Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Another Gulenist Lobbying Firm Bites the DUST #BilalEksili #EmreCelik brought to USA on H1-b Visas as teachers turned Lobbyists

Another Gulenist lobbying firm bites the dust  Week in Review October 12, 2018 Al Monitor
Pro-Fethullah Gulen groups continue to wind down their lobbying push in Washington. Fidelis Government Relations, which had been working as a subcontractor for Sexton's Creek Consulting, terminated its involvement at the end of August. Sexton’s Creek for its part is still registered as an active lobbyist forWashington Diplomacy Group, a Gulenist firm that told Politico it was shutting down in July.

The Fidelis termination comes amid speculation that Gulen’s movement is cash-strapped amid a clampdown on its activities in Turkey and internationally. Washington Diplomacy Group itself stopped lobbying at the end of June 2018, three months after dropping five Gulen-affiliated clients. According to an Al-Monitor analysis, pro-Gulen groups spent $886,000 on lobbying in 2017.

Over the past three months, Fidelis was paid $22,000 — its largest quarterly take to date — to lobby Congress, Vice President Mike Pence’s office, the White House and the State Department (the firm was paid $77,000 over the past 15 months). According to its website, Fidelis “operates in partnership” with Sexton’s Creek, which is run by William Smith, the chief of staff to Pence when he was a congressman from Indiana.

Turkey spent $5.6 million lobbying Washington in 2017. Much of that effort, led by Amsterdam & Partners, aims to discredit the Gulenists and their chain of charter schools throughout the United States. Turkey accuses Gulen of being behind a failed coup attempt against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2016.

What happened to all your trips to the white house? 
New sheriff in town (Trump) 
Bilal Eksili, Faruk Taban, Emre 
can always go back to teaching ......   after all Faruk Taban did he is
at North American University in Texas

Monday, September 3, 2018

Kemal Oksuz in Killing Ed documentary- Directors selection Political influence - Bribes


The darkest organization in the history of the republic, FETO, has paid millions of dollars in fortune to build a new life in the US on the July 15th treacherous coup attempt. Himmet banknotes and billions of dollars of money from Bank Asya were not enough to hide their blood or hide their dirty faces.
Today , many of the key names of FETO , from Emre Uslu to Kemal Öksüz, Cemil Teber to Ahmet Sait Yayla, have been published on the internet from their addresses, relatives and bloody money in the USA. The tragicomic side of the matter is that this information has been made available for the purpose of innocent service under the authority and approval of the United States.

How Does?

There are two important internet sites that serve relatives and friends who want to relocate to places close to them in 50 separated countries with a population of 321 million. A few minutes after you give us your name and some information about your relatives you are looking for on sites where US federal, state, and government data are used, you get access to your records.
The address, telephone information, who lives at home, who lives in the vicinity, his relatives, his wife, friend, neighbors, tenant or house owner, how many properties, Even within the transparency policy of the virtual world, even the record of the person searched is intimidated: Caution! Are you pregnant with your relatives, yet do you want to be next to him? 'The bitter truth of the dreamland is ...
This time, the hidden worlds of the FETO's people are all in the nakedness. You ask why?
Like we said, the issue is entirely emotional, to strengthen the 'friendship, kinship' relationships among the states! Before we put a point on this topic, let us give you another piece of information: The person you are looking for on the sites ' Hello! There is also a button for your demeniz.

Come on, chatterbox ...

It is not wrong to say that they are living like kings if they are a cliché for the hill names of the treacherous army to the new world order built with the money of himmet which the FETÖ sent his believers' wedding rings, houses and cars.
The smallest house is over a thousand square meters. Most of them choose Virginia as their residence, but there are more than one property that appears to be registered on them. That Virginia is the center of his choice of base. 217 km from Virginia-Washington. The FETO staff also called relatives of relatives near their home or secret names.
An important detail in the meantime: There is no information on some senior names, especially Fethullah Gulen and Hakan Sukur , in the files using Federal data .
They live like you ever ... Who do you think these names hide?
Like the Gülen City residents in Virginia, the standard of living in Texas, New Jersey is high. Lobbying the days pass fetö'cü are filling their pockets with the game, the place from which they sit doodling on Turkey, seeking new victims will not leave empty himmet safe.
Without extending the promise further, we leave you with the American dream of the FETOs.

