Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gulen Charter Schools in the USA: New proposed Gulen Charter School in Virginia Loud...

Gulen Charter Schools in the USA: New proposed Gulen Charter School in Virginia Loud...: Now the games are reversing......America is fighting back and educating themselves about the Gulen Movement.  Parents, concerned citizens, a...

Proposed Gulen Charter School in Loudoun County, Virginia -Political Support

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gulen Movement tool- Tom Horne in hot water

Tom Horne the Attorney General of Arizona formerly the State School Superintendant is in a heap of trouble.  2 years ago Tom defended the Gulen operated Sonoran Science Academies (SSA) while having the accents of traditional public school teachers with TEACHING credentials audited.  Whilest the Turkish teachers at SSA (with thick accents and NO CREDENTIALS) were treated with respect.  The article above reflects Tom Horne’s attitude that he didn’t care where they came from as long as they produce results.   The problem is their results are all contrived and lied about.  Arizona money is crossing over into Colorado and they applied for a school under their Daisy Education in Hawaii.
While Tom Horne collected campaign contributions from the Gulenists and accept speaking engagements at the schools complete with the famous Gulen photo opportunity which says absolutely nothing but bullshit.  Horne has abused the Mexican culture and promoted Turkish culture, it is no mistake that Horne is part of the politics trying to rid Arizona of ethnic studies….but it is only Latino studies Horne wants to rid Arizona of.  Turkish Culture is alive and well in Arizona, the Gulenist even operate a charter school on the Davis-Monthen Airforce base.
Sit back and enjoy how Tom Horne is now having a melt down from politics, he is cheating on his wife and other actions that prove he is of low character and needs to be ousted from politics.  If the FBI has their way, he will be gone---very shortly.  Mexican Americans were treated terrible by Tom Horne, maybe now they are having their say.
  Contributions to Tom Horne's campaign for Attorney General

$808 Jan 4, 2010 
Karatas (Principal, Sonoran Science Academy; Associate Superintendent, Daisy Education Corporation) 

$808 Feb 3, 2010
Argin (Former Principal, Sonoran Science Academy; Superintendent, Daisy Education Corporation) 

$808 Feb 5, 2010
Ridvan Bircicek (Sonoran Science Academy, Paragon Science Academy) 

$400 Oct 3, 2010
Turkan Argin (wife of Mehmet Argin)

Gulen Politicians- Horne refuses to answer questions about alleged affair - FOX 10 News - P...

Tom Horne is the former State Superintendant of Schools in Arizona.  At that time supported  the Gulen  Sonoran Science Academies and accepted over $2,000 in campaign contributions from the Gulenists in Arizona that are associated with these charter schools.  Horne even toured their schools (we will be posting those photos)  while at the same time, Horne shunned the traditional public school teachers with accents he left the Turks alone to teach Turkish and give instruction with poor English skills.  Looks like this dog Horne is finally getting his payback.  Don't mess with Hispanics or their culture. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Virginia Representative of 87th District David Ramadan, the reason Gulen Loudoun Math and IT Academy passed State Hurdle

David emigrated to the United States of America from Lebanon in 1989. He is a graduate of George Mason University (Virginia, USA) with a Masters of Arts degree in International Trade and Transactions and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Governments and Politics. He completed graduate studies at Oxford University (Oxford, England), the American Graduate School of Business (Geneva, Switzerland), Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD) and Georgetown University (Washington DC). He completed his High School at International College (IC) in Beirut, Lebanon. David served on the Board of Visitors of George Mason University (GMU); he was appointed by Governor McDonnell. He formerly served as an Adjunct Professor at his Alma-mater where he taught a course
George Mason University is also a receipant of huge $$ contributions by the Republic of Turkey, Erdogan has visited this University .
Read more here about Rep, David Ramadan’s controversy over Sharia law and the ground zero mosque.  Where does his loyalty REALLY lie? (as in liar)


