Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
Disclaimer: if some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship which has filed fake copyright infringement complaints to UTUBE.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Watch out Gulen Movement, all those bribes and front groups are catching up with you...Sunlight Foundation on your ASS.

During the final weeks of his last term in the House, retiring congressman Jim Moran, a Democrat who still represented Virginia's eighth district, negotiated jobs with a lobbying firm, an energy company and a nonprofit with ties to the government of a country that has been accused of serious human rights violations, including the recent jailing of an investigative journalist.
Moran disclosed his job hunt to the House Ethics Committee. Members can seek outside employment while still in office, but must disclose negotiations with prospective employers to the committee. Members who must recuse themselves from official matters due to a potential conflict or the appearance of a conflict of interest must make public disclosures to the House Clerk's Office. Moran recused himself from matters concerning Washington law firm and lobby shop McDermott, Will and Emery, Homeland Fuels LLC, and an organization listed as the "Assoc. of Friends of Azerbaijan" but is actually known as the Assembly of Friends of Azerbaijan, or AFAZ.
Kemal Oksuz, president of AFAZ, confirmed that the group had been talking to Moran. "This is true that retiring Congressman Jim Moran and Assembly of the Friends of Azerbaijan entered the negotiations for employment," he wrote in an email, adding, "He will provide consulting and advising services to AFAZ in its activities in the United States."
According to the group's website, those activities include fostering "friendship, understanding and cooperation between the United States and Azerbaijan." Last February, the group worked with the Embassy of Azerbaijan to help organize an event on Capitol Hill commemorating the anniversary of the Khojaly massacre, where more than 160 Azerbaijanis were killed during the Nagorno-Karabakh war. According to AFAZ, 20 members of the House and Senate — including Moran — and 60 congressional staffers attended the event.
Oksuz also organized a conference in Baku in 2013 that featured a dizzying array of state and federal legislators, and former White House officials, most of whom did not report the trip on House ethics disclosures according to the Houston Chronicle.
It doesn't appear that Moran joined Oksuz and his colleagues on that junket, but he did visit Baku in November 2013, courtesy of the Humpty Dumpty Institute according to his personal financial disclosure. Moran also served on the Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus.
AFAZ, currently based in Houston, has not registered with the Justice Department under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, though Oksuz says they will after they relocate to Washington in early 2015.
According to the Houston Chronicle, AFAZ "operates as a U.S.-based public relations arm of SOCAR," which is in turn wholly controlled by the Azerbaijani government. The nonprofit lists Rauf Mammadov, director of SOCAR America, as its treasurer.
The Washington Business Journal recently reported that SOCAR America bought a DuPont Circle office building, and that it plans to expand its U.S. operations and influence. The building purchase and Moran's employment negotiations are another indication of Azerbaijan's efforts to up the nation's influence profile in Washington.
At home, the country's track record on human rights has not been sterling.
Nongovernmental watchdog groups, including Human Rights Watch, have repeatedly called out human rights abuses in the Central Asian nation, citing the "Azerbaijani government’s systematic crackdown on human rights defenders and other perceived government critics."
On Dec. 5, just days before Moran said his negotiations with AFAZ began, the country arrested Khadija Ismayilova, who reports for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, an international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. government. Ismayilova, who exposes government corruption, has faced attacks before.
Moran could not be reached for comment.
Update: Over e-mail on Thursday, Oksuz added:
AFAZ is neither lobbying firm nor energy company. It is 501 (c) 6, non-profit organization certified by IRS. During Khojaly Tragedy, 613 people had been killed brutally by Armenians, over 1200 we tortured and 155 remain still missing. AFAZ is not representing either the Azeri Goverment or the Embassy in DC. So I have no idea whether or not AFAZ is supposed be registered in the Dept of Justice. I need to consult with our legal counsel.
He later added:
Furthermore, AFAZ is not the US Arm of Socar.
Questions regarding AFAZ's sources of funding did not receive an immediate reply. This post will be updated if and when we receive a response.

Here are all the criminal Gulen lobbyists meeting at Niagara Foundation
Kemal Oksuz is second from Left and State Senator Madigan is to the right
at head of table.  Madigan has been to Turkey and Azerbaijan, and was responsible
for overturning the denial of 2 Gulen Charter schools in Chicago (which have since been shelved)
Madigan and his family are said to be investors of the Azerbaijani/Gulen resort project in
Montenegro to lure wealthy Russians - great money laundering scheme
See below Mike Madigan's letter to President Aliyev of Azerbaijan.


2014 Gulen Golden Hijab Award - Nominate your favorite Gulen politician

 The first Annual Gulen Golden Hijab Award for 2014
           Vote for your favorite Gulen Tool below in the comment section, or if you have another Gulen political tool to nominate tell us why.  
Thus Far we have 4 nominees
1. Congressman Matt Cartwright (D PA) Matt made it to the top of the food chain With accepting over $20,000 from the Gulen Minions and then honoring Gulen in the US Congress for his "exceptional work"

2. Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee (D Tx) This raving lunatic has accepted countless trips to Turkey and Azerbaijan. Not only stuffing her face with Bakhlava. Jackson-Lee facilitated MORE h1-b visas for additional Gulen teachers to put Americans out of work Jackson-Le also facilitate the approval of a Harmony Science Academy in Washington DC To date trips, gifts and campaign contributions exceed over $30,000 The Gulen Minions love ignorant sassy black women like Lee and Yvette Clark in NY.

3. State Senator Pamela Roach (WA) Poor Pamela was roped into a visit to Azerbaijan then shortly after the politicians returned from the "Oil Festival" they voted to lift a sanction on Iran thereby enabling Iran to be partners in the Shah Deniz pipeline project with Azerbaijan SOCOR which is actually the Gulen Movement. Pamela has since learned a lot more about the Gulen Movement.

4. Mayor Annise Parker, the tool of Houston. Not only has Parker hosted their Ramadan Dinner, MC'd their Turkish Olympiads, had Gulenists in her Mayoral home. But Annise has accepted a lot of campaign contributions and passes through "A day for Houston to recognize Turkey" and "Azerbaijan Day in Houston" Annise also went after the local churches and had a lot of controversy of censorship of their sermons. A known Gay advocate Annise Parker carries her human rights advocacy over to protecting muslim extremists with money while punishing American citizens who are God Fearing Christians (her apparent enemies) Makes several appearances at the Gulen Schools. The girl works hard for her money

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Former Gulen "minion" aka member of Gulen Movement (Hizmet) speaks about Gulen blackmail, bribes

Gulen Minion their normal way of doing business is to bribe, blackmail, lie, cajole, play victim, be hospitable, etc., anything it takes to reach their end result which is more share of power for the Gulen Networks.