Cemil Teber

FETO's lobbying company Washington Strategy Group Inc. Cemil Teber, manager, has two houses in Virginia, Texas. The price of a 2,792 square meter home in Virginia's Fairfax district is $ 780,000. The house has four bedrooms with five bathrooms. Texas's other house in Houston looks on your partner. 200 thousand dollars house size 2 thousand 400 square meters. In this house there are three bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Faruk Taban

The key door to the US structuring of FETO Faruk Taban, President of the Turkish-American Alliance (TAA), has $ 550,000 worth of mansions in the Centerville area of ​​Virginia. The base has purchased 550 thousand dollars of property on 2 thousand 300 square meters. Garden luxury house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. There is also a registered property on the base and a property in Washington.

Emre Uslu

According to the records, Emre Uslu, a PhD firsis, is having a day in Fairfax, Virginia. Looks like two residence addresses for Uslu. One of the addresses is a luxury apartment in the Arlington area. There is no information that Uslu bought a house or a tenant. The apartment's over $ 5,000 rent. The other address is in Washington, DC.

Ahmet Sait Yayla

Ahmet Sait Yayla, who was sought as a fugitive in the investigation carried out by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor for allegedly assassination of TSK personnel by TAF staff in the Cosmic Chamber investigation, bought 500 thousand dollars duplex house in Virginia's Fairfax city. Yayla, living in a 600 square meter villas with three relatives, has a farmhouse in Texas.

Hasan A. Yurtsever

Hasan Ali Yurtsever, who runs the chairman of the Rumi Forum in the organization of the FETO organization, has two houses in Fairfax, Virginia, one of which is a private duplex with a market value of approximately 650 thousand dollars and the other is an apartment house. Yurtsever, who appears to have lived with three of his family, also bought another house in Chicago, Illinois.

Recep Özkan

Recep Özkan, who was former president of the Turkish Cultural Center and spoke of his $ 1.5 million donation to Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election, is making a percentage of Bank Asya victims with a $ 1.4 million house in New York's Brooklyn district.

Yüksel Alp Aslandyan

The President of Alliance for Shared Values, Yüksel Alp Aslandoğan, resides in a triple-family house in the Fort Lee district of New Jersey, worth about $ 540,000. Aslanoğan lives with a woman who is 10 years younger than himself. It appears that there is another house in Texas that is registered on it.

Burak Yeneroğlu

Burak Yeneroglu, owner of the Bayrock Stone company, has spent $ 400,000 in a triplex mansion in the Carlstadt district of New Jersey and spent the summers in the summer palace in Miami, paying $ 652,000 in donations to former US President Barack Obama.

Talha Saraç

Talha Saraç, the son of Jesus Saraç, president of Virginia International University in connection with the US-led PTO, is also enjoying a dreamy villa in Virginia Fairfax. Federal data declares that four female relatives live in the same street as Saraç. Saraç's house costs 650 thousand dollars.


Cevdet Türkyolu

It is known that Cevdet Türkyolu, known as the nephew of FETET ringle Fetullah Gulen, has served at the top of the organization for many years, is a double house in Pennsylvania and Florida. The value of the houses is over a million dollars.
Turkey's property in the United States is not only a home, but also a large number of workplace tapes. In Florida's Winter Springs region, the ocean-side furnishings are a complete palace.
Knowing the most intimate secrets of Gulen, the Turkish currency, nicknamed "Long Cevdet", came into being with the news of being beaten by Gülen.

Sezai Sablak

Seiren Sablak, Vice President of the Golden Generation Center for Worship and Recreation, where Gulen has lived since 1999, is over $ 400,000 worth of five-room, five-bathroom houses in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The details of the house where Sablak lived with two female relatives are hidden. In the meantime, Sablak is named as Cesai and Steve.

