Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Remzi Kulen Gulen Movement immigration attorney and Arrest of US Consulate clerk in Irbil

Attorney, Remzi Kulen has processed over 1,000 H1-B visas for the Gulen Movement
Making over $3 million in fees that in some cases were paid for by American Tax payers via School Districts.  
Look at the list here

Arrest in Turkey of US Consulate Visa processor

US Consulate employee arrested as part of Gulen Movement crackdown
he United States says it is "deeply concerned" about authorities in Turkey arresting a local employee of the US consulate in Istanbul.
ISTANBUL-A local employee of the USA consulate in Istanbul has been arrested over alleged links to a US -based Turkish cleric the government accuses of masterminding last year's failed coup.
Another divisive issue is the U.S. support for the Kurdish YPG fighters, whom Washington views as a major ally in fighting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria.
Following the failed coup attempt a year ago, Erdogan blamed the exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen for causing dissent and has orchestrated a nationwide purge of all institutions, industries and the armed forces of those Gulenist followers who he claims have infiltrated Turkish society. Gulen denies any involvement.
The employee with Turkish nationality was charged with "political and military espionage" and "attempting to remove the constitutional order", according to Anadolu Agency.
The government says only such a purge could neutralize the threat represented by Gulen's network, which it says deeply infiltrated institutions such as the army, schools and courts.
Tensions with the United States have been further fuelled by the indictment last month by a USA court of Turkey's former economy minister Zafer Caglayan.
Turkey says its former economy minister acted within global law and that charges against him amounted to a coup attempt through American courts.
The American side believes Caglayan illegally moved hundreds of millions of dollars through the USA financial system on behalf of Tehran, while Turkey maintains that he acted in accordance with worldwide law.


Bribing politicians, trips, money and awards from Killing Ed

Operation Gladio by Dr. Paul Williams what the CIA doesn't want you to know about Gulen Movement

Why was Gulenist Emre Celik of Rumi Forum invited to the Middle East Forum to speak about Turkey? Gulenists don't represent Turkey or the USA.

PHILADELPHIA — Turkish representatives to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)’s Parliamentary Assembly walked out of a Middle East Forum (MEF) event Tuesday when it became clear a dissident would speak there.
According to Daniel Pipes, MEF president, speakers invited to the event held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, included both Cem Utkan of the Turkish Embassy and Emre Çelik, president of the Rumi Forum.
Çelik is a supporter of Turkish Sunni cleric Fethullah Gülen, whom Turkey publicly blames for the failed coup d’etat against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that occurred in July 2016.
“When we invited Çelik, Turkey decided no, he’s not welcome,” said Pipes at the conclusion of his remarks in the plenary session of the event. The Turks made clear through its NATO intermediaries that unless Çelik were removed from the program, the event would be cancelled.
“We felt we had no choice but to accede and remove his name from the program. As Americans, that troubled our conscience,” he added.

The Gulen Terrorist Emre Celik 2 weeks after bloody coup August 2016 prancing through the White House.  

Enre Celik & Faruk Taban Gulenists Photo L, and Emre Celik (R)

Accordingly, Pipes said, “Mr. Çelik has agreed to speak and he will address us here…In the spirit of freedom of speech, I’m bringing him in to speak anyway.”
Two members of the Turkish delegation stood up and began to argue vociferously with event organizers and the head of the NATO delegation, Thomas Michael Jopling, a Conservative Member of the U.K. House of Lords. At the same time, two staff members from the Turkish Parliament stood and joined the other Turks, preparing to leave.
Jopling prevailed upon Pipes to allow him to speak before Çelik, as well as upon the Turks to remain for his remarks. “I don’t mind at all,” a Turkish representative is heard to say in a video taken of the event.
At the outset of Jopling’s remarks, he excoriated MEF for the change in plans. “All I will say on the bombshell that you have tipped into our proceedings,” he began, was that “a verbal agreement was made that the gentlemen here would not speak,” referring to Çelik. “That is unacceptable.”
As Jopling’s remarks drew to an end, Pipes joined him at the podium, contending that the agreement was made under duress.
Jopling then departed along with the Turkish delegation.
During Çelik’s remarks, which followed the walkout, he contended, “The autocratic tendencies of President Erdoğan [do] not encourage democracy in a fragile region. Example: President Erdoğan’s overreaching the rule of law.”