Gulen's Minions live for 1 thing and that is to serve their evil dictator Gulen.
Former Gulen member speaks out about the bribes and blackmails of the movement
FORMER GULENIST CLAIMS DONATIONS USED FOR BRIBING BUREAUCRATS Daily Sabah Updated : 21.12.2014 17:10:41 Published : 21.12.2014 16:39:17 Former Gulenist claims donations used for bribing bureaucratsISTANBUL — The latest in a series of allegations targeting the Gülen movement has come from former general manager of Gülen movement-affiliated Daily Zaman, Mehmet Arslan, who has recently claimed that some of the donations raised by the movement have been used to buy the patronage of bureaucrats. Adding to the harsh accusations the group has already faced regarding their offenses, Mehmet Arslan, a former Gülenist who parted ways with the movement after being affiliated with them for 25 years, spoke about the accusations of theft against them. Arslan claimed that some of the money being collected from businesspeople, civil servants and others by the movement was being used to buy favors from bureaucrats. According to Arslan, the movement bribes bureaucrats in order to facilitate the activities they want to carry out. Arslan said he had been a committed Gülenist before he decided to part ways with the movement. He said he had witnessed how they invest donations on repurchase, gave salaries to top-level officials and treated them to extravagant presents under the name of establishing schools abroad. "Ten percent of the donations go to Fethullah Gülen" Arslan further claimed. Fethullah Gülen, who resides in the U.S. in self-imposed exile, leads the Gülen Movement, which has charter schools and organizations in hundreds of countries around the world. Arslan, who moved to Uzbekistan after cutting ties with the Gülen movement, decided to return to Turkey to tell everything he knew about them. But this decision had, he said, led him to become a victim of a plot which led to his arrest. Arslan was detained in Uzbekistan for hooliganism and was later jailed on those grounds. He was then charged with not paying taxes. But he claimed that these charges were never documented. The latest charge he faces is being a member of al- Qaeda. Mehmet Arslan's brother, Yakup Arslan, interpreted the whole process as a plot against his brother. "My brother would have returned to Turkey to tell everything he knows about the movement. But he became a victim of a plot. He is now being held under arrest in Uzbekistan," he said. Speaking to Sabah Daily, Arslan also stated that the Gülen Movement attended a gathering chaired by Fethullah Gülen every week. He said he had witnessed many occasions of graft and theft. "After finding out about the corruption they are involved in, I decided to cut ties with the movement and quit my post. Two days after I gave up my duty, a journalist and a renowned politician, along with the leader of the masons, showed up to coax me to stay. It was impossible for me to stay [after I saw the Masons leader with them]." Noting that these are only parts of what he knows, Arslan said he was ready to reveal more about the movement 'for the sake of his country'. The movement, which waged an anti-government campaign in 2013 and is known for conducting operations to discredit and eventually topple the government, was behind a series of scandals involving illegal surveillance by Gülenist police officers and prosecutors. Arslan is not the first who has expressed dissent over Gülen movement's alleged illegal activities. A renowned columnist and former member of the Gülen Movement, Hüseyin Gülerce, also spoke out against the movement after he parted ways from an affiliated daily where he had been working as a journalist. Gülerce described the December 17 and December 25 operations conducted by the movement as an attempt to topple the government. Latif Erdoğan, once a close companion of the Gülen Movement's leader, Fethullah Gülen, also claimed that the group's real purpose behind the operations it conducted against the government was to topple it and replace it with an Islamic state. Another example of a Gulen minion who donated over $20,000 for "favors"
HOW DOES A SO CALLED SCHOOL EMPLOYEE AFFORD OVER $20,000 IN CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS? Ismayil Ahmadov One reader has supplied this site with the Azerbaijan Connection SOCOR to Montenegro Casinos, Resorts (Bosnia) resorts that the Chicago based Niagara Foundation is working with Corrupt Chicago politicians to lure in wealthy Russians to this new resort and bankrupt Monte Carlo.

Congressman Cartwright refunds part of Gulen bribes, a retraction of Congressional Gulen Honor is needed

Although we applaude Congressman Cartwright's honesty in refunding part of the donations back (only to those donors who were not American citizenship) Mr. Cartwright we urge you to retract the generic honor on "Gulen" and clarify what exiled Imam Muhammed Gulen has done for peace and dialogue. Gulen was not able to apply this "peace and dialogue" in Turkey and certainly is on the OUTS with Ankara.
Plea to Mr. Cartwright retract the honor of Gulen or clarify what he actually has done
WASHINGTON — A U.S. congressman, who gave a speech praising Fethullah Gülen in Congress, has returned donations worth thousands of dollars following allegations of money laundering and violations of federal regulations on campaign financing. Matt Cartwright, a Democrat from Pennsylvania in the House of Representatives, received at least $7,500 of donations in October in a meeting that took place at the Lehigh Dialogue Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, which is tied to the Gülen Movement, led by retired imam Fethullah Gülen who lives in rural Pennsylvania in a self-imposed exile. Gülen is at odds with the Turkish government over the influence he wields inside Turkish police forces and top judiciary posts and has been in the spotlight since last year's December 17 operation that was believed to be organized by his disciples to topple then Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan's government. Cartwright submitted a text to Congress "recognizing" Gülen as a "pillar of peace and humanity" and someone who promoted "a moderate blend of Islam in a time of growing radicalism" on November 10 after receiving donations. Cartwright's office declined to answer Daily Sabah's questions about the timing of the praise and the representative's opinion about Gülen's activities both in the U.S. and Turkey. However, Cartwright's communications director finally responded to Daily Sabah's inquiry after a number of allegations regarding the state of donations came forward. A Daily Sabah investigation revealed that an individual who donated at least $1,000 at Gülen's Dialogue Center in Bethlehem didn't have a green card. U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC) guidelines explicitly says that any foreign nationals, except those holding green cards, are not able to make political contributions to candidates who are running for or are an incumbent of a federal office. Although the Internal Revenue Code of the U.S. forbids a non-profit to directly or indirectly participate in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for elective public offices, Members of the Gülen Movement used the Lehigh Dialogue Center as a venue for fundraising for Cartwright's campaign. The center describes itself as a non-profit organization and therefore it is under the danger of losing its tax-exempt status. A source familiar with the matter also said that the movement tried to conceal the true source of the donations by giving hard money to their members and friends to make political contribution on their behalf. The FEC clearly says that reimbursing for campaign contributions constitutes illegal money laundering. Cartwright's spokesman and campaign manager, Shane Seaver, said that their campaign was informed that there may be an issue with some contributions that they received in October. "It is unclear whether there was in fact anything improper about those donations, and we are looking into it. In the meantime, out of an abundance of caution, we have returned those donations." This is not the first time Cartwright received donations from Gülen Movement-affiliated contributors. Apart from the refunded donations, FEC reports show that a number of Turks with close links to the Gülen Movement have contributed more than $10,500 to his campaign since 2013. The Gülen Movement's donation strategy is nothing new for Turkey. A detailed review of donations by Turkish citizens in election files showed that Gülen has been transferring huge amounts of money to candidates from both U.S. parties since 2006. Over $1.5 million were contributed to a variety of politicians from President Barack Obama to Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry, who notoriously suggested the exclusion of Turkey from NATO and claimed that terrorists run the Turkish government. The Gülen Movement has even organized free trips to Turkey for members of Congress and state lawmakers. A LegiStorm search showed that between 2000 and 2014 over $3 million was spent on U.S. lawmakers' trips to Turkey. Detailed inquiries have exposed that almost every journey was organized by Gülen Movement-affiliated associations.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gulen Movement the wolves in sheep clothing terrorists turned lobbyists Cartwright Congressional RECOGNITION of Fethullah Mohammed Gulen