Hakan Sukur

Before going to the US from Turkey Yavuz Sultan Selim caftan allegedly tried to steal Hakan Sukur has revealed the details of the life of luxury in San Francisco last week. The US government is hiding information about himself and his wife, Mrs.
FETO sanctioned a café-restaurant named Tuts Bakery-Cafe ' near University Avenue, the busiest street of Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley There are many famous names in the luxurious area where Şükür'ün's café is located, and there are important centers such as Apple Store and Stanford University.
Şükür'ün residence with his family still cost the house, according to the real estate valuation sites in the region over $ 3 million. Property rented in September 2015. The monthly rent for the house is 6,850 dollars. Thank goodness, luxury cars are known for their passion. The villas are equipped with the latest model Lexus and Mercedes Jeep and Volkswagen passenger car in the garage.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Kemal Oksuz Top Gulen fugitive arrested in Armenia to be extradited back to the USA

This blog has discussed Kemal Oksuz several times, after the US house Ethics Committee investigation - Kemal Oksuz plead the 5th and fled the USA.   Refresh your memory Kemal had planned a trip to Azerbaijan with members of Congress.  Azerbaijan had paid for the trips via money
laundering via Kemal's 8 -9 non profits.
learn more here Kemal Oksuz CLICK  or more info here Kemal Oksuz CLICK HERE

Kemal Oksuz used a fake ID "Kevin Oksuz" and shed a few pounds (that is what stress from hiding your dark secrets will do)  shaved his head closely and grew facial hair.  It is reported that Kemal had been facilitated into Armenia via Iran or Republic of Georgia, with the CIA support it seems Republic of Georgia is more likely.

Kemal Oksuz holds the key to the Gulen Movement crime spree in the USA that he was most certainly one of the big wigs of, the Gulen Movement is divided into 5 regions - Kemal was one of the main regional imams in charge of swindling and bribing politicians.   Kemal Oksuz also opened a large number of non-profits - 501 c to money launder and conduct shady businesses, criss crossing the USA from Washington DC to Chicago to Texas.

The Armenian Police, in cooperation with Interpol, have detained Turkish national Kevin Oksuz wanted by the American law-enforcement bodies.
The man had established a company in Armenia to start business. On August 23, Kevin Oksuz was declared internationally wanted on charges of submitting false statements to the Ethics Committee of the House of Representatives.
Oksuz was the president of a nonprofit organization of Turkish Americans and Eurasians, which aimed at establishing close relations between Turks and Americans by organizing trips to Turkey and Azerbaijan.
In 2013 he invited several US Congressmen to Azerbaijan and Turkey for a private visit. He submitted false documents to the Ethics Committee, noting that the organization never received financing from any source either directly or indirectly.
However, it has now been revealed that the organization actually didn’t pay for all expenses and received additional financing, including from Socar Oil Company belonging to the Azerbaijani government.
It has also been revealed that 9 Members of Congress and 32 staff members received gifts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With former vice president Joe Biden

Kemal and Adil Oksuz both higher up Imams in Hizmet aka Gulen Movement both
wanted for questioning.  Oksuz family is from Ezerum same as Imam Fethullah Gulen
A key figure linked to the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) has been caught in Armenia with a United States arrest warrant for submitting false documents and statements, Turkish officials said.
Kemal Öksüz, who changed his name to Kevin after receiving U.S. citizenship is the brother of another key FETÖ suspect sought by Turkey, Adil Öksüz. The Armenian press has reported that Öksüz was detained in Yerevan on Aug. 29 in a joint operation run by police and Interpol.
emal Öksüz, a high ranking member of the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) dubbed as its "Houston imam," was arrested Wednesday in Armenia over a U.S. arrest warrant issued for breaching congress ethics and fraud.
Öksüz, who changed his name to Kevin after receiving U.S. citizenship, was being sought with a red notice by the Interpol, according Armenpress agency. Öksüz was running a business and an NGO in Armenia, according to the report.
Armenpress reported that Armenian police said Öksüz was being sought since the very first day of being declared wanted, and the Armenian police chief personally supervised the operations.
A spokesperson for U.S. Department of Justice said Thursday that ​Öksüz is "currently being held by Armenian authorities pursuant to an arrest warrant issued by the United States."
This file photo shows Kemal Öksüz shaking hands with former US Vice President Joe Biden.
This file photo shows Kemal Öksüz shaking hands with former US Vice President Joe Biden.
A former businessman, Öksüz was the chairman of the Texas-based NGO Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians (TCAE), a Gülenist regional umbrella organization that controlled several other Gülenist non-profits.

