Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gulen Charter Schools in the USA: Ex CIA Graham Fuller connected to Gulen, is father...

Gulen Charter Schools in the USA: Ex CIA Graham Fuller connected to Gulen, is father...: Graham Fuller: Edmonds’ State Secrets Privilege, FBI Gladio-B Target, Handler-Sponsor of Turkey’s Imam Gulen   Ex CIA operative ...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Connecticut politicians and the Gulen Movement, Awards, free Trips to Turkey. Will the Gulenists sway their vote?


Note: Over the next few weeks, Commissioner Stefan Pryor and the Connecticut State Board of Education will be reviewing and approving applications for new charter schools in Connecticut. This is the first in a series of posts about some of the applicants for these publicly funded charter schools.

“Fethullah Gülen is a Turkish author, educator, and Muslim scholar.” (Wikipedia)

“Fethullah Gulen is a major Islamic political figure in Turkey, but he lives in self-imposed exile in a Poconos enclave and gained his green card by convincing a federal judge in Philadelphia that he was an influential educational figure in the United States.” (Philadelphia Inquirer, March 2011)

“Controversial Muslim preacher, feared Turkish intriguer—and “inspirer” of the largest charter school network in America.” (City Journal, fall 2012)

Date Line Connecticut;

On April 7th 2011, Nebi Demirsoy, in his capacity as President of the Connecticut chapter of the Turkish Cultural Center – presented Governor Dannel P. Malloy with the Center’s “Statesman of the Year Award.”

Last year, on March 8, 2012, Nebi Demirsoy, in his capacity as Executive Director of the Connecticut chapter of the Peace Islands Institute presented Governor Malloy’s Commissioner of Education, Stefan Pryor, with the organization’s “Educator of the Year” award.

Other guests in attendance at the March 8th gala included Congressman Chris Murphy, Governor Dannel Malloy, Speaker of the House of Representatives Christopher G. Donovan, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin Ryan and State Board of Education Chairman Allan B. Taylor. Both Governor Malloy and Commissioner Pryor addressed the audience.

The Peace Islands Institute – CT, the entity giving Commissioner Pryor the award, is part of a broader organization with offices in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

The Honorary President of Peace Islands Institute is Fethullah Gulen.

In addition to serving as President of the Turkish Cultural Center and the Executive Director of the Peace Islands Institute, Nebi Demirsoy also serves as the President of the Putman Science Academy; a Gulen associated private boarding school located in Putnam, Connecticut.

This year, among the 24 applications submitted to Commissioner of Education, Stefan Pryor, and the Connecticut State Board of Education for new state funded charter schools was a charter school application submitted by Ismail Agirman. The new charter school would be built in New Haven.

Ismail Agirman is the treasurer of Wellspring Cultural and Education Foundation, Inc.

Bringing the circle to completion, Wellspring is the corporate entity that operates the Putnam Science Academy.

CAMS – A New Charter School for Connecticut

Calling themselves the Connecticut Academy of Math and Science (CAMS), Agriman’s application was one of the nine proposals for new charter schools in Bridgeport, four charter schools in New Haven and two schools in Hartford and Windham.

Although the State Board of Education does not require support from local education officials, formal or informal support is considered a valuable asset. The year before Stefan Pryor was awarded the “Educator of the Year” award, the Turkish Cultural Center gave their “Education Award” to New Haven Public Schools Superintendent Reginald Mayo, the New Haven education official whose support for the new Connecticut Academy of Math and Science charter school would be invaluable.

In addition, according to the New Haven Independent, two of the nine members of the proposed Connecticut Academy of Math and Science board of directors have important political connections; Deputy Speaker of the House Kevin Ryan and Yale Police Chief Ronnell Higgins.

Deputy Speaker of the House Kevin Ryan has been connected with the Turkish Cultural Center for a number of years, having traveled on one of the Cultural Center’s trips to Turkey.

Meanwhile, Chief Higgins was previously presented with a Turkish Cultural Center Appreciation Award at an even in July 2010.

What is a Gulen Charter School?

As reported in the New York Times, the Washington Post, 60 minutes, the New Yorker, the New Republic and elsewhere, by successfully maximizing state charter school laws around the country, there are at least 135 schools, operating in 26 states and enrolling more than 45,000 students that are associated or affiliated, in one way or another, with the controversial Turkish Cleric Fethullah Gulen.

As publicly funded charters, these schools pull in over $400 million a year in taxpayer funds.

