Azerbaijan SOCOR which is actually the Gulen Movement. Pamela has since learned a lot more about the Gulen Movement.

4. Mayor Annise Parker, the tool of Houston. Not only has Parker hosted their Ramadan Dinner, MC'd their Turkish Olympiads, had Gulenists in her Mayoral home. But Annise has accepted a lot of campaign contributions and passes through "A day for Houston to recognize Turkey" and "Azerbaijan Day in Houston" Annise also went after the local churches and had a lot of controversy of censorship of their sermons. A known Gay advocate Annise Parker carries her human rights advocacy over to protecting muslim extremists with money while punishing American citizens who are God Fearing Christians (her apparent enemies) Makes several appearances at the Gulen Schools. The girl works hard for her money

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Former Gulen "minion" aka member of Gulen Movement (Hizmet) speaks about Gulen blackmail, bribes

Gulen Minion their normal way of doing business is to bribe, blackmail, lie, cajole, play victim, be hospitable, etc., anything it takes to reach their end result which is more share of power for the Gulen Networks.

Gulen's Minions live for 1 thing and that is to serve their evil dictator Gulen.
Former Gulen member speaks out about the bribes and blackmails of the movement
FORMER GULENIST CLAIMS DONATIONS USED FOR BRIBING BUREAUCRATS Daily Sabah Updated : 21.12.2014 17:10:41 Published : 21.12.2014 16:39:17 Former Gulenist claims donations used for bribing bureaucratsISTANBUL — The latest in a series of allegations targeting the Gülen movement has come from former general manager of Gülen movement-affiliated Daily Zaman, Mehmet Arslan, who has recently claimed that some of the donations raised by the movement have been used to buy the patronage of bureaucrats. Adding to the harsh accusations the group has already faced regarding their offenses, Mehmet Arslan, a former Gülenist who parted ways with the movement after being affiliated with them for 25 years, spoke about the accusations of theft against them. Arslan claimed that some of the money being collected from businesspeople, civil servants and others by the movement was being used to buy favors from bureaucrats. According to Arslan, the movement bribes bureaucrats in order to facilitate the activities they want to carry out. Arslan said he had been a committed Gülenist before he decided to part ways with the movement. He said he had witnessed how they invest donations on repurchase, gave salaries to top-level officials and treated them to extravagant presents under the name of establishing schools abroad. "Ten percent of the donations go to Fethullah Gülen" Arslan further claimed. Fethullah Gülen, who resides in the U.S. in self-imposed exile, leads the Gülen Movement, which has charter schools and organizations in hundreds of countries around the world. Arslan, who moved to Uzbekistan after cutting ties with the Gülen movement, decided to return to Turkey to tell everything he knew about them. But this decision had, he said, led him to become a victim of a plot which led to his arrest. Arslan was detained in Uzbekistan for hooliganism and was later jailed on those grounds. He was then charged with not paying taxes. But he claimed that these charges were never documented. The latest charge he faces is being a member of al- Qaeda. Mehmet Arslan's brother, Yakup Arslan, interpreted the whole process as a plot against his brother. "My brother would have returned to Turkey to tell everything he knows about the movement. But he became a victim of a plot. He is now being held under arrest in Uzbekistan," he said. Speaking to Sabah Daily, Arslan also stated that the Gülen Movement attended a gathering chaired by Fethullah Gülen every week. He said he had witnessed many occasions of graft and theft. "After finding out about the corruption they are involved in, I decided to cut ties with the movement and quit my post. Two days after I gave up my duty, a journalist and a renowned politician, along with the leader of the masons, showed up to coax me to stay. It was impossible for me to stay [after I saw the Masons leader with them]." Noting that these are only parts of what he knows, Arslan said he was ready to reveal more about the movement 'for the sake of his country'. The movement, which waged an anti-government campaign in 2013 and is known for conducting operations to discredit and eventually topple the government, was behind a series of scandals involving illegal surveillance by Gülenist police officers and prosecutors. Arslan is not the first who has expressed dissent over Gülen movement's alleged illegal activities. A renowned columnist and former member of the Gülen Movement, Hüseyin Gülerce, also spoke out against the movement after he parted ways from an affiliated daily where he had been working as a journalist. Gülerce described the December 17 and December 25 operations conducted by the movement as an attempt to topple the government. Latif Erdoğan, once a close companion of the Gülen Movement's leader, Fethullah Gülen, also claimed that the group's real purpose behind the operations it conducted against the government was to topple it and replace it with an Islamic state. Another example of a Gulen minion who donated over $20,000 for "favors"
HOW DOES A SO CALLED SCHOOL EMPLOYEE AFFORD OVER $20,000 IN CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS? Ismayil Ahmadov One reader has supplied this site with the Azerbaijan Connection SOCOR to Montenegro Casinos, Resorts (Bosnia) resorts that the Chicago based Niagara Foundation is working with Corrupt Chicago politicians to lure in wealthy Russians to this new resort and bankrupt Monte Carlo.

