Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Monday, November 13, 2017

Dedicated to Gulen "Golden Boy" Bilali Eksil, Washington Strategy

From Newsbud full length video available here ;

In this exclusive video Newsbud documents and exposes the most powerful criminal organization in the world that is hiding in plain sight, headquartered in the United States. Very few people are even aware of its existence, despite the fact this organization has managed to pocket thousands of U.S. politicians.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Mueller persecutes General Flynn for knowing too much about Gulen Crime Operation

From NEWSBUD entire article here

Mueller's ties to the Gulen Movement go back many years, here he is

giving top Gulen Movement operative Bilali Eksili an FBI award.

Muller giving top Gulen movement leader Bilali Eksili  (circa 2008)
an FBI Award

This blog and many others have discussed Bilali Eksili many times, he was in Indiana where he opened many new "Gulen Inspired" charter schools that were subject of a 2014 FBI raid.  Bilali headed up the Dove Institute, which later changed its name to Niagara Foundation, to reflect their midwest NGO out of Chicago.
Bilali then moved to Texas to head up the Turquoise Council after Kemal Oksuz left the USA mysteriously after the US House Ethics Committee investigation.  Bilali was sent to Washington DC January 2017 to rebrand the Gulen political lobbying to a "human rights slant" called Washington Strategy LLC

Flynn the man who knew too much about Gulen Gladio Operations worldwide.
Flynn the man who refused to use boots on the ground in Syria
Stay tuned as these connections of Mueller, and other US State Department relations to
CIA Operation Gladio GULEN MOVEMENT Terrorist networks and worldwide schools which
train militants that were used in the Balkans and later in Syria

FBI website here

Mueller has sat on the FBI case against the US Gulen Charter schools, 19 of them were raided by the FBI in June 2014
A documentary that Mike Flynn watched

MORE PHOTOS of Biliali Eskili with Indiana FBI Director

USA Today Article on Bilali Eksili bribing politicians 
"Also donating to Cuellar that day was Bilal Eksili, vice president of the Turkish American Federation of Midwest in Mount Prospect, Ill. Eksili donated a total of $5,000 to federal campaigns that year, but the foundation reported to the IRS that his full-time salary was $31,592. Overall, FEC records show Eksili has donated $38,000 to political campaigns since 2010, though public records indicate he did not own a home. Eksili did not respond to attempts to reach him.  Eksili is now president of the Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians in Houston. The Turquoise Council was a primary sponsor of a congressional trip to Azerbaijan in 2013 that House ethics investigators concluded was secretly and improperly financed by an Azeri oil company."

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

POLITICO News announces Gulen NGOs using Bilali Eksili Washington Strategy LLC as lobbying arm

Essentially they are hiring themselves to lobby for their NGOs, This blog has reviewed info on Washington Strategy LLC and it's leader Bilali Eksili (die hard member of Hizmet)

Here is more on Gulenist Bilali Eksili

From today's (10/23) POLITICO Influence.

Washington Strategy Group LLC: Alliance for Shared Values [ – Definitely a Turkish/Gulenist entity based in NYC --]
Washington Strategy Group LLC: Bay Area Cultural Connections [NOTE: BAYCC is definitely a Turkish American entity based in the SF Bay Area – See:]
Washington Strategy Group LLC: Huddled Masses [NOTE: Not Turkish, according to my research]
Washington Strategy Group LLC: Raindrop Turkish House [Definitely Turkish / Gulenist, based in Houston, TX --]
Washington Strategy Group LLC: Scioto Educational Foundation [Definitely Turkish / Gulenist, based in Columbus, Ohio --]
Washington Strategy Group LLC: Turkish American Society of Missouri [Also Turkish/Gulenist, based in St. Louis, Missouri --]

Washington Strategy, LLC has an ongoing issue with Joel Rubin's group which is the same name (Washington Strategy)