Loudoun Math and IT Academy Charter School Application
Gains Approval by State Board of Education
State BOE Action Paves the Way for Local Consideration of the
Charter Application by the Loudoun County School Board
Richmond, Va. – The Loudoun Math and IT Academy (LMITA) charter school was formally approved as meeting all the necessary charter school criteria by the State Board of Education (BOE) at its meeting this week, paving the way for the Loudoun County School Board to consider the application, and ultimately, decide on its final approval.
“This is a significant step forward in the process of making the Loudoun Math and IT Academy a reality,” said Ali Gocke, a Loudoun County parent and IT professional who has spearheaded the effort to establish the charter.  “With this affirmative statement from the State Board of Education that our application meets all the necessary criteria to advance, we are looking forward to engaging the education, parent and business community in Loudoun to ensure the LMITA can truly enhance the excellent education Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is currently providing through offering an additional choice for those kids who are interested in math and information technology.”
The LMITA is seeking to establish a charter school in Loudoun County for grades 6 through 12 with a particular emphasis in the Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) and cyber security areas.  The LMITA charter school project grew out of a true grass roots effort by a group of Loudoun County parents, many of whom work in the IT field, who became interested in opportunities to have more focused math and IT education choices within LCPS. This group of parents researched charter schools across the tri-state area looking for a model that they thought may be a good fit for our community.  Through their research, they found the Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School (CSP), which is in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and has achieved significant success and recognition since its approval in 2005.  After further discussions and consideration, they decided to pursue building support for and establishing a charter school here in Loudoun modeled after the CSP concept, but that is adapted to meet the unique culture and dynamic here, as well as to provide a true enhancement to the already high level of education that is currently being provided to our children through LCPS.
By Virginia law, charter schools must have open enrollment; therefore, any student living in Loudoun County would be able to attend the Loudoun Math & IT Academy at no additional cost to the family or the school system, as long as there are available seats. Pending approval, the LMITA plans to enroll 96 students in each grade starting with 6th and 7th grades in the fall of 2013, and will add one additional grade every year from there until full enrollment is reached.
“We applaud LCPS for all it is doing to focus on the STEM areas throughout the schools, but firmly believe a free-standing charter school – one that is focused on STEM education and open to all interested Loudoun students grades 6-12 – will enhance and expand those efforts, and broaden LCPS’s capabilities to prepare Loudoun’s children not just for today’s job market or for the academic programs in today’s colleges and universities, but for those of the future,” said Gocke.
The LMITA has already received broad support throughout the community, including letters of support from the majority of Loudoun’s General Assembly delegation, many current and past members of the Board of Supervisors, business leaders and several business organizations, including the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, the Northern Virginia Technology Council and the Dulles Regional Chamber.
Having been approved as meeting the necessary criteria for a charter application by the State Board of Education, the LMITA charter will now be considered by the Loudoun County School Board, which will make the ultimate decision with regard to approval of this charter school. 
The School Board has already actively engaged on the issue of charter schools, having recently adopted revised protocols that provide for greater participation in the local evaluation process by members of the Board, which the LMITA sees as very positive.  “The more input and dialogue we are able to have with LCPS staff, Board members and the community, the better our school will be able to meet the needs and interests of the community, so we welcome as much participation as possible in the process by the Board and the community,” said Gocke.
The LMITA hopes to host a series of information sessions over the coming months to provide more information about its application and seek community feedback.  In the meantime, for more information, please visit, or follow the LMITA Facebook page for regular updates at

Monica Garcia, LAUSD cajoling with the Gulen Movement

Monica Garcia and her list of partial supporters.  Monica is a champion for the Gulen Pacifica Institute's charter school chain in California.  please refer to

Poor Monica Garcia, will she survive the Monica Garcia RECALL?  If you are angry about Garcia's affiliation with the Gulen Movement, let your vote be heard and sign the petition to recall her.  Your voice matters, let elected officals know that if you sell us out we vote you out.  Betraying American values and education for $$$ is criminal.