As a common practice to promote their political agenda and business interests, which is mainly exploiting the U.S. charter school system with dozens of schools, Gülenists often organized paid-for trips to Turkey and its surrounding region for U.S. senators, congress members, state officials and local officials, in addition to dinners, award events and panels.
Öksüz and the TCAE came under federal scrutiny by the Congressional Ethics Committee for coordinating a trip in 2013 where dozens of U.S. Members of Congress traveled to Azerbaijan for a conference illegally sponsored by its state oil company, SOCAR. He previously pleaded the Fifth Amendment while politicians involved in the trip were fined by the ethics committee.
The report said that the U.S. declared Öksüz wanted on Aug. 23 on four counts of fraud, including submitting falsified documentation to the ethics committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. Accordingly, Öksüz said that his NGO, which covered the funding for the trip, did not receive funds from any source but the trip was in fact funded by SOCAR.
A Washington Post article from 2015 reported that ten U.S. Congress members and 32 staff members who attended the trip also received valuable gifts worth thousands of dollars. Three former top aides to President Barack Obama appeared as speakers at the event. The funding of the trip raised eyebrows in Washington D.C. as the Post reported that the trip came at a time when SOCAR, which has joint projects with Russian and Iranian companies, was looking for exemptions from U.S. sanctions targeting Iran for the Southern Gas Corridor project involving British Petroleum (BP), Turkish Petroleum (TPAO), Turkish Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (BOTAŞ) and many others.
This undated file photo shows Barack Obama with Kemal Öksüz in an event.
This undated file photo shows Barack Obama with Kemal Öksüz in an event.
It is not clear whether SOCAR's trip had an effect on the decision making of U.S. lawmakers and Obama since various U.S. oil giants like ExxonMobil and Chevron, in addition to U.K.'s BP and Norway's Statoil have stakes in Azeri oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea, alongside Russian and Iranian companies. However, some of these lawmakers sponsored legislation promoting U.S. energy interests in the Caspian.

The case' ties with Armenia's arch enemy Azerbaijan's national oil company and an energy project bypassing Armenian territories might have impelled Armenian officials to promptly respond to the case.
Öksüz was also the owner of a company that served as a major vendor for Harmony Public Schools in Texas, which is the largest Gülenist school network in the U.S., according to the book "Empire of Deceit: An Investigation of the Gülen Charter School Network" published by attorney Robert Amsterdam and his law firm, which represent Turkey in lawsuits in the U.S. His company signed more than $50 million in contracts in a year, making Öksüz a millionaire in the process.
Harmony operates more than 50 schools in Texas and receives more than $250 million in public funding every year. It also serves as a regional oversight entity for all Gülen-linked school networks and organizations in several states included in the shadowy group's Greater Texas region.
Gülenist schools are being accused of exploiting and defrauding the charter school system by emigrating a large number of their sympathizers to the U.S. with H1-B visas and using affiliated vendors to funnel millions of U.S. public money into their own organization.
Öksüz and the TCAE are also known for hefty donations mainly aimed at the Democratic Party and its candidates on federal and state level. Turkish media reports after U.S. presidential elections in Nov. 2016 cited that Gülenists donated more than $2 million in Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign.
Öksüz was often spotted in events linked to top-ranking Democrats

Monday, August 20, 2018

Bob Blumenfield and the Reseda Town Center Scam with #MagnoliaScienceAcademy

On June 15, 2018 just 2 weeks before Magnolia Science Academy's CEO / Superintendent Dr. Caprice Young stepped down from her vulture perch at MERF, there was a ground breaking ceremony quietly ushered in by Gulen political tool City Counclilman Bob Blumenfield who has been in the pockets of the Gulen Movement since at least 2011, here is Blumenfield as an Assemblyman opening the Gulen Non-Profit fake Dialogue PACIFICA INSTITUTE one of the hundreds of Gulen dialogue centers in the USA luring in different religious and political leaders.