Gulenist group signs clients, still in conflict with Joel Rubin's firm

With David Beavers and Aubree Eliza Weaver
WASHINGTON STRATEGY GROUP VS. WASHINGTON STRATEGY GROUP: The Washington Strategy Group, a lobbying firm started by supporters of Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish cleric living in Pennsylvania blamed by the Turkish government for instigating a failed coup last year, has started signing clients. The group registered to lobby on its own behalf last year on “Human rights violations and the protection of free expression in Turkey,” but until last week hadn’t signed any clients. The six clients all appear to be local Gulenist and Turkish-American organizations based in Columbus, Ohio; Des Plaines, Ill.; Houston; New York; St. Louis; and Sunnyvale, Calif. Washington Strategy Group also registered to lobby for each of them on “Global human rights violations, freedom of expressions, rule of law, recent refugee and immigration problems,” according to disclosure filings.
— Suleyman Turhanogullari, a partner at the firm, wrote in an email that “Washington Strategy Group LLC is a for-profit company serving clients for PR, business consulting and advocacy purposes.” “Our clients have Turkish American members who are suffering because of the deteriorating democracy in their home country,” he added. “We are working hard to increase awareness in the Senate and House for all this human tragedy that they are going through.”
— One of the firm’s clients, though, seemed unfamiliar with the Washington Strategy Group’s work. “I don’t think we hired anyone to do any lobbying,” said Turan, who declined to provide his last name, when I called the number listed for Bay Area Cultural Connections, the Sunnyvale, Calif., group that Washington Strategy Group listed as a client. He said he would find out more and call back but never did. The firm’s other clients didn’t respond to request for comment.
— Washington Strategy Group also remains locked in conflict with a consulting firm run by Joel Rubin that shares the same name. Karen Post, a lawyer for Rubin, sent a letter to the newer Washington Strategy Group in May demanding they stop using the name. But the newer Washington Strategy Group FedExed the letter back to Post’s offices unopened, Rubin said. He also supplied a photo of the FedEx envelope, which listed the newer Washington Strategy Group’s address as the sender. “This highlights the attitude they have about using somebody else’s company’s name and thinking nothing of it,” Rubin said in an interview. “And that’s problematic.”
— Turhanogullari says the Washington Strategy Group never got the letter in question. “We did not receive any letter or return anything to Mr. Rubin,” Turhanogullari wrote in an email. “I don't know how that happened. We haven't had any issues with our mails so far.
Lobbying war rages on over name "Washington Strategy" Joel Rubin vs. Gulen 
Washington Strategy Group, a lobbying firm founded by the leader of a regional arm of the Turkic American Alliance, a Gulen-connected group, is among those hiring up. In the last few months, it has contracted with the Estopinan Group — launched by Art Estopinan, the former chief of staff to Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) — and Gotham Government Relations.
This Washington Strategy Group is not affiliated with a firm founded by Joel Rubin, which has the same name.
Some of the groups supportive of Gulen are believed to have helped arrange trips to Turkey and nearby countries for lawmakers, including one visit to Azerbaijan in 2013 that became the subject of a congressional ethics probe. Gulenists — a term for those who subscribe to the Hizmet movement — are said to be prolific political donors.
Gulen, a former Erdogan ally, has been blamed for orchestrating a failed military coup last summer with the goal of undermining Erdogan, which forced the crackdown that ensued. Gulen condemned the coup attempt and denied involvement. Turkey wants the U.S. to hand Gulen over and has been sending alleged evidence of wrongdoing to the Justice Department.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Remzi Kulen Gulen Movement immigration attorney and Arrest of US Consulate clerk in Irbil

Attorney, Remzi Kulen has processed over 1,000 H1-B visas for the Gulen Movement
Making over $3 million in fees that in some cases were paid for by American Tax payers via School Districts.  
Look at the list here

Arrest in Turkey of US Consulate Visa processor

US Consulate employee arrested as part of Gulen Movement crackdown
he United States says it is "deeply concerned" about authorities in Turkey arresting a local employee of the US consulate in Istanbul.
ISTANBUL-A local employee of the USA consulate in Istanbul has been arrested over alleged links to a US -based Turkish cleric the government accuses of masterminding last year's failed coup.
Another divisive issue is the U.S. support for the Kurdish YPG fighters, whom Washington views as a major ally in fighting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria.
Following the failed coup attempt a year ago, Erdogan blamed the exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen for causing dissent and has orchestrated a nationwide purge of all institutions, industries and the armed forces of those Gulenist followers who he claims have infiltrated Turkish society. Gulen denies any involvement.
The employee with Turkish nationality was charged with "political and military espionage" and "attempting to remove the constitutional order", according to Anadolu Agency.
The government says only such a purge could neutralize the threat represented by Gulen's network, which it says deeply infiltrated institutions such as the army, schools and courts.
Tensions with the United States have been further fuelled by the indictment last month by a USA court of Turkey's former economy minister Zafer Caglayan.
Turkey says its former economy minister acted within global law and that charges against him amounted to a coup attempt through American courts.
The American side believes Caglayan illegally moved hundreds of millions of dollars through the USA financial system on behalf of Tehran, while Turkey maintains that he acted in accordance with worldwide law.


Bribing politicians, trips, money and awards from Killing Ed

Just one example of Gulen members bribing politicians with Campaign Contributions
This is Head Gulen Criminal Bilali Eksili, note how the slant is trying to win over Republicans?

Also this doesn't account for Cash and other "gifts" The gulen organization is known for. 
Got to LOVE publicly funded charter schools

Check link here for Reported Campaign Contributions Click for Campaign Contributions

Operation Gladio by Dr. Paul Williams what the CIA doesn't want you to know about Gulen Movement