This increasingly well-rooted network provides the Gulen Movement with daily access to the minds of over 45,000 students, and yearly access to hundreds of millions of hard-earned tax dollars. — Sharon Higgins
Charter schools are privately managed entities with negligible oversight, but funded with public money. The somewhat secretive Gülenist Islamic sect, named after charismatic Turkish Imam Fethullah Gülen, runs more charter schools than any other charter school chain in the United States. While there’s nothing wrong with privately financed religious schools, it’s problematic at best that public funds are being used to fund religious charter chains.
The cultish Gülenist Movement currently operates eight such privately managed charter schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Several more are slated to open after having won approval under the woefully misnamed “Public School Choice” (PSC) resolution, brewed by former LAUSD District 5 Trustee, Yolie Flores, who was also an employee of the Gates Foundation while concurrently “serving” the school district. Flores’ PSC gives brand new school facilities built with public money away to charter school corporations like the Gülenist Magnolia Science Academy.
It turns out that the individual most responsible for the proliferation of Gülen Charter Schools in LAUSD is the Board President herself, Mónica García. García’s ties to the Gülenists are quite strong, and she is a tenacious advocate on their behalf. She is speaking at the Gülenist Pacifica Institute in September 2012 regarding her prominent role corporate education reform and the unprecedented privatization of LAUSD under her neoliberal reign. The Pacifica Institute ran into controversy last year, when Armenian groups protested the organization’s ties to Turkish groups denying the 1915-1918 Armenian genocide. That García chooses to be so insensitive to the considerable Armenian population in her school district is most likely attributable to the fact that there are no Armenian organizations managing large chains of lucrative charter schools in LAUSD.
Advocating for the Gülenist movement and speaking at their events have paid handsome dividends for García. In addition to helping proliferate more privately managed charters schools, the Gülenists have been very generous donors to García’s political coffers. García, who raised more than $100,000 in just two months for her 2013 reelection bid, counts several Gülenist operatives among her contributors. Suleyman Bahceci, CEO of Magnolia Charter Corporation, donated $250, as did Varol Gurler, Magnolia’s CAO. The Pacifica Institute’s Director, Ferdi Mesut Ates, chipped in $100. Pacifica’s Ilker Yildiz contributed likewise. Undoubtedly, García will continue to rake in cash from the Gülenist machine, as she has from most of the lucrative corporate charter chains. In an ethical education environment, donations from corporate charters to board members that have the power to grant them their charters and give them choice facilities would be considered a conflict of interest.
Corporate charter school magnate Yvone Chan has also recently donated to García’s efforts to capture a third term as a LAUSD Trustee. Milken Educator Award winner Chan, despite a vested interest in the charter school industry, is also on the California State Board of Education (SBOE). Like García, Chan has a long and rewarding history with the Gülen Charter Movement. In fact, she made sure that she and her other SBOE members granted Magnolia its Statewide Benefit Charter because:
Yvonne Chan had been on a free, Gulenist-guided trip to Turkey courtesy of the Pacifica Institute in one of the years just prior.
Incidentally, California isn’t the only state where the Gülen “leaders lavish gifts and dinners on” politicians.
The Gülen Movement and their ubiquitous Gülen charter schools loom so large on the American education landscape that CBS’ 60 Minuntes devoted a full length segment entitled: U.S. charter schools tied to powerful Turkish imam to this phenomenon of school privatization.
What’s important here isn’t which religious group runs these schools, but that public funds are being used to support schools having an overarching political and religious agenda like the Gülenist do. This is no different than the right-wing Milton Friedman inspired capitalism indoctrination American Indian Public Charter Schools and Green Dot Public Schools push on their hapless pupils. The former actually requires their charter school students to make daily pledges to our abject political economy. Nor is it any different than the charter school chain that teaches its students that Emmett Till’s brutal murder was a just desert for what they termed his “sexual harassment.” The selfsame Celerity Charter Chain pushes a “post-racial curriculum” that ignores institutional racism in favor of students self-colonizing by “dress[ing] for success…” rather than “focus[ing] on how the history of the country has been checkered.” Because there’s little to no oversight or regulation for the privately managed charter school sector, these and many more such incidents will continue unabated.
Another major problem with García’s expansion of Gülen charter schools in LAUSD is that part of the Gülenist modus operandi is to staff their schools not only with teachers lacking credentials (part and parcel the standard in the charter school industry), but with personal who have never taught before at all. Gülen schools bring in many Turkish businessmen and professionals on 1HB visas to teach, yet there is currently a glut of highly qualified, credentialed teachers in LAUSD. Indeed, if there really were a dearth of teachers, then the importing of teachers wouldn’t be an issue. Gülen supporters claim a lack of educators versed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), but the reality is that there’s neither a shortage of STEM workers nor teachers in the United States. Instead, Gülen movement watchdogs have demonstrated a pattern of abuse in regards to H1B visas.
Ultimately, the failings of Gülen Charter Schools are the same as with all charter schools. They are privately managed. They have unelected boards. They have a glaring lack of transparency both in terms of finances and operations. They contribute to the deprofessionalization of teaching. They are undermining public schools and the bare semblance of democracy which those pubic commons represent. They are to all intents and purposes, private organizations with access to a publicly financed revenue stream. Johathan Kozol’s prescience prediction that our public school system was on the corporate auction block is borne out by the expansion of Charter Management Organizations. Gülen Charter Schools are a symptom of a much deeper systemic problem known as neoliberalism.
That an individual elected to represent their community’s interests in regards to public schools is so beholden to the competing interests of the lucrative charter school sector speaks volumes to Mónica García’s renowned greed and opportunism. Her championing of the Gülenist charter movement is further proof that she holds no consideration of her constituents and the children in our community.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gulen Big RAT captured by FBI in Federal Prison