accepts bribe money from Gulenists to "recognize" Gulen in Congress

[Congressional Record Volume 160, Number 142 (Wednesday, November 19, 2014)]
[Extensions of Remarks]
[Page E1633]
From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Printing Office []



                          HON. MATT CARTWRIGHT

                            of pennsylvania

                    in the house of representatives

                      Wednesday, November 19, 2014

  Mr. CARTWRIGHT. Mr. Speaker, today I rise to honor the exceptional
work of Fethullah Gulen. Mr. Gulen has long stood as a pillar of peace
and humanity and as a model for opposition in the face of rising
  A respected member of the Pennsylvania community, Fethullah Gulen has
worn many hats throughout his life. A vocal leader of the Turkish civic
movement, Mr. Gulen has been forced to live in a self-imposed exile in
Pennsylvania for fear for his safety.
  The founder of the `Gulen Movement,' Fethullah Gulen has long been a
voice of reason in a world of turmoil. Widely known as a highly-
respected leader, he has encouraged Turkish citizens to vote for those
who are respectful to democracy and the rule of law, rather than one
party or another. He has consistently promoted a moderate blend of
Islam in a time of growing radicalism and is well known for his global
network of educational establishments, extending to over 140 countries.
His views promote a tolerant Islam, emphasizing hard work and
education, as well as building bridges between the Muslim and Western
world and science and religion.
  While the global community looks to Turkey with both growing concern
and enduring hope, it is my honor to commend Fethullah Gulen for his
tireless efforts to promote the ideals of peace, democracy, an educated
electorate, and the human rights of the Turkish people.

Giving orders to his followers "make like a bomb and explode" and
how the Vatican and USA are to blame for all the tragedies in the world


Classic apologetics or ‘How to hide the true Gülen’

h is for hypocrisy[Note: The following was first published at Oct 9, 2012 in response to Scott C. Alexander’s “apologetic” comment on It was followed up with another response where I backed up my claims with the relevant sources.]
Let me first point out that I have no intention to touch upon the personal beef Scott C. Alexander seems to have with Schwartz. Similarly the papal analogies mentioned by Alexander are of no interest to me. My sole intention is to tear down his shameless apologetics regarding Gülen by presenting some solid facts about this deceptive and unsophisticated, rather than “enigmatic,” imam.