Çelik argued that Erdoğan’s overreaches “include the purge of some 120,000 employees that has left key vacancies in police, intelligence, and military” in the wake of the 2016 coup attempt.
After the event, MEF tweeted, “Ultimately, @NATO must decide if it will live up to its mission or if it will let one member state dictate its discussions worldwide.”
The event also featured conversations on regional realities in the Middle East, dealing with Syria, and both violent and non-violent jihadi activity in the West.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bilali Eksili trying to take off where Kemal Oksuz left off? Washington Strategy LLC

Bilal Eskili a hard core Gulenist who has been a large supporter of Gulen lobbying in the USA.  Lets take a brief glance at where Bilal Eksili is today and where has has been  The guy gets around....

It seems after Bilali's short stint as the replacement for Kemal Oksus as head of Turoquise Council based in Texas was short lived, less than 18 months.  As Kemal Oksuz vanished from the USA The political landscape in Washington DC changed for the Gulenists.  No longer are they invited into the white house or sponsor the Ramadan dinner.  Most politicians stay clear of the Gulen Movement lobbying after the US House Ethics Committee multiple investigations.

Today Bilal Eksili heads up a new Gulen think-tank lobbying group called Washington Strategy.  Instead of a loud Turkish flair its more about trying to gain access into the Republican inner circles.  But instead Bilali has to dish out huge money to attend functions.  His Gulen "Think Tank" combines other non Turkish people and is about studying human rights abuses.  Of course, Erdogan is high on his list as being the person who dismantled the Gulen Movement of power, stripped Gulenists of key positions in: education, judicary system, media, police, banking, TUSKON business and finally incing into high ranks of the Turkish Military.

So naturally the Gulenists hate Erdogan and are trying very hard to demonize Erdogan, yet never mentioning the amount of arrests the Gulen Movement made when they controlled the police or how many people they killed.    Here is a walk through Bilial's short lived Gulen Lobbying career:  Maybe its a better spin since Bilal is from Dagestan, and speaks Russian as well as Turkish and poor English.

Bilal Eksili, a Good Will Ambassador

Bilal loves to boast on his Linked in account
as all Gulenists do how important they are or convincing 
others of their importance

Bilal like all Gulenists love to take photos and especially photo bomb
themselves at important events and with politicians.  Its unclear if the
other Gulen lobbying is going to close or keep a low profile.  Turkic American Alliance, Rumi Forum, (in Washington)

Prior to his current stint in Washington DC, Bilal took over the head of Turoquoise Council in Texas from Kemal Oksuz, who skipped out of the USA on the heels of a US House Ethics Committee investigation of political junket to Azerbaijan.  See Kemal Oksuz article below. 
Bilal made it to the ex mayor of Houston's home, as President of Turquoise Council
Rumor has it that their building and compound for Turquoise Council has sold their property and building

 Bilal BW (Before Washington) consisted of many key positions in the Midwest for the Gulen Movement.  Starting off from Dove Institute in Indiana (VP Pence's State) which he later changed the name to match it's sister lobbying firm based out of Chicago Niagara Foundation.  Here are glimpses of Bilal's career.  

Bilal Eksili receiving a FBI award while he
was in Indiana, where he was instrumental in  opening Indiana Charter Schools

While in Indiana, Bilal Eksili became chummy with the future Vice President Pence


This blog had a few people contacting us regarding Bilal Eksili's resemblance to 
What do you think?


Sunday, July 30, 2017

5 facts showing Gulen's involvement in Turkey's failed coup involves the brother of Gulen US political criminal

Adil Oksuz in this video

The ring leader of Turkey's coup was Adil Oksuz
Kemal Oksuz was the ring leader of US Gulen operations, he started Niagara Foundation, Turquoise Council and AFAZ (American Friends of Azerbaijan) Kemal is known for being chummy with American politicians and arranging lobbying trips to Azerbaijan, Turkey and Central Asia for leaders of communities and members of Congress.
 Kemal Oksuz arranged the trip to Azerbaijan in 2013 that we discussed on this blog here

The money paying for these members of congress came from SOCAR but it was filtered into countless Gulen American NGOs (Pacifica Institute, Turquoise Council, et al) Kemal was due to speak to the US House Ethics Committee but instead hired an attorney and plead 5th, Kemal and Adil Oksuz are both missing.
If you know the whereabouts of these two brothers please contact this blog.

 Here is some other references to Kemal Oksuz crimes in the USA