"I was sent by a Religious Group"  "I have the wire transfers to prove it" 
The FBI is loving this BIG RAT-

The Feds have one of their BIG Rats in Federal prison.  Seems Ardici
was trying to set up businesses in Cuba.  Under the "dealing with the
enemy act" he was caught and his attorney is also in Jail.  Ardici who
own markets in NY, admits he was sent to Cuba by a "religious group"
According to the article Ardici has “the wire transfers to prove it”
Ironically, Ardici was President of Gulen non profit (Sema Foundation)
which loaned the NOW CLOSED Fulton Science Academy in Georgia over
$300,000.  THere is a letter on CASILIPS web site from Sema Foundation
to Fulton Science Academy forgiving them 1/2 of the loan amount.  The
Sema Foundation has also contributed big money to political campaigns.
 To Clinton they gave $5,000 ,   afterwards her husband Former
President Clinton makes a video promoting Turkey and AMerican

The feds are circling in on the rats and have the big rat in Federal
Prison that is singing like a coward canary,

see additional information here:

Gulen Schools Worldwide: Sex, Lies and Videotape--Gulen Style

Gulen Schools Worldwide: Sex, Lies and Videotape--Gulen Style: If you are not allowed to keep these tapes on your computer, how can you threaten your enemies with them? The issue people should have bee...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Students delight thousands in glorious Turkish Olympiads finale

Reporting from ERBU TV News (Gulen Channel) Erdogan invites Gulen Home to Turkey.   How many American Charter school students were there?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meanwhile..back in Georgia lawmakers took strong stance for CLOSED Fulton Science Academy

Senator John Albers (R-Roswell) recieved over $4,000 in contributions from Fulton Science Acdemy in 2011-2012 and was still unable to save the troubled school.  Better luck next time, save your money for the next state audit ...stay tuned.