“How… can one explain Schwartz’s absolute refusal to take Gülen at his word…” Alexander asks, apparently without realizing that he is about to give a hint of the answer to his own question straight away: “…despite the fact that what Gülen says in this Op-Ed piece is utterly consistent with his thought as articulated in numerous publications which span at least three decades?”
There is the problem for you right there. The last thing one could say about Gülen would be that he has been “consistent” in his “thought[s]” and “publications.” Alexander insults the intelligence of those who did not start following this imam just yesterday. Contrary to the tolerant Sufi image that he tries to uphold these days, until the end of the 1990s Gülen’s statements, sermons, and publications were full of intolerant passages and hate speech towards anyone whom he considered (and still considers) to be the enemy of Islam. I will call this period the “pre-transformational period.”
Take this sermon,[1] allegedly dating from 1979. Gülen is heard chastising his flock intensely for not doing anything about the fact that infidels (“gâvur” in Turkish) are in control of all of the holy places of Islam. He cries out among others: “Muslims should become bombs and explode, tear to pieces the heads of the infidels! Even if it’s America opposing them.” (“Mü’min, karsisinda Amerika dahi olsa, bomba olup patlamali, basini dagitmali gâvurun!”) and continues cursing the daylights out of those who remain indifferent about this cause.
Or take this other sermon.[2] He says: “Till this day Missionaries and the Vatican have been behind all atrocities. The Vatican is the hole of the snake, the hole of the cobra. The Vatican is behind the bloodshed in Bosnia. The Vatican is behind the bloodshed in Kashmir. They have lobby groups in America and Germany.” (“Bu güne kadar dünyanin dört bir yaninda bütün vahset tablolarinin arkasinda maalesef (?) vardir, misyoner teskilatı vardir, Vatikan vardir. Çiyan yuvasi, kobra yuvasi. Saraybosna’da akan kanin arkasinda Vatikan vardir. Keşmir’de akan kanlarin arkasinda Vatikan vardir. Amerika’da onlarin lobileri vardir, Almanya’da lobileri vardir.”)
Or take his writings in such books as Fasildan Fasila and Asrin Getirdigi Tereddutler, both written in Q&A-style with Gülen providing answers to questions about topics concerning Islam (ergo concerning anything you can imagine). But please make sure you get hold of the unrevised, pre-transformational editions so that you get to see the ‘true’ Gülen. This ‘true’ Gülen calls the Western world the “continuous enemy of Islam.” He writes: “First it were the Europeans with their crusader’s mentality who invaded us, occupied us, colonized us. Then, since World War I, the Americans and Russians have taken over this role. There is no difference between the mentality of today’s westerner and that of King Richard I who drank the blood of Muslims. We cannot expect any humane treatment by them until the end of days.”
Of Christians he writes: “After a while they perverted and obscured their own future.” According to him, Jews have a “genetic animosity towards any religion” and they have used “their guile and skills to breed bad blood” to threaten Islam since the beginning until this day, “uniting themselves with Sassanids, Romans and crusaders.” He continues: “The Church, the Synagogue and Paganism form the troika that has attacked Islam persistently.” Jews have always been an “abscess” and that is why, among others, the deportation of Jews from the Arabian peninsula by the second Caliph Umar was justified. “In any case,” he writes, “the Prophet considers Islam as one nation and the Kuffar as the other nation.”
All of the citations above are taken from the books mentioned earlier, namely Fasildan Fasila and Asrin Getirdigi Tereddutler. Again, it is extremely important that you look up the unrevised, pre-transformational editions of these books. I can provide anyone who is interested with scans of some relevant pages of editions dating from the 1990s of Asrin Getirdigi Tereddutler.
“All fine and well, but every man has the right to change his mind!” you might respond. Very true. For example, aren’t there enough people who at some point in their lives decided to replace their youthful socialist views for an intensely capitalistic lifestyle? Unfortunately this type of reasoning is not valid in Gülen’s case. The records show that this is a man who had spent 50 years of his life targeting, demonizing, vilifying everything and everyone associated with a non-Islamic worldview. All of a sudden, towards the end of the 1990s, he decides to change tactics, forming a pact with the Vatican and other tablemates of the deceitful, opportunistic Interfaith Dialogue platform and he even flees to the United States, ensconcing himself at the heart of what he once considered as the Devil’s headquarters. From that moment on he can no longer afford to present himself as the big bad anti-Western imam. Instead, he presents himself as the big appeaser, as an antithesis of Islamic terrorism – at least, that is what he and his companions from the CIA and Interfaith Dialogue wants the Western public to believe. In fact, he hasn’t changed a bit – again, he has only changed tactics. The Turkish community still knows him as the archconservative imam with extremist views about women (“The wife is supposed to deal with household affairs and undomestic affairs should be left to the man;” “Those who try to change the roles of men and women, feminists, are cursed by Allah;” “Why should Islam get in the way of corporal punishment if it can be used to discipline a woman?” – quotes from Asrin Getirdigi Tereddutler) , atheists (“Murderers are equal to atheists” – in an interview with Zaman newspaper, 03.23.2004), apostates (“Under Islamic law, apostasy is regarded with the same gravity as treason is regarded by most states and all armed forces. The hope must be to prevent, by pleading, prayers, persuasion, and all other legitimate means, such a crime from becoming public and offensive to society. Those who insist on pursuing this path must be asked to reconsider and repent. If they reject this opportunity, the penalty is death.” – source [3]) and leftists (but let me not get into that).
I strongly believe that he has not changed his views on Jews, Christians and “pagans” either. Firstly, he has never apologized for his “old” views or even slightly reminisced about them. On the contrary, he and his followers act as if he never said or wrote all that stuff – not to mention the fact that his followers have been busy revising his pre-transformational writings, adapting them to his new tactics of deceitful tolerance.
Secondly, as seen above, his deceitful tolerance only extends to individuals and institutions that take part in the equally deceitful Interfaith Dialogue. He still makes no bones about demonizing feminists, leftists, atheists, and apostates but turning a blind eye to the atrocities of Western imperialism (his deafening silence on the Iraq War comes to mind) and Israeli aggression (his reaction on the Gaza Flotilla Raid comes to mind) is no longer a problem for him.
Last but not least, my believe that he has not changed a bit is based on his infamous pre-transformational sermons where he warns his flock not to engage in premature actions. He says: “You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers… until the conditions are ripe, they [the followers] must continue like this. If they do something prematurely, the world will crush our heads.… The time is not yet right. You must wait for the time when you are complete and conditions are ripe, until we can shoulder the entire world and carry it.… The work to be done is [in] confronting the world. Now, I have expressed my feelings and thoughts to you all—in confidence… trusting your loyalty and secrecy. I know that when you leave here—[just] as you discard your empty juice boxes, you must discard the thoughts and the feelings that I expressed here.”
These statements are not fabricated, they are not the products of a ‘Kemalist’ or ‘Ergenekon’ conspiracy as Gülenists would like you to believe. These statements are real, they are recorded on tape and must not be put aside just like that. They shed light on the true character of Gülen and his flock. These are the statements of a man who writes: “In the world of tomorrow Islam will be the one and only dominating force.” (Asrin Gettirdigi Tereddutler & Fasildan Fasila) “An innocent desire of an ideologue,” you might think, but I hope that by now I have been able to persuade the reader of the fact that Gülen’s utopian world of tomorrow will not be a quite friendly place for anyone who disagrees with him.
Now, this should be a sufficient answer to Alexander’s question of how one can refuse to take Gülen at his word. I would also like to spend a few words on the alleged “humbleness” of Gülen. Alexander writes: “True, Gülen lives a reclusive life, making few public appearances. But this is no different than many highly regarded but deeply humble religious figures who shun the public spotlight.”
I don’t know and I don’t care about other religious figures but what I do know is that Gülen’s refusal to go public does not stem from his humbleness – which is nonexistent. In his biography Kucuk Dunyam (‘My Small World’, where he is being interviewed by one of his closest disciples) he talks about himself as if he is some sort of prophet or anything that comes close to that rank. In his application for an American Green Card he tries to convince the court that he is an “alien of extraordinary ability,” that he “has developed an educational methodology that is used in the hundreds of Gülen schools[!] throughout the world”, that he is “an educator of educators” and he talks about the “Gülen Movement” (in contrast to the interview he gave to USA Today, where he refuses to accept the existence of a movement carrying his name, source [4]) and so forth.
His public statements on every single issue, small or big, that is on the agenda back in Turkey constantly occupy the headlines of the intimidated Turkish media as if he is some sort of omnipresent herdsman.
No, sir, “humble” is not the right word either when it comes to describing Gülen’s character. So what is it then that keeps this guy away from the spotlights (with the exception of some rare, unthreatening interviews he gives once in a while)? The answer is not hard to find: his lack of intellectual depth. Gülen is an old-fashioned imam and as such he is not used to hearing nor engaging in a debate with dissenting opinions. Can you imagine him in a debate with someone like Noam Chomsky or Eric Hobsbawm defending the bloodguilty Turkish “Associations for Fighting Communism,” of which he was a cofounder, and his demonizing statements about leftists? Can you imagine him in a debate with someone like Richard Dawkins or Daniel Dennett defending his childish takes on evolution theory or metaphysics? Can you imagine him in a debate with Salman Rushdie defending his views on apostasy? And so forth and so forth… Gülen only gives sermons; he is a man of monologues and he does not like to be held to account for his views. On this point (actually, not only on this point) he definitely resembles the Pope, but I won’t make it a secret that I’m not a big fan of the Pope either.
So, Gülen is neither consistent (at least not regarding his appearance), tolerant, nor humble. Don’t let anyone, especially the opportunists of the deceitful Interfaith Dialogue, make you believe otherwise. Back to you, Scott.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Annise Parker, Houston Mayor censors Christian sermons while accepting money from Islamic cult

Annise Parker, as the mayor of Houston is no stranger to the Gulen Islamic Cult.  Annise who is openly gay has MC'd the Turkish Olympiads for the Islamic Cult.  Visited their Charter Schools (Harmony Science Academy) and has even gone to free trips to Turkey sponsored by one of the Gulen Cult's NGOs "Turquoise Council".

