Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Annise Parker, Houston Mayor censors Christian sermons while accepting money from Islamic cult

Annise Parker, as the mayor of Houston is no stranger to the Gulen Islamic Cult.  Annise who is openly gay has MC'd the Turkish Olympiads for the Islamic Cult.  Visited their Charter Schools (Harmony Science Academy) and has even gone to free trips to Turkey sponsored by one of the Gulen Cult's NGOs "Turquoise Council".

The Turquoise Council is no stranger to controversy, you will find several investigations into their $ campaign contributions, sponsoring lawmakers trips to Turkey, Azerbaijan, and other Turkic countries.  The past president of Turquoise Council is Kemal Oksuz a Gulen "golden boy" who has recently stepped down.  Bilal Eksili is the new President of Turquoise Council, and has come from the Gulen Movement's failed operation in Indiana and the Midwest (Holy Dove Institute and Niagara Foundation)

First on Annise History with the Muslims

Annise Parker hosts the Muslim Communities Ramadan Iftar Dinners
Houston is also a sister city with Islamic towns of Karacchi, Baku, Istanbul, Agu Dharid
ACT for AMERICA HOUSTON article on this
In the Muslim Observer Mayor Annise Parker lauds Muslim Contributions to Houston
(if she only knew what the Muslims think about Gay people)

to learn more about the Harmony Schools go to

Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston guest Master of Ceremonies for Turkish Olympiad

Annise Parker, is a frequent guest of the Islamic Cult Gulen Movement
and their numerous schools and NGOs here is information on
their Raindrop Turkish House, where Ms. Parker is a frequent guest

Annise Parker, opens her home to the new President of the Islamic Turquiose Council
Annise Parker with new President Bilal Eksili
Turquoise Council and Bilal Eksili are not strangers
to controversy.  Good luck Annise Parker you have
betrayed American values and sided with the Islamic Cult

Houston Proclamation declaring "Gulen Institute - Dialog of Civilizations Day"From the website of the Azerbaijanian American Cultural Alliance (a Gulenist organization), referring to a Jan 2010 event called "Dialog of Civilizations Platform":

"The honorary guest of the program was Congressman Al Green. He stated the Gulen Movement is a peace movement and the aid campaign of the Raindrop Turkish House for the Haiti Earthquake was something to be applauded.

"Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and newly-elected Houston Mayor Annise Parker also sent messages to the Platform to show their support. Annise Parker issued a proclamation in which she declared 22-23 January as the 'Gulen Institute – Dialog of Civilizations Day'. "

Annise Parker and city of Houston attempts to censor free speech of American Christians while cajoling with Islamic cult

The City of Houston ignited a First Amendment free-speech debate by issuing subpoenas to evangelical Christian leaders demanding they turn over their sermons – and all other communications – regarding a new city ordinance providing protections to the LGBT community.
But on Wednesday, the Houston Mayor Annise Parker apparently backpedaled. 
"Mayor Parker agrees with those who are concerned about the city legal department’s subpoenas for pastor’s sermons,” according to an email from Janice Evans, chief policy officer for the City of Houston. “The subpoenas were issued by pro bono attorneys helping the city prepare for the trial regarding the petition to repeal the new Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) in January.  Neither the mayor nor City Attorney David Feldman were aware the subpoenas had been issued until yesterday.  Both agree the original documents were overly broad.  The city will move to narrow the scope during an upcoming court hearing.  Feldman says the focus should be only on communications related to the HERO petition process.”
Many articles on this controversy



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