An embattled charter school in Fulton County got some high-powered help in its unsuccessful quest to have its charter renewed by Fulton County Public Schools.
In December, 11 state legislators wrote a strongly worded letter to the Fulton school board expressing their disappointment that the charter of Fulton Science Academy Middle School had not been renewed that month. Such a move by lawmakers on behalf of a charter school is not common, said Louis J. Erste, director of Georgia's charter division.
Several people connected to Fulton Science Academy Middle School donated thousands of dollars to two state legislators, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution analysis. The primary recipient was state Sen. John Albers, R-Roswell, who received at least $4,000 from FSA leaders in 2011 and 2012. He and Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers of Woodstock met with Fulton County Superintendent Robert Avossa in November to discuss FSA’s case.
The contributions to Albers, one of the 11 legislators who signed the December letter, were legal. Albers said he is very involved with all the schools in his district, and the people who donated to his campaign live in his district. The AJC analysis did not find donations to the other 10 signers, which included Rogers and Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones. Albers, who would only answer questions via email, said all of the signers helped craft the letter.
Fulton school officials, who have said they had long-standing concerns about the financial and structural management of FSA, were prepared to offer a three-year renewal, but school officials and their legislative allies wanted a 10-year extension. The state school board rejected the school's appeal in May.
An audit of the school released this month found a basis for some of those financial and management concerns. Leaders from the award-winning charter school say the audit's claims are "baseless," and they plan to release a detailed response this week.
FSA plans to convert to a private school this fall, but while FSA was fighting to remain a public charter school, several top leaders made donations to Albers. On Jan. 8, board president Ayhan Korucu and vice president Maria Beug-Deeb each contributed $1,000. Principal Kenan Sener donated $250. The donations represent a small portion of the $79,201 Albers has collected since January 2010, according to state campaign finance records.
Albers, who is vice chairman of the finance, public safety and science and technology committees as well as a deputy whip, said he had several fundraisers before the legislative session. He is also a member of the education committee and two others, according to his website.
Records show Sener made a $1,000 donation to Albers in July 2011. In an email, Sener said he lived in Albers' district until last September, and appreciated the work that he did for the district and the state.
"The public officials helped our school because they believed in our school and our students and our faculty and they have done so for years," he wrote. "The public officials who spoke out for us also spoke out for charter schools in general."
Korucu, the board president, said his January donation was the first time he gave to Albers’ campaign, but he has donated to other Republicans in the past. Korucu said that his donations had “nothing to do with the school whatsoever.”
“I admire Albers’ work with youth and education,” he said.
Tuncay Kucuktas, who at one time was listed as the school’s chief financial officer, gave $500 in 2010 to Sen. Curt Thompson, D-Tucker, who has spoken out in favor of charter schools but did not sign the December letter.
Avossa had been superintendent for only a few months in November 2011 when he met with Albers and Rogers. Avossa said the legislators did not direct him to extend the school’s charter.
“They had questions about the process, about timelines,” Avossa recalled.
Rogers did not respond to telephone and email requests for comment about his effort to get FSA’s charter renewed. Jones also could not be reached by telephone or email.
FSA has a record of high academic achievement. It was one of seven Georgia schools designated as a 2011 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education. At the time of the meeting, the district had not yet asked for the audit.
“Had the [audit] information that we had been available at that point, would folks have felt differently?” Avossa said. “The timing of that information is critical.”
Albers said in an email that he has not reviewed all the findings of the audit and "will reserve judgment until all the facts are made available." He said concerns about his advocacy for the charter school were from a couple of political opponents who are trying to create controversy where it doesn't exist.
Charter schools are public schools that operate outside of the local school board, and money follows students from their zoned public school to their charter school of choice.
“What you have is legislators with an ideological ax to grind demanding that a duly elected school board do their bidding. And that’s not a good thing," said state Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta. "These decisions should be made on the merits.”
AJC data specialist Kelly Guckian contributed to this article.
Questions about Fulton Science Academy Middle School's finances and organizational structure are sure to be raised again this fall as voters consider whether the state constitution should be amended to create another path for the state to create and fund charter school applications.
Republicans have generally backed charter schools as an important alternative for students in public schools that have poor academic track records. Many Democrats also back charter schools, but some argue that more money for charter schools means less money for already-cash-strapped traditional public schools.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Herenton Suspects Ulterior Motive with Lack of Charter Funds - Gulen Cha...

Classic Comedy Herenton Style!
He claims he has no affiliation with Harmony Schools, merely put them down on the application as a "strategic partner" to impress school superintendents.  But does have Cosmos Foundation on the application
(Cosmos Foundation dba Harmony Science Academy)

Say "good bye" Willie:
MEMPHIS, TN ( - Former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton won't be able to open several charter schools this coming year because the state ran out of money for his operations. The former mayor says one reason he thinks it happened is over allegations that a company he is considering working with has ties to a Turkish Islamic group.

Harmony Schools of Innovation operate charter schools in the southwest, and one in Memphis. There have been allegations over the years that they put money into the hands of Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish preacher who describes himself as a peaceful Muslim

But Herenton says one reason he thinks the state ran out of funding for his schools is because people in Nashville are linking Herenton with the Turk.