The total number of schools and the amount of public funds that they collect make the Gulen charters, as they are often called, the largest charter school chain in the United States.

Fethullah Gulen’s followers, which often refer to themselves as a “faith-based, civic society movement,” include about 4 to 6 million people. While they make up only a fraction of the 74 million Turks, they are considered one of the most powerful political forces in Turkey.

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Senator Al Melvin visits with operators of Charter academies, Gulen teachers get another photo opportunity with politician

Senator Al Melvin with charter school leaders from Sonoran Science Academy & Rose Academies at the Southern Arizona Charter Schools luncheon meeting on Wed. Oct. 17. Al Melvin supports school choice & is a candidate for AZ State Senator, District 11.

Here is the real deal, Senator Al Melvin was at a meeting for the Arizona Charter Schools luncheon and teachers from Rose Academy and Gulen Operated Sonoran Science Academy posed with the Senator for a photo.  This is by no means any show of endorsement for the Gulen Charter Schools

Gulen Movement brand of politics in the USA, Hizmet aka Turkish Lobbying

Don't be fooled by the Gulen Movement's institutes and foundations, they are infiltrating local, state and national politics in the USA.  As well as media and educational arms.  They claim to not be part of the Gulen Movement, they even claim they are not "political" then why all the invitations to politicians?  Rumi Forum Ramadan Dinner at the White House, Turkic American Alliance shindig with politicians (they love the free dinners and photo opportunities) 
The Gulen Movement is political, social and all about commerce.  They aim to control the world's education and commerce through their establishment of a neo Ottoman caliphate via their schools which teach Turkish culture, language and history to the future "golden generation" and only through speaking Turkish will you know the true meaning of love, peace and tolerance the Gulen way (just ask the Kurds)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Gulen Peace Institute and Turkish Cultura Center of New York bestow many PEACE Awards to journalists, politicians, and academia

Despite Gulen's many fake awards, they are losing schools everyday.

No fake award, free trip to Turkey or campaign contribution will insure their future.

Academia, Media and Politicians are well aware of the Gulen Movement Cult.

Ask one SPECIFIC thing Gulen has done for world peace and the Gulenists have no answer. 

THe Gulen Empire is worth over $50 billion from his media holdings, education, politics, and commerce arm TUSKON.

Gulen Turkish Cultural Center of Albany sponsors free trip to Turkey for legislatures, educators - anyone that can help support their movement

In front of the Grand Mosque of Istanbul, which was formaly a Church called St. Hagia Sofia then converted by the Ottomans who the Gulenists want to reinstate to control a neo-Ottoman Empire with the Gulen Golden Generation that is being developed worldwide via the Gulen Turkish Schools.

Veysel Ucan, left, Turkish Cultural Center of Albany director, Seth Leech, immigration lawyer, Mara Dodge, Westfield State College history professor, Valerie Haskins, SUNY Adirondack anthropology professor, Nancy Ota, Albany Law School professor, Jerry Shaye, director of international trade for New York state, and Adem Alp, TCCA board member, pose for a picture in front of Aya Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey on Sunday, June 3, 2012. TCCA organized a ten-day tour of Turkey sponsored by a Turkish civic movement. (Yi-Ke Peng / Times Union

ISTANBUL — The Turkish Cultural Center of Albany, it turns out, is part of a huge but often little-known global movement rooted within the Muslim world that promotes tolerance, service to humanity and better math and science education through the establishment of schools.
This month, the center, housed in a small building in Menands, led a group of six professionals from the Capital Region, including a Times Union reporter, on a 10-day complimentary tour of Turkey with sponsorship from a nonprofit organization within Turkey.
The center has led four similar trips in previous years that included a total of about 20 state legislators, according its director, Veysel Ucan.

Gulen Politicians Senator John McCain visits Science Fair

The Gulenist propaganda is at it again.  With their cameras and videos ready, they are always snapping photos of politicians with their students or schools (as if politicians support their school)  Little does the Gulenists know, that the politicians are using them as much for photo opportunity with students it makes them look good.  Until they find out it is a Gulen operated and managed school.

Most politicians are finding out about the Gulenist propaganda and political, academia and media manipulations.  Pictures don't mean that politicians endorse you, it means nothing.  Even your paltry campaign contributions don't matter any more. More and more politicans every day are speaking out against your manipulation.  Even a free trip to Turkey doesn't matter.