The Turquoise Council is no stranger to controversy, you will find several investigations into their $ campaign contributions, sponsoring lawmakers trips to Turkey, Azerbaijan, and other Turkic countries.  The past president of Turquoise Council is Kemal Oksuz a Gulen "golden boy" who has recently stepped down.  Bilal Eksili is the new President of Turquoise Council, and has come from the Gulen Movement's failed operation in Indiana and the Midwest (Holy Dove Institute and Niagara Foundation)

First on Annise History with the Muslims

Annise Parker hosts the Muslim Communities Ramadan Iftar Dinners
Houston is also a sister city with Islamic towns of Karacchi, Baku, Istanbul, Agu Dharid
ACT for AMERICA HOUSTON article on this
In the Muslim Observer Mayor Annise Parker lauds Muslim Contributions to Houston
(if she only knew what the Muslims think about Gay people)

to learn more about the Harmony Schools go to

Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston guest Master of Ceremonies for Turkish Olympiad

Annise Parker, is a frequent guest of the Islamic Cult Gulen Movement
and their numerous schools and NGOs here is information on
their Raindrop Turkish House, where Ms. Parker is a frequent guest

Annise Parker, opens her home to the new President of the Islamic Turquiose Council
Annise Parker with new President Bilal Eksili
Turquoise Council and Bilal Eksili are not strangers
to controversy.  Good luck Annise Parker you have
betrayed American values and sided with the Islamic Cult

Houston Proclamation declaring "Gulen Institute - Dialog of Civilizations Day"From the website of the Azerbaijanian American Cultural Alliance (a Gulenist organization), referring to a Jan 2010 event called "Dialog of Civilizations Platform":

"The honorary guest of the program was Congressman Al Green. He stated the Gulen Movement is a peace movement and the aid campaign of the Raindrop Turkish House for the Haiti Earthquake was something to be applauded.

"Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and newly-elected Houston Mayor Annise Parker also sent messages to the Platform to show their support. Annise Parker issued a proclamation in which she declared 22-23 January as the 'Gulen Institute – Dialog of Civilizations Day'. "

Annise Parker and city of Houston attempts to censor free speech of American Christians while cajoling with Islamic cult

The City of Houston ignited a First Amendment free-speech debate by issuing subpoenas to evangelical Christian leaders demanding they turn over their sermons – and all other communications – regarding a new city ordinance providing protections to the LGBT community.
But on Wednesday, the Houston Mayor Annise Parker apparently backpedaled. 
"Mayor Parker agrees with those who are concerned about the city legal department’s subpoenas for pastor’s sermons,” according to an email from Janice Evans, chief policy officer for the City of Houston. “The subpoenas were issued by pro bono attorneys helping the city prepare for the trial regarding the petition to repeal the new Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) in January.  Neither the mayor nor City Attorney David Feldman were aware the subpoenas had been issued until yesterday.  Both agree the original documents were overly broad.  The city will move to narrow the scope during an upcoming court hearing.  Feldman says the focus should be only on communications related to the HERO petition process.”
Many articles on this controversy



Monday, October 6, 2014

Gulen Turkish Politics plays out in Washington State

Turkish politics are impacting the Washington State legislative elections and might even have a hand in tossing out one of the longest-serving lawmakers in Olympia.
Controversial incumbent Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, faces ethics complaints lodged by Republican challenger, state Rep. Cathy Dahlquist, R-Enumclaw, and state Rep. Christopher Hurst, D-Enumclaw.
Roach has been elected to the state Senate since 1990 and over the years has earned both ire and praise from her colleagues on both sides of the aisle. She told The Skanner News last month she believes the two Enumclaw lawmakers have united to force her out.
“I really think this might be the end of my political career,” she told The Skanner News. “I have been on trade missions that were nothing but window dressing, and this was one of the most informative trips I have ever taken.”
Roach is referring to a delegation for Northwest lawmakers sponsored by a moderate Islamic organization the Turquoise Council, to visit the wealthy, oil-producing authoritarian nation of Azerbaijan.
"I really think this might be the end of my political career"
Soon to be former Senator -Pamela Hijab Roach aka Cockroach.