The man is an educator. It is how he started his professional career and it's how he's ending it.

"Very few people care about kids that are at the bottom," Herenton said. "I came from the bottom. I have a deep passion for helping these kids do better."

This is the reason Willie Herenton is working.

He's gone to the unified school board to get permits for charter schools, and was turned down along with a group of other charter applicants. He then went to the state and got his permits.

But while the other schools received start up money from Tennessee, when they got to the former mayor he was told, 'Sorry, we're out of money.'

"You know what this is really about? It's about power, control and money," he said.

Herenton isn't certain, but thinks the lack of money might be because of Harmony Schools.

It is headquartered in Texas; Harmony also operates one school in Tennessee. The group is controversial. Critics say they hire mostly Turkish teachers, buy Turkish furniture, and the money goes to support what is called the Gulen Movement. Gulen is what has been called a moderate form of Islam, with a goal of becoming world wide.

Critics say the followers are using Harmony Schools to get a foothold in the U.S. But, there has never been direct evidence linking the schools to the group, and the schools do not teach religion.

Herenton stated, "We do not have any relationship with Harmony. Harmony is mentioned as a potential strategic partner. I want to make a statement that from all ongoing research it is an outstanding charter managing organization."

Herenton said if he had ties to this group, which has been very successful in Texas, he wouldn't need the state's help for money. They'd fund the schools. But there is no relationship between the former mayor and Harmony Schools, so there is no money.

Herenton Gulen Tool faces child support issues

Michael J. Herenton turned 5 over the weekend. It was a difficult transition.
He and his mother, Claudine Marsh, had to move out of their home in the Atlanta area because of flooding.
Meanwhile, Marsh has been talking by phone with her son’s father, former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton, about his recent decision to quit his job. Herenton’s last day in office was July 31.
The child support dispute went back to Juvenile Court just before Michael’s birthday as a petition for contempt and to modify child support was filed Thursday against Herenton in Juvenile Court of Memphis and Shelby County.
The petition seeks to change the child support payments Herenton has been making since 2005.
Next steps
Marsh met Herenton in late 2003 while she worked at The Peabody hotel. Herenton acknowledged later he was the boy’s father. He agreed to pay $2,100 a month in child support and to provide health insurance for Michael as well as use any city pension benefits as security on future child support.
“He’s been paying his child support,” attorney Patricia A. Woods, who represents Marsh, told The Daily News. “It’s our position that the child support should be increased. The primary issue is that under terms of the 2005 order, Mr. Herenton was required and agreed to … take the city of Memphis pension and make those benefits payable to their minor child.”
The monthly child support payments were based on Herenton having 80 days of visitation a year with the child as well as his income as mayor.
“The more days you spend, obviously the lower the child support is,” Woods said. “In this case, there have been no days spent with the child.”
Woods said she and co-counsel, William W. Jones IV, filed the motion after repeated attempts to contact Herenton and his attorney. Herenton could not be reached for comment.
The first step in the matter will be a Juvenile Court hearing to freeze the $506,000 lump sum pension payment until there can be a hearing to determine how much should go to Michael. The motion also seeks $250,000 to be held in a trust fund for the child.
The civil contempt proceedings touch on some of the most controversial aspects of Herenton’s later years as mayor, his private business dealings.
“There are certainly political implications. We certainly understand that,” said Jones, who is serving as co-counsel because he lives in Mississippi. “We are not naïve enough to believe that there’s not going to be some blowback on this. … I don’t care if he’s running for anything. I care what kind of father he is.”
A federal grand jury has been investigating land deals as well as money from mayoral Christmas parties for about a year to determine if Herenton crossed the line separating public duties from private business.
Herenton repeatedly has denied any wrongdoing and has not been charged with any crime. He told The Daily News this month he has never been notified that he is the target of the grand jury probe. Herenton has also refused to talk in any detail about his outside business interests.
‘Legal responsibility’
In the Juvenile Court matter, Herenton might be forced to talk about those outside business interests in depositions that probably would be sealed.
“We’re not sure that the income was correct,” Jones said referring to the 2005 child support agreement and court order. “That’s all income. That’s income that should have been figured in. … And until we get a chance to depose him, we won’t know what his income is.”
Because the contempt proceedings are civil and not criminal, Herenton could not invoke his Fifth Amendment rights to refuse to testify if there was anything incriminating he didn’t want to admit to.
“If someone doesn’t answer the questions in a civil matter, then the court is allowed to assume that the answer would hurt whoever was supposed to be answering that,” Woods said. “And realistically we don’t want the court to put Mr. Herenton in jail.”
Herenton’s resignation to run for Congress in 2010 against incumbent Steve Cohen amounts to what is called “voluntary underemployment” in child support cases.
“You can’t willfully and voluntarily underemploy yourself,” Jones said. ”He can’t guarantee he’s going to win this election. There’s no income stream. And in light of that we’ve got to make sure these funds aren’t dissipated.”
Marsh has declined comment directly, Jones said. She has talked with Herenton in recent days, Woods said, and also has been forced to move because of flooding in the Atlanta area.
“Basically, what we’re asking the court is to treat Mr. Herenton the way they would treat any other non-custodial parent who quit their job without making provisions for their minor child,” Woods said. “He has a legal responsibility to this child and we’re asking the court to enforce it.”
Bottom of Form

