Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

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Gulen Politicians in Ohio, questioned about Turkey trip and the answer is PORK?

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Is the Gulen Movement getting into Pork Exports to Turkey? (Alleged)
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Maybe I need to be a little more careful about what I write. Maybe not. Typically, if I wrote, I'll stand by it – until, of course, a new set of information arises. That said, last week, I wrote that it would be nice if State Rep. Cliff Rosenberger and Highland County Commissioner Jeremy Shaffer would publicly share precisely what benefits to Highland County have been derived from their Niagara Foundation-funded "economic trade mission" to Turkey in 2011. I also offered an invitation to members of the local Republican Party to publicly share their thoughts on Turkish money and its impact in Ohio politics, government and, more importantly, education. Maybe I should ask the Turks, themselves. After all, as has been widely reported, more than $900 million of tax money earmarked for public education in the 2013-14 school year did not go toward public education. The Ohio School Boards Association reports: "Ohio Department of Education data shows traditional public schools will lose more than $870 million in state funding to charter schools in fiscal year 2014. "That's an increase of 5.4 percent over FY 2013, when approximately $824 million was transferred from traditional public schools to charters. "This increase comes amid ongoing reports of charter school mismanagement, conflicts of interest and felony indictments and convictions."

 At the July 30 meeting of the Highland County Board of Commissioners, Mr. Shaffer was asked, again, what local benefits have been derived from the much-publicized Niagara Foundation-funded trip to Turkey in 2011. The Niagara Foundation is linked to Islamist cleric Fethullah Gulen and his charter schools that are under a state and FBI investigation. Commissioner Shaffer stated that a "Mowrystown hog farm operation" has benefited from the state and local officials' 2011 Turkey trek through increased pork exports. He named the alleged owner of this alleged hog farm operation. Since I've known the alleged owner for more than 40 years, and since I've known his family to be cattle and crops farmers, I contacted him and asked how, exactly, he benefited from Ohio lawmakers and county officials traveling to the former Ottoman Empire. Suffice it to say that the alleged Mowrystown hog farmer was surprised to learn of his supposed good fortune. The farmer asked me to ask the Turkey travelers just two questions:
1. Where is this Highland County hog farm operation, so we can all visit it?
2. How did southern Ohio Republicans convince a multitude of Muslims to eat pork?

Not being a very smart man, I cannot answer either question, amusing as they are. Once again, I'll offer an invitation to those on the train to Istanbul to explain. (We'll give a pass to the Republican state representative with the 53 criminal indictments. He's been a bit pre-occupied since the 2011 sightseeing adventure.) The company some people keep… After much searching of our archives and other media archives, I have yet to determine precisely how Highland County has benefited from this so-called trade mission to Turkey. Let's remember, too, that some of these politicians send media "news" releases whenever they take as much as a pit stop in their respective districts. Granted, as a good friend of mine suggested, there are some days when I'm more confused than a schizophrenic house cat on a new mosaic floor. Maybe this is one of those days. At the very least, though, one would think the Ohio pols would remember the Turkish benefits to former Second District Congresswoman Jean Schmidt – another Republican – and point to that as some "accomplishment," her ethics violations notwithstanding. But, no. Silence remains golden.