The trip focused on a petrochemical industry conference that drew 300 state lawmakers from around the United States as well as powerful political gurus — all to listen to the world’s top experts discuss the future of global oil and gas distribution, the same issue that is tearing local communities apart over coal trains, natural gas terminals and tracked gas shipped from the Bakken oil fields in Canada.
Other guests on the trip with Roach included state lawmakers from Montana, Idaho and Wyoming — both oil and gas-producing states -- as well as a roster of American political heavy hitters including Stratfor Global Intelligence Company founder George Friedman; former World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz; former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson; Barack Obama-advisors Robert Gibbs and Jim Messina; Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee and New York Rep. Yvette Clarke; as well as Obama elections strategist David Plouffe, now Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy for Uber.
The conference’s keynote speech was by Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev, who boasted that his nation currently has “100 years” of gas reserves. Speakers debated the merits of pipelines over rail systems, the relative profitability of tracked gas versus liquid natural gas, and above all, the oil industry's desire for the United States to become a major fuel exporter with fuel transportation lines connecting American ports to Asian and European markets.
Full disclosure: The Skanner News’ Lisa Loving also traveled to Azerbaijan with Roach and the delegation.
Complaints to The Washington State Legislative Ethics Board about the trip, hosted by the community referred to by its members as Hizmet, paint it as a “junket” without legislative value as a trade mission.
The board already this month threw out Roach’s objection to the state characterizing the Hizmet community as “potentially linked to radical policies,” comments Roach described in her complaint as “bigoted, hateful, derogatory and inflammatory.”
Another ethics complaint by Dahlquist against Roach remains, charging that the incumbent should not have accepted a place on the energy conference trip because it was not cleared by legislative staff — also citing the Hizmet community as “potentially tied to radical policies.”
Meanwhile in the state of Oregon, as with many others from coast to coast, the Turquoise Council since 2012 has held legislative gatherings and cultural events noteworthy for their balance of Republican and Democratic lawmakers in attendance, as well as cultural and business exchange trips embracing both parties.
The effort to build Turkish community in Oregon has been so successful that last November, the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency – collaborating with the Turkish Coalition of America and the National American Indian Housing Council -- gave $200,000 to Warm Springs tribal officials to help build a water system at a new school. (None of the groups are affiliated with Gulen.)
azerbaijan talkThe Azerbaijan trip included a petrochemical conference in which President Barack Obama's former senior policy advisor, David Plouffe -- now a senior policy staff at Uber -- was interviewed by Turquoise Council of America President Kemal Oksuz. Photo by Lisa Loving
Seattle Hizmet community organizer Abdullah Akturk says the Turkish government-appointed former honorary consul — who made that original “radical policies” charge to a news reporter last year but was subsequently removed from his post by the Turkish government for criticizing its brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protesters — has caused some problems for the community.
But Akturk had nothing bad to say about the former consul.
“We see each other around, we’ll probably get together sometime,” Akturk says.
“We accept him as he is; that is life.”
Not so the Washington State legislature, where the Ethics committee just threw out a complaint by Roach protesting the way Akturk’s group has been portrayed in a series of legislative travel briefings and in charges against her.
“These are the nicest people you’ve ever met, there is no concrete accusation against them,” she says. “We learned about the gas and oil pipelines in Canada and how our state can potentially benefit — how is that ‘radical policies’?”
The Hizmet movement (“hismet” means “service”) was founded by exiled Turkish media magnate Fethullah Gulen, who last week publicly condemned ISIL, comparing it to Al Quaida and Boko Haram, which he also condemned.
Hizmet is considered a significant force in the Turkish government and business community; Gulen was once a powerful ally of former Turkish Prime Minister — now president — Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is himself still considered to be an ally of the United States despite accusations his policies contributed to the rise of ISIL.
When Erdogan was first elected as prime minister in 2003, he dedicated himself to gaining entrance to the European Union for Turkey. He launched a series of educational, social and commercial reforms alongside the Hizmet community of industrialists, bureaucrats and educators who consistently pushed for interfaith dialogue about political issues.
Gulen and his followers have over the past decade built STEM schools around the world, advocated for industrial opportunities and sought to bolster commerce through international trade relationships struck directly with local communities in the United States and elsewhere.
But Turkish politics became choppier about five years ago, with a military crackdown on elements of the political structure, which tore the two former allies apart.
Last year Turkey erupted in rioting after Erdogan moved to bulldoze the biggest park in Istanbul for an urban development plan; the riots led to wider-scale demonstrations that broke out around the country against Erdogan’s increasingly authoritarian leadership.
Gulen is currently living in Pennsylvania and said to be in ill health due to diabetes. Erdogan is now actively lobbying the CIA to have him extradited to Turkey amid accusations that Gulen is guilty of “using influence within the judiciary, police and state bureaucracy to plot against him in his final year as prime minister,” Reuters reported last month.
Meanwhile, back in the Seattle metro area, both Dahlquist and Roach have each charged the other with campaign finance violations — some have already been thrown out by a judge but more remain — in addition to the charge pinned to the slur on Hizmet.
In the local Pacific Northwest communities where hundreds of Hizmet families work, go to school and worship, news that they have been branded as “having ties to radical policies” is not completely surprising.
That’s because unlike lawmakers elsewhere in the region and the nation, Washington State representatives have little connection to the Turkish expatriate families living and working there.
 “For the last few years we have been trying to organize trips to Turkey for Washington legislators but we could not because he was telling people this,” Akturk said. “Pam Roach ignored that message and went anyway, and now she is being hurt.”

Friday, October 3, 2014

Is oil rich Azerbaijan ready to give up on their US lobbying via the Gulen Movement?

Turkish theologian Fethullah Gülen has during the past three decades built a network of schools, businesses, media-outlets, and civil-society organizations. The closing of schools in Azerbaijan based on his principles could affect Turkey’s relations with the US.

Azerbaijan’s recent crackdown on institutions and individuals allegedly linked to the influential Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen may not have halted promotional work by Gülen-associated organizations in the United States for the Azerbaijani government.

Baku’s wariness toward the elderly Turkish cleric, now living in Pennsylvania, first surfaced last December, whenTurkey, Azerbaijan’s closest ally, claimed that Gülen planned to overthrow the government of then Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a formerly close Gülen ally.

Following an April meeting between Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Erdoğan, a few influential Azerbaijani officials, tagged by media as sympathetic to Gülen, lost their positions, and the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijani Republic (SOCAR) took over private high-schools, university-exam-preparation courses and a university run by a company linked to the so-called Gülen-movement. Some of the facilities were later closed.

Azerbaijani media had claimed that the movement, which advocates moderate Islam coupled with globalization, interfaith dialogues and “betterment of the individual,” had “infiltrated” Azerbaijan’s secular government.