Roland Wants Closer Look at Herenton's Charter Affiliations Gulen Charte...

Ex Mayor of Memphis in the news again with the proposed charter schools in Tennessee
under the Cosmos Foundation dba Harmony Science Academy.  NOW he denies any connection to them.

MEMPHIS, TN ( - Former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton denies charges that his charter school group is affiliated in any way with a controversial organization from Turkey.

Harmony Schools is a Texas-based group that runs charter schools in several states. There have been allegations that Harmony is tied to an Islamic cleric who is trying to spread Islam into the U.S.

Harmony denies it, and Willie Herenton says they aren't working with him. Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland now says he wants to know the truth.

Nobody has ever connected Harmony Schools with the Islamic group headed by a man named Fethullah Gulen, but they do business with groups that the government says sends money to the Gulen groups.

Willie Herenton listed Harmony as a consultant when applying for charter schools. Terry Roland says he wants officials to look into everything.

It's a long way from terry Roland's tire store in Millington to Turkey. The Shelby County Commissioner says if there's a possibility of taxpayer money being spent improperly, he'll look into anything. Even a group that so far, has no official ties into supporting any Islamic movements.

"If there is any connection to the Islamic movement or if they're just taking our public dollars and using them wrong, we need to know that too," Roland said.

Harmony Schools operates one charter school in town already, located in a business park in southeast Memphis. They operate dozens of other schools across the country.

When former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton announced that his group, the W.E.B. Du Bois Consortium of Schools, wanted to open charter schools, he listed Harmony as a consultant.

He said, "We do not have any financial, any contractual, any strategic relationship with Harmony, while I recognize they're a fine organization."

For Terry Roland, he wants an investigation and a closer look at the Herenton application.

"Mayor Herenton clearly stated that he just put it in there for fluff. Well, does that mean he falsified that application?" Roland asked. "Does that mean his charter application should be denied because of falsification of references?"

The former mayor says this whole fuss is about power, control and money, and says again, he is not involved with any deal with Harmony schools.

"We do not have any relationship with Harmony. Harmony is mentioned as a potential strategic partner. I want to make a statement that from all of my research it is an outstanding charter managing organization."

Roland wants to know why the state board of education approved the Herenton permits after they were refused by the school board.

What Roland didn't say, and maybe it's because he didn't know, is the school board denied all charter school applications this year for financial reasons.

After the state treasurer ruled against them, the state board of education approved all the charter school applications, including Willie Herenton's

Controversial Claims over Charter School Connections Gulen Charter Schools

“To impress the school district”  what a liar!!!!
A Shelby county commissioner claims Former Mayor Willie Herenton's charter schools are connected to a controversial Islamic leader. Herenton's schools W.E.B. DuBois Consortium of Charter Schools were approved last Tuesday.

Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland has asked the state to step in and investigate their connection to Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen.

Gulen is described by national media as an exiled Turkish preacher trying to build an Islamic movement with him as its leader. He has over a hundred schools in several states, and Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland believes Gulen is connected to former Mayor Willie Herrenton's W.E.B. DeBois Charter Schools.

"I know that the governor is a big advocate of charter schools. I want to know what he knows about this," said Roland.

The schools were approved last week and Roland is asking Tennessee's department of Education to investigate the connection before Shelby County tax payer dollars come into the mix.

"The general public needs to know where all are tax dollars are going. Why is it important? Because some of these organizations are getting twenty percent of the public money off the top to run these organizations," said Roland.

We could not get in touch with Willie Herenton for comment, but he told the Commercial Appeal there was no connection with his charter schools and Harmony Schools. He said he just included that in the application to impress the school district.

Roland says if that is true and there is no connection the application should be thrown out anyway because it is a falsified document. He's also concerned because the Harmony Schools have defaulted on some bonds in Georgia leaving the tax payers with the bills. He says he doesn't want that to happen here in Memphis.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Gulen Politiicans, even the First Lady Michelle Obama digs the Gulen Movement and their campaign $$

First Lady Michelle Obama on a recent visit to Boston met with 2 Turkish - Americans at a fund raiser.
At a $35,000 a plate fund raiser in New York City for President Obama, 2 members of the Gulen Community paid to attend.  We cannot verify if in fact these are bonafide "Americans" they may be more green card Gulenists.   Obviously not natural citizens and their loyalty lies with the Republic of Turkey.  The Gulenists pay big $$ to be in a picture or photo op with members of American politics, academia and media.  This is a fake show of clout or "high profile" which they do not except for their controversy and drama.

Representatives of Turkish-American community, including Vice President of Turkish Cultural Center Boston Murat Mutlu, were among a small group of high profile guests attended a dinner with the First Lady Michelle Obama at a fund-raiser event in Boston.
 Joseph P. Kennedy III; Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino; US Representative Niki Tsongas; Newton Mayor Setti D. Warren; were among other attendees. 
Turkish community representatives introduced the Turkish Cultural Center of Boston and expressed their support and gratefulness for all that Mr. Obama has been doing to promote global peace.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

60 minute out takes Bonus Footage Fethullah Gulen Charter Schools

Gulenist Turquoise Council to host trip for 150 lawmakers to Azerbaijan

Florida State Representative Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed to travel with 150+ representatives from the U.S. including State Senators, State Representatives, Mayors and other officials as well as high level guests to Turkic Azerbaijan.  Sponsored by Gulenist's Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians.  
 This month, the 57th Eurovision Song Contest with more than 40 participating countries will take place in the Crystal Hall Arena of the Azerbaijani capital of  Baku. This event will be attracting many tourists from abroad to this country with its ancient history and rich culture set on the Western shores of the Caspian Sea.  A sizable group of visitors from the United States will also be amongst the visitors. including State Representative Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed whose headquarters are in Pompano Beach.
Coinciding with the Eurovision Song Contest, the Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians, TCAE, a leading independent and an umbrella organization committed to advancing the interaction among American and Turkish, Turkic and Eurasian people, is hosting some 150+ representatives from the U.S. including State Senators, State Representatives, Mayors and other officials and high level guests on a study trip to the oil rich country of Azerbaijan, which last year celebrated its 20th anniversary of independence from the former U.S.S.R.   The main purpose of this trip is to further strengthen the friendship relations and to expand the opportunities for additional partnerships between the United States and Azerbaijan and to showcase this young democracy which, with the help of revenues from its booming oil industry has transformed itself from a battered nation into a growing economy with a strong and innovative new infrastructure with road systems, airports, harbors and new industrial sites.   The 5-day excursion program will include meetings with Azerbaijani government officials and visits to places of interest of historical, cultural and economic importance.  The Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians, TCAE, brings people together by hosting public programs and private events featuring leaders and experts with diverse views on a wide range of global and regional topics through tasks forces, executive forums, luncheons, conferences, studies and leadership dialogue.