Bob Blumenfield has had long term ties to the Gulen Movement's Pacifica Institute and their Magnolia Science Academy, regularly showing up to their school and sending his flunky aid to LAUSD in October 18, 2016 hearing to speak in support of Renewal of Magnolia Science Academy #1 #2 and #3, all which FAILED and the schools were denied renewal.

Dr. Caprice Young their prior CEO/Superintendent who made $250,000 a year is married to Mark Dierking who was appointed to the SV Planning Commission (he is a land commissioner) by the Mayor of Los Angeles., Mark Dierking the hubby of Caprice Young sweetened the deal on the Reseda Town Center Plan #241 placing Magnolia #1 (Reseda) in the good graces of Blumenfield for at least 3 years. This inner corrupt workings of Mark Dierking who has / had privvy to these redevelopment lands and the connection/ conduit between Bob Blumenfield and Magnolia Science Academy (his lying wife's employer) shoud be investigated for wrong doing.

Mustafa Sahin the Gulenist Principal of Magnolia Science Academy #1 was even appointed to the Reseda Town Center Steering Committee and sent a letter of approval to Bob Blumenfield for the Reseda Town Center . Of course, Mustafa did as the Gulen Movement will benefit from land owner ship at the expense of the American Tax Payer. MERF will be on the ownership / title of the property while Americans make the payments.

City of Los Angeles, Ethics please investigate Mark Dierking and Bob Blumenfields ties and ethics to the Gulen Turkish Mafia - review the records and application of Magnolia Science Academy.

An Ethics Probe is needed IMMEDIATELY on Mark Dierking of SV Planning Commission who has helped to facilitate this land grab for his wife's employer.  Coast To Coast Gulen Movement Schools are land grabbing with land scams

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Magnolia Science Academy , City Councilman Bob Blumenfield and Mark Dierking

Mark Dierking, the husband of Caprice Young facilitated this via his appointment to SV Planning Commission and as an employee of of City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation.  A Ethics investigation on Mark Dierking should happen soon.   He is guilty of breach of public trust, ethics, collusion and insider information helping his wife's employer to identify redevelopment land #241 Reseda Town Center.  Shame on Caprice Young and her Vile husband Mark Dierking. Turkish Mafia helpers.  Learn More about Mark Dierking here Mark Dierking

Leaders broke ground Friday, June 15 in Reseda on what they hope will be a campus learning environment that also serves to help revitalize the community around it.
Magnolia Science Academy Reseda celebrated the construction of a new, 25,000-square-foot high school classroom building for its sixth- to 12th-grade Valley campus — known as MSA-1.
The campus, at 18238 Sherman Way, is intended to meet what school officials said were the “growing needs” of the local community and to expand the charter school’s STEAM program, a college preparatory program that emphasizes science, technology, engineering, arts and math.
“Finally, today was the big day, to start the dream of having a new high school,” said its MSA-1 Principal Mustafa Sahin.

Sahin said the school’s current building — known for its big exterior Albert Einstein mural — was simply too small for middle-schoolers and high-schools to be under one roof. That’s the current situation at MSA-1 campus, which is adjacent to the where the new building will be built, on Sherman Way. Not only that, but there was continued high demand for enrollment, Sahin said, adding that the move was five to 10 years in the making.
Over that time, the path for Magnolia college preparatory schools — which are part of a network of 10 public charter schools in Southern California that serve 1,400 sixth- through 12th-grade students in economically disadvantaged communities — has been at times treacherous, and at others triumphant. In October 2016, LAUSD’s Charter Schools Division cited the Magnolia schools’ “failure to timely respond” to document requests from LAUSD’s Office of Inspector General, which had been investigating Magnolia Public Schools since September 2014, and the Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team, an external state agency that provides financial oversight.
District staffers had said that Magnolia Public Schools’ “repeated failure” to respond in a reasonable time frame to information requests “limited the district’s ability to fully oversee the fiscal and business operations” of the nonprofit.