But this supposed concern may not have extended to the movement’s lobbying efforts for Azerbaijan in the US.
In reality, noted Fuad Aliyev, a researcher into Islam in Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani government has “a close relationship” with the Gülen network, which “helps the government to lobby itself in Washington.”
Lobbying both local and national American politicians is a top priority for Azerbaijan, which, at just under $2.3 million, ranked among the top ten foreign countries for such expenditures in the US in 2013, according to an analysis by the Sunlight Foundations, a Washington, DC-based advocate for government-accountability.
As the South-Caucasus country sees its international profile rising – whether as a strategic energy hub or partner in the West’s anti-terrorism campaigns – that priority will remain intact.
But Azerbaijan also uses less overt lobbying methods.
One of the chief among them appears to be the Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians (TCAE), a Houston,Texas-based non-profit umbrella group that describes its aim as “pursuing the interests of Turkic Americans and friends of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in Houston, Washington and beyond.”
TCAE’s president and chief executive officer, Kemal Oksuz, formerly served as executive director of the Niagara Foundation, a Chicago-based network of non-profits that promote the teachings of Fetullah Gülen, the Foundation’s honorary president. Oksuz himself also has worked as head of the Gülen Institute, a Houston research organization that shares a similar goal.
Aside from cultural outreach programs within the US, the TCAE organizes trips for US congresspersons to Azerbaijan, US-Azerbaijan conventions and dinners with US officials. It also has promoted statewide recognition of the 1992 massacre of ethnic Azeris in Khojaly, during Azerbaijan’s war with Armenia over breakaway Nagorno Karabakh, as well as Azerbaijan’s oil and gas-pipeline projects.
The reason for that interest is clear: Oksuz serves as the president of the Assembly of Friends of Azerbaijan (AFAZ), another Houston-based non-profit organization. Rauf Mammadov, head of SOCAR USA, serves as the group’s treasurer.
Whether SOCAR’s takeover of the Gülen-linked educational facilities in Azerbaijan affected that relationship is not known. Neither AFAZ nor the Turquoise Council was available for comment.
In late April, though, after the warnings about a supposed Gülen-directed “infiltration” of the Azerbaijani government had begun, the Turquoise Council went ahead with promotions for the AFAZ-hosted, annual US-Azerbaijan Convention.
No Turquoise Council public events involving promotion of Azerbaijan are known to have occurred since then, however.
But those who have followed the Gülen movement’s activities in both Azerbaijan and Turkey doubt that Baku will want to call it quits – barring, that is, fresh pressure from now Turkish President Erdoğan, who recently received Azerbaijan’s highest honor, the Order of Heydar Aliyev.
“I don’t think that this is something [that] Azerbaijani diplomacy can easily refuse because [the] Azerbaijani community and lobby capacities in the US are weak, whereas [the]Turkish-Gülenist associations are very well implemented,” commented Bayram Balci, a scholar in the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Russia and Eurasia Program who formerly worked in Baku for the French Institute of Anatolian Studies.
A dozen US state legislatures have passed resolutions or adopted citations related to the Khojaly massacre since 2011. The measures have been publicized heavily by Gülen-sympathetic Turkic or Turkey-related organizations.
The promotion, however, works both ways, commented Aliyev.
“That lobby help was a guarantee of safety for Gülen schools and Gulen-linked entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan.”
But why the Gülen movement would continue to promote Azerbaijani causes in the US despite the takeover of Gülen-associated educational operations in Azerbaijan remains unclear.
As yet, small and mid-size Turkish businesses in Azerbaijan identified by researchers as run by Gülen sympathizers do not appear to have been similarly targeted.
Aliyev attributes that immunity to the movement’s importance for the Azerbaijani government. The Turquoise Council, in particular, is believed to have warm ties with the Azerbaijan American Alliance led by Anar Mammadov, son of Azerbaijani Transportation Minister Ziya Mammadov, and a member of one of the country’s most politically influential families.
But, ultimately, what long-term return Azerbaijan can find from such lobbying groups, whether paid or unpaid, is uncertain, noted Richard D. Kauzlarich, a former US ambassador to Azerbaijan who now teaches at George Mason University’s School of Public Policy.
“The fact that they can assemble a group of former officials and members of Congress is not unusual. If you spend enough money. . .,” Ambassador Kauzlarich wrote in an email interview with “From Baku, the participants may appear to be ‘important,’ but, in the context of Washington politics . . . it’s not who shows up at receptions and dinners, but who can get things done . . . that determines one’s ‘importance.’”

Meanwhile at the Kennedy center in Washington DC, Azerbaijan Lobbying celebrates the "Contract of the Century"


20th Anniversary of “Contract of the Century” Celebrated in Washington, DC

“Contract of the Century”, signed on September 20, 1994, marks the beginning of independent Azerbaijan’s policy of energy diversification, initiated by late President Heydar Aliyev and symbolizes the success, gained by Azerbaijan in regional and international partnerships. The contract signed in Baku with the participation of major energy companies and partner countries is still important and relevant after 20 years.
To honor the success of the contract and the international partnership that guaranteed this success, Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to United States, BP, SOCAR and USACC organized a reception at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, one of the most prestigious cultural centers of the capital. The event was attended by the representatives of Obama Administration, top officials of U.S. State Department and Department of Energy, congressmen, representatives of diplomatic corps, academic circles as well as members of the business community.
Opening the ceremony, the speakers highlighted the historical significance of the deal, its successful implementation and achievements to date. Ambassador Elin Suleymanov underlined the signing of the “Contract of the Century” under Heydar Aliyev’s strong leadership as an important step to export the hydrocarbon resources of the Caspian to international markets. Ambassador Suleymanov noted that the event honoring the 20th Anniversary of the “Contract of the century” that will be held in Baku on September 20 will mark yet another date in the history of the contract. He informed the audience about the groundbreaking ceremony of Southern Gas Corridor to be held in Baku on September 20 and said he believes this event will be the beginning of a new era for all the region and participant countries. Bill Delahunt, former Congressman and new USACC Co-Chairman and Susan Sadigova, USACC Executive Director spoke about the contribution the contract had made to the development of Azerbaijan and the whole region.
Members of U.S. Congress – Jim Moran, Ruben Hinojosa, Andre Carson, Henry Cuellar and Donald Payne – expressed their support for the development of U.S.-Azerbaijan relations, stressed the leading role of Azerbaijan in the region and congratulated it with the success of “Contract of the Century”.
Reflecting on his firs trip to Azerbaijan before the “Contract of the Century” was signed 20 years ago, Jim Moran commended on the enormous development Azerbaijan made during this period and recommended everyone to visit Azerbaijan.
Ruben Hinojosa highlighted the work implemented under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic with the focus on turning “black gold into human capital”.
Andre Carson praised the contribution Azerbaijan was making in the energy security of Europe.
Congressmen Pete Gallego, Mike Fitzpatrick and Steve Stockman also attended the event and expressed their support to Azerbaijan.
Joe Murphy, Vice President of Southern Corridor for Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey and Michael Hoffman, External Affairs Director for Trans-Adriatic Pipeline reminded the pessimistic views expressed about the “Contract of the Century” in the past and added that the success of the contract proves that Southern Gas Corridor groundbreaking ceremony to be held in a few days will be as successful.
Amos Hochstein, Acting Special Envoy of U.S. Department of State, Jonathan Elkind, Assistant Secretary for International Affairs of Department of Energy and Eric Rubin, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Department of State reminded the crucial and consistent support the U.S. government extended to the “Contract of the Century” and its role in the strong cooperation between U.S. and Azerbaijan. Amos Hochstein, who will be attending the event honoring 20th Anniversary of the Contract of Century in Baku and Jonathan Elkind, who was the participant of the signing ceremony of the contract in Baku 20 years ago, spoke about the future perspectives of Southern Gas Corridor. Deputy Assistant Secretary Rubin stressed the importance given to Azerbaijan by the U.S. and said he believed these relations are based on constructive partnership, mutual respect, understanding and support.
The event continued with the performance of Azerbaijan’s talented jazz pianist Emil Afrasiyab and the national dances performed by Silk Road Dance Group.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Gulen Boys are at it again......this time in Kyrgyzstan- Gulen Teachers turned Lobbyists

The Gulen Movement Teachers turned lobbyists just got back from
Kyrgyzstan, they hosted US Lawmakers from 5 states. 
Why?  We will get to that part but it has to do with future business
interests that the movement is seeking partners with.  More particularly, if the Movement can use American dollars for these
business ventures why should they use their own?