Congressman Cartwright refunds part of Gulen bribes, a retraction of Congressional Gulen Honor is needed

Although we applaude Congressman Cartwright's honesty in refunding part of the donations back (only to those donors who were not American citizenship) Mr. Cartwright we urge you to retract the generic honor on "Gulen" and clarify what exiled Imam Muhammed Gulen has done for peace and dialogue. Gulen was not able to apply this "peace and dialogue" in Turkey and certainly is on the OUTS with Ankara.
Plea to Mr. Cartwright retract the honor of Gulen or clarify what he actually has done
WASHINGTON — A U.S. congressman, who gave a speech praising Fethullah Gülen in Congress, has returned donations worth thousands of dollars following allegations of money laundering and violations of federal regulations on campaign financing. Matt Cartwright, a Democrat from Pennsylvania in the House of Representatives, received at least $7,500 of donations in October in a meeting that took place at the Lehigh Dialogue Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, which is tied to the Gülen Movement, led by retired imam Fethullah Gülen who lives in rural Pennsylvania in a self-imposed exile. Gülen is at odds with the Turkish government over the influence he wields inside Turkish police forces and top judiciary posts and has been in the spotlight since last year's December 17 operation that was believed to be organized by his disciples to topple then Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan's government. Cartwright submitted a text to Congress "recognizing" Gülen as a "pillar of peace and humanity" and someone who promoted "a moderate blend of Islam in a time of growing radicalism" on November 10 after receiving donations. Cartwright's office declined to answer Daily Sabah's questions about the timing of the praise and the representative's opinion about Gülen's activities both in the U.S. and Turkey. However, Cartwright's communications director finally responded to Daily Sabah's inquiry after a number of allegations regarding the state of donations came forward. A Daily Sabah investigation revealed that an individual who donated at least $1,000 at Gülen's Dialogue Center in Bethlehem didn't have a green card. U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC) guidelines explicitly says that any foreign nationals, except those holding green cards, are not able to make political contributions to candidates who are running for or are an incumbent of a federal office. Although the Internal Revenue Code of the U.S. forbids a non-profit to directly or indirectly participate in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for elective public offices, Members of the Gülen Movement used the Lehigh Dialogue Center as a venue for fundraising for Cartwright's campaign. The center describes itself as a non-profit organization and therefore it is under the danger of losing its tax-exempt status. A source familiar with the matter also said that the movement tried to conceal the true source of the donations by giving hard money to their members and friends to make political contribution on their behalf. The FEC clearly says that reimbursing for campaign contributions constitutes illegal money laundering. Cartwright's spokesman and campaign manager, Shane Seaver, said that their campaign was informed that there may be an issue with some contributions that they received in October. "It is unclear whether there was in fact anything improper about those donations, and we are looking into it. In the meantime, out of an abundance of caution, we have returned those donations." This is not the first time Cartwright received donations from Gülen Movement-affiliated contributors. Apart from the refunded donations, FEC reports show that a number of Turks with close links to the Gülen Movement have contributed more than $10,500 to his campaign since 2013. The Gülen Movement's donation strategy is nothing new for Turkey. A detailed review of donations by Turkish citizens in election files showed that Gülen has been transferring huge amounts of money to candidates from both U.S. parties since 2006. Over $1.5 million were contributed to a variety of politicians from President Barack Obama to Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry, who notoriously suggested the exclusion of Turkey from NATO and claimed that terrorists run the Turkish government. The Gülen Movement has even organized free trips to Turkey for members of Congress and state lawmakers. A LegiStorm search showed that between 2000 and 2014 over $3 million was spent on U.S. lawmakers' trips to Turkey. Detailed inquiries have exposed that almost every journey was organized by Gülen Movement-affiliated associations.