L.A’s Board of Education denied their renewal.
But ultimately, MSA-1, in Reseda; MSA-2, in Lake Balboa; and MSA-3, in Carson, were spared from potential closure after a county board voted in December 2016 to renew their charter school petitions on appeal.
The county’s Board of Education is now the authorizer of these charter schools.
According to school officials, the new Reseda facility will feature state-of-the-art chemistry, biology and tech classrooms, a rooftop recreation area, an outdoor lunch patio and more than 20 new classrooms and staff offices. MSA-1 will be able to accommodate 300 more students, once the new building is done.
LA officials put the development into bigger-picture terms.
“What’s exciting is not only what this project means for the school and its students, but it is part and parcel of a larger catalytic development that’s happening right here on these properties,” said L.A. City Councilman bob Blumenfield.
Leaders touted the project as a  first step iin a plan — known as “Reseda Rising” — to revive the Reseda Town Center commercial area, which – in addition to the new building at MSA-1 – also includes plans to construct an ice skating and roller hockey facility, a new movie theater and apartments.

Bob Blumenfield Current Councilman facilitates Redevelopment of #ResedaTownCenter for Magnolia Science Academy #1 #MarkDierking Ethics investigation

This should come as no surprise to anyone that knows the Gulen Movement, they have been latching onto Redevelopment Funds and Land for over 19 years.  In this case of #ResedaTownCenter it takes in a typical but interesting case that involves the newly departed CEO of Magnolia Science Academy, Dr. Caprice Young's husband Mark Dierking.

Mark Dierking was appointed to the SV Planning Commission by Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti, in 2014 and was recently just re appointed.   Mark has had an "in "as being a commissioner and part of the transportation development to property qualified as redevelopment for funding.  Reseda Town Center #241 was perfect for his wife's controversial group of schools who cannot grow with NEW doors but is trying to expand from within.   By adding grades, looking for more space the Magnolia Science Academies have struggled in California with 2 schools closing (Orangevale, CA and Santa Clara, CA) and the denial of renewal by LAUSD of 4 of their 8 schools in LAUSD (they have 2 more- one in Santa Ana that is state controlled after denial by local SAUSD and the LACOE-  And another in San Diego Unified School District)

Mark Dierking has had a relationship with all city council members and plays many political games as his goofy wife does, trying to infiltrate as many people of power influence as they can.   Dr. Caprice Young, is part of the CCSA and Eli Broad gang that call themselves "Educational Reformers" they have both managed to not only have a "relationship" with Bob Blumenfield, they have made sure that the Magnolia Science Academy in Reseda, CA has had Blumenfield as guests at their school and given campaign contributions to Blumenfield, 

Blumenfield return the "favors" by sending his flunky aide to the LAUSD when Magnolia #1 was going for renewal to "testify" on behalf of his office.  Blumenfield has also been rubbing nuts with the Gulen Movement's Pacifica Instittue and opened their center in Northridge for them in 2012.   Blumenfield also appointed Principal of Magnolia Science Academy Reseda to the Steering Committee for Reseda Town Center . 

Mr. Mustafa Sahin particpated in most of the Reseda Town Center  development that "benefitted" Magnolia Science Academy as it's main anchor.  Isn't this a conflict of interest? 

<---- Bob Blumenfield
cutting the ribbon for the Gulen lobbying arm of Pacifica Institute which pretends to be a "dialogue" umbrella but the reality is it's a Lobbying Arm, they did sponsor a dinner at the state capitol March 2013 with then state assemblyman Senator Hoff with the Government of Azerbaijan SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic)  which the Gulenists control in Azerbaijan. 

Pacifica Institute's honorary president is Fetullah Gulen they make no effort to hide this on their website . 
Click Here Pacifica Institute

Further information about Gulen fake dialogue / lobbying groups across the United States can be found here.
Gulen Lobbying

Bob Blumenfield's plans

You rub Bobby's back he will rub yours