Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
Disclaimer: if some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed fake copyright infringement complaints to UTUBE.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Washington Diplomacy Group fdba Washington Strategy ---Name change same Gulen garbage

With the legal issues concerning the old name Washington Strategy, it makes sense that the Gulenists would do the switcheroo to try and avoid legal hassles with Joel Rubin

Friday, November 24, 2017

Joe Borelli councilman of Staten Island, NY paid for by Gulen Turkish Cultural Center of New York

Joe Borelli visits Turkey in 2015 with other NY politicians, the trip was paid for by Gulen NGO Turkish New York Cultural Center.   He made a special trip to a Turkish prison housing Gulen criminals to plead on their behalf.  

Joe Borelli, Staten Island - NY 
Why did you take a all expenses paid trip 
to Turkey by the Gulen Turkish Cultural Center of NY
Then REFUSE to meet with other Turkish - Americans

Joe Borelli forget he was elected by the people Staten Island, NY to represent them, instead only represents his financial handlers of the Gulen Movement 

CITY HALL -- Two South Shore officials traveled to Turkey earlier this month to learn about human and civil rights abuses there. 
Assemblyman Joseph Borelli and Minority Leader Vincent Ignizio, both Republicans, were in Paris, France, and Istanbul from April 11 to 14. They tried to visit detainees in a high-security prison in Istanbul while on the trip, financed by the Turkish Cultural Center of New York. 
But Borelli and Ignizio were denied access to the prisoners, including two journalists. 
"We were trying to be part of the public outcry against the detainment of journalists," Borelli said. "Hell, you can put a journalist in jail but it can't be for the crime of reporting the news." 
Joined by Long Island Assemblyman Joseph Saladino, the Staten Island politicians went to Silivri Prison to visit the journalists and Ertan Ercikti, the former Istanbul Public Order Bureau Chief who oversaw the murder investigation of Silver Lake mother Sarai Sierra. 
The Turkish Ministry of Justice denied the Staten Island officials' request to meet with Ercikti, as well as requests to visit journalists Hidayet Karaca and Mehmet Baransu.
According to Turkish media, Ercikti is accused of wrongfully investigating a jihadist group. Borelli and Ignizio wanted to thank him for his part in solving Ms. Sierra's murder.Karaca and Baransu were arrested in what human rights advocates believe is a crackdown of media critical of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 
Borelli and Ignizio said the experience made them both wary of U.S. relations with Turkey and appreciative of rights back home. 
"The cornerstone of United States democracy is freedom of speech and freedom of the press," Ignizio said. "For that to be infringed upon in a NATO ally was disturbing to me." 
The Turkish Cultural Center of New York said the pair were invited on the trip, along with "many other politicians" who were unable to go, so that they could explore human rights violations and the suppression and imprisonment of journalists first-hand. 
"Turkish Americans in New York have voiced their concerns regarding these events in Turkey," a statement from the center read. 
The Turkish Cultural Center covered all traveling expenses, costing roughly $1,500 to $2,000 for each of the officials, according to an invitation dated April 6.
The Conflicts of Interest Board and the state ethics commission approved Ignizio and Borelli's participation, respectively. 
Ignizio and Borelli spent just over a day in Paris during the first leg of the trip. They met with Muslim community leaders and attended the International Festival of Language and Culture, where a group of students performed. 
"They were interested -- almost excited -- about meeting Americans and, in essence, advancing peace amongst all our countries," Ignizio said of those he met while away.
The pair arrived in Istanbul on April 12 and spent the next day visiting the Topkapi Palace, the Hagia Sophia and meeting with Turkish groups, including journalists. 
After going to the prison on April 14, the politicians planned to attend an opening reception for the New Human Rights Organization that night. The event was abruptly cancelled when someone from the Turkish government called the hotel where it was to be held. 
"It really sent a shiver down my spine," Ignizio said. 
The Turkish Cultural Center sponsors a variety of trips for New Yorkers, including politicians. 
This was Ignizio's first time in Turkey. Borelli went on another trip there last year sponsored by the same center.
Joe Borelli's facebook page slamming and vilifying anything Turkish
or having to do with Erdogan. (Turkish Government)  

Gulenists Arresting journalists in Turkey

Gulen Movement arrests journalists and suppresses freedom of speech from Gulen Fraud on Vimeo.

When the Gulenists controlled Police, Media, Judiciary System, Education and politics in turkey they arrested MANY journalists and killed many of them: Orhan Pamuk, Hrant Dink, Nadem Sener, Ahmed Sik just to name a few

Monday, November 13, 2017

Dedicated to Gulen "Golden Boy" Bilal Eksil, Washington Strategy

From Newsbud full length video available here ;

In this exclusive video Newsbud documents and exposes the most powerful criminal organization in the world that is hiding in plain sight, headquartered in the United States. Very few people are even aware of its existence, despite the fact this organization has managed to pocket thousands of U.S. politicians.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Mueller persecutes General Flynn for knowing too much about Gulen Crime Operation

From NEWSBUD entire article here

Mueller's ties to the Gulen Movement go back many years, here he is

giving top Gulen Movement operative Bilali Eksili an FBI award.

Muller giving top Gulen movement leader Bilali Eksili  (circa 2008)
an FBI Award

This blog and many others have discussed Bilali Eksili many times, he was in Indiana where he opened many new "Gulen Inspired" charter schools that were subject of a 2014 FBI raid.  Bilali headed up the Dove Institute, which later changed its name to Niagara Foundation, to reflect their midwest NGO out of Chicago.
Bilali then moved to Texas to head up the Turquoise Council after Kemal Oksuz left the USA mysteriously after the US House Ethics Committee investigation.  Bilali was sent to Washington DC January 2017 to rebrand the Gulen political lobbying to a "human rights slant" called Washington Strategy LLC

Flynn the man who knew too much about Gulen Gladio Operations worldwide.
Flynn the man who refused to use boots on the ground in Syria
Stay tuned as these connections of Mueller, and other US State Department relations to
CIA Operation Gladio GULEN MOVEMENT Terrorist networks and worldwide schools which
train militants that were used in the Balkans and later in Syria

FBI website here

Mueller has sat on the FBI case against the US Gulen Charter schools, 19 of them were raided by the FBI in June 2014
A documentary that Mike Flynn watched

MORE PHOTOS of Biliali Eskili with Indiana FBI Director

USA Today Article on Bilali Eksili bribing politicians 
"Also donating to Cuellar that day was Bilal Eksili, vice president of the Turkish American Federation of Midwest in Mount Prospect, Ill. Eksili donated a total of $5,000 to federal campaigns that year, but the foundation reported to the IRS that his full-time salary was $31,592. Overall, FEC records show Eksili has donated $38,000 to political campaigns since 2010, though public records indicate he did not own a home. Eksili did not respond to attempts to reach him.  Eksili is now president of the Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians in Houston. The Turquoise Council was a primary sponsor of a congressional trip to Azerbaijan in 2013 that House ethics investigators concluded was secretly and improperly financed by an Azeri oil company."