Faruk Taban loves himself so much he has his
Faruk - are you still on salary as a teacher at
Gulen "Inspired" Coral Science Academy? Board
President of Accord Institute which has run into
Legal issues with the ill-fated "Gulen Inspired" Schools
of California (Magnolia Science Academy)
Accord Institute

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gulen Islamic Cult Pours Money into Political Campaigns by Andrew Walden


For Mark Takai the campaign contributions are rolling in … from the secretive union-busting Turkish Gulen cult.
When Reps. Rida Cabanilla and Mark Takai, took a free 2013 trip to the South Caucasian Republic of Azerbaijan together, the $8,000 gift raised eyebrows even in the fetid swamps of the Hawaii legislature.
The Daily KOS called the trip “an oil industry-funded junket to Azerbaijan,” sponsored by the Houston-based “Turquoise Council” an  organization with deep oil-industry connections co-chaired by the sister of Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry.  The Turquoise Council is also one of dozens of US-based groups run by the Turkish Islamist Hizmet movement, controlled by secretive Imam Fethulla Gulen from his home-in-exile and headquarters in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.
The Washington Post May 30, 2013 called it, “Time to Cash In“.
Politico described the trip as part of “a multimillion-dollar industry of recruiting current and former U.S. officials.”
The Washington Diplomat, June 26, 2013 explains, “Some state legislators may even one day end up in the halls of Congress.  So courting them is important to Azerbaijan.”
For Takai the campaign cash started rolling soon after he returned.  Now twelve of his top 150 contributors are Turkish including several executives of identified Gulen cult organizations.  The total payoff for Takai, $20,000 and counting.
Given the Gulen cult’s predilection for labor law violations at cult-connected charter schools, it is possible that these contributions may be considered illegal false-name contributions from the Gulen movement itself.  Cult members laboring for the Imam under “Tuzuk contracts” are obligated to kick back all of their salaries beyond a bare minimum needed to survive.
Gulen’s illegal labor contracts are described as “ugly unionbusting” by the Chicago Federation of Teachers.  A 2011 Gulen effort to take over Mokapu Elementry school on Kaneohe Marine Base was thwarted by HSTA members after they became aware of the organization’s anti-labor ties.
Rida T.R. Cabanilla, who represents District 41 in the Hawaii Legislature, left, and Mark Takai, who represents Hawaii’s District 33, present Azerbaijani Ambassador Elin Suleymanov with a box of Hawaiian Host chocolate-covered macadamia nuts during an Independence Day reception in Baku. Photo: Larry Luxner, Washington Diplomat

Civil Beat July 11, 2013 reports: “Cabanilla and Takai said they aren’t particularly concerned about accepting such an expensive trip because it doesn’t violate their own personal ethics or state standards. They both said that they measure the appropriateness of accepting such junkets by weighing how the underlying donation might influence them.
“There’s nothing in the Legislature now that would directly benefit Azerbaijan,” Takai said, “so it passes the ethics concern.”
But Takai is running for Congress.  And with thousands of Islamist foreign fighters flying to Ankara to cross the border and join ISIS, US-Turkish relations are front and center in efforts to avoid returning US ground troops to the region.
The Star-Advertiser August 30, 2014 says “(Takai) prefers a nonmilitary option….”
Stopping the influx of foreign fighters has got to be high on any list of non-military options.  But it appears the influence peddling doesn’t work both ways.  Takai declined comment when Hawai’i Free Press asked if he had spoken to any Turkish or Azeri contacts about infiltration of foreign ISIS fighters into Syria and Iraq.
Its not a casual question.  Even after a recent falling out with the Turkish government, the Gulen cult is believe to count amongst its members as many as 80% of Turkish police.

Azeri police detain an opposition supporter in Baku, October 12, 2013. David Mdzinarishvili / Reuters

Buzzfeed, June 3, 2014 points out that the Turquoise Council is a front group for Gulen, and asks, “Why has Baku teamed up with the Gulenist movement to win the hearts and minds of small-time US lawmakers?”  Wyoming state Rep. Dave Zwonitzer told Buzzfeed, “You don’t get a free 10-day trip sponsored by the oil company without somebody asking for something.”
Maui News columnist Ben Lowenthal February 28, 2014 explains:
“Mark Takai doesn’t seem to have a problem with taking sides. Last year he—along with other American legislators—signed off on a birthday note to the president of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev. Takai congratulated Aliyev in his efforts to reduce crime within the country and promoting allegiances abroad.
“Aliyev has been criticized by many diplomats and those that follow international relations as an autocrat. After taking office in 2003, he eliminated term limits for himself from the constitution. He’s been accused of running a corrupt government, clamping down on a free press, and rigged elections. The infamous Wikileaks website released a cache of diplomatic cables in 2012 that compare him to a mafia crime boss. Surely, Takai was aware of this before congratulating him on reducing crime in his country eight time zones away, right?
“Takai hasn’t talked about the birthday note recently, but perhaps his views on foreign policy will be examined soon. After all, he is among the seven candidates running for Congress in the First District. What exactly does Takai think about Azerbaijan?”
Civil Beat February 11, 2014 reports, “Reps. Rida Cabanilla and Mark Takai…co-sponsored …House Resolution 13 recogniz(ing) the 22nd anniversary of the Khojaly tragedy which, according to the resolution, involved the slaughter of hundreds of innocent civilians in Azerbaijan in February 1992 (and) House Resolution 9 call(ing) on the United States to strengthen its efforts to facilitate a political settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.”
Campaigning for Congress, Takai didn’t make time for many committee meetings this session.  But while racking up an impressive number of absences elsewhere, he did show up to chair the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, Military, and International Affairs, and Culture and the Arts where his resolutions were referred.
In February 12, 2014 testimony before the committee, progressive activist Dr. Dawn Morais Webster points out, the “rather strange resolution … will be used to strengthen a false representation of historical facts about the relationship between Azerbaijan and Armenia….  Since 1998 the United States has been rendering official assistance to Ngorno-Karabakh to help overcome the consequences of the devastating aggression by Azerbaijan….  (D)uring the Karabakh war, between 1993 and 1994, Azerbaijan used its connections with Islamic terrorist networks to hire thousands of Afghan mujahedeens and other Islamic mercenaries linked to various international terrorist organizations to fight against Armenia and Karabakh.”
In a move unusual for Hawaii’s chair-deferent legislators, both resolutions were rejected by members of Takai’s own committee.