Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Former Gulen "minion" aka member of Gulen Movement (Hizmet) speaks about Gulen blackmail, bribes

Gulen Minion their normal way of doing business is to bribe, blackmail, lie, cajole, play victim, be hospitable, etc., anything it takes to reach their end result which is more share of power for the Gulen Networks.

Gulen's Minions live for 1 thing and that is to serve their evil dictator Gulen.
Former Gulen member speaks out about the bribes and blackmails of the movement
FORMER GULENIST CLAIMS DONATIONS USED FOR BRIBING BUREAUCRATS Daily Sabah Updated : 21.12.2014 17:10:41 Published : 21.12.2014 16:39:17 Former Gulenist claims donations used for bribing bureaucratsISTANBUL — The latest in a series of allegations targeting the Gülen movement has come from former general manager of Gülen movement-affiliated Daily Zaman, Mehmet Arslan, who has recently claimed that some of the donations raised by the movement have been used to buy the patronage of bureaucrats. Adding to the harsh accusations the group has already faced regarding their offenses, Mehmet Arslan, a former Gülenist who parted ways with the movement after being affiliated with them for 25 years, spoke about the accusations of theft against them. Arslan claimed that some of the money being collected from businesspeople, civil servants and others by the movement was being used to buy favors from bureaucrats. According to Arslan, the movement bribes bureaucrats in order to facilitate the activities they want to carry out. Arslan said he had been a committed Gülenist before he decided to part ways with the movement. He said he had witnessed how they invest donations on repurchase, gave salaries to top-level officials and treated them to extravagant presents under the name of establishing schools abroad. "Ten percent of the donations go to Fethullah Gülen" Arslan further claimed. Fethullah Gülen, who resides in the U.S. in self-imposed exile, leads the Gülen Movement, which has charter schools and organizations in hundreds of countries around the world. Arslan, who moved to Uzbekistan after cutting ties with the Gülen movement, decided to return to Turkey to tell everything he knew about them. But this decision had, he said, led him to become a victim of a plot which led to his arrest. Arslan was detained in Uzbekistan for hooliganism and was later jailed on those grounds. He was then charged with not paying taxes. But he claimed that these charges were never documented. The latest charge he faces is being a member of al- Qaeda. Mehmet Arslan's brother, Yakup Arslan, interpreted the whole process as a plot against his brother. "My brother would have returned to Turkey to tell everything he knows about the movement. But he became a victim of a plot. He is now being held under arrest in Uzbekistan," he said. Speaking to Sabah Daily, Arslan also stated that the Gülen Movement attended a gathering chaired by Fethullah Gülen every week. He said he had witnessed many occasions of graft and theft. "After finding out about the corruption they are involved in, I decided to cut ties with the movement and quit my post. Two days after I gave up my duty, a journalist and a renowned politician, along with the leader of the masons, showed up to coax me to stay. It was impossible for me to stay [after I saw the Masons leader with them]." Noting that these are only parts of what he knows, Arslan said he was ready to reveal more about the movement 'for the sake of his country'. The movement, which waged an anti-government campaign in 2013 and is known for conducting operations to discredit and eventually topple the government, was behind a series of scandals involving illegal surveillance by Gülenist police officers and prosecutors. Arslan is not the first who has expressed dissent over Gülen movement's alleged illegal activities. A renowned columnist and former member of the Gülen Movement, Hüseyin Gülerce, also spoke out against the movement after he parted ways from an affiliated daily where he had been working as a journalist. Gülerce described the December 17 and December 25 operations conducted by the movement as an attempt to topple the government. Latif Erdoğan, once a close companion of the Gülen Movement's leader, Fethullah Gülen, also claimed that the group's real purpose behind the operations it conducted against the government was to topple it and replace it with an Islamic state. Another example of a Gulen minion who donated over $20,000 for "favors"
HOW DOES A SO CALLED SCHOOL EMPLOYEE AFFORD OVER $20,000 IN CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS? Ismayil Ahmadov One reader has supplied this site with the Azerbaijan Connection SOCOR to Montenegro Casinos, Resorts (Bosnia) resorts that the Chicago based Niagara Foundation is working with Corrupt Chicago politicians to lure in wealthy Russians to this new resort and bankrupt Monte Carlo.


  1. Speaking of Montonegrons, Skender Ibric made a statement that he paid Leonard Distel regularly. No casino for you Lenny.

  2. For those of us that don't know can you please explain who is Skender Ibric and who is Leonard Distel. The Russian Tourism industry is getting wind of this and find it interesting how Russian Tourism dollars is going to be re routed to the Gulen movement via Montenegro. Indeed....Montenegro is beautiful with some of the best shore lines in Europe.

  3. I think Jon Sennett of the NYS organized crime task force can help there. Relay to him a couple little fish are ready for flippin'. He knows what that means. Comey needs something to pin down Gulen until Turkey's extradition comes through. Old man Stoeckeler can break them. He's conveniently past the statute of limitations in NY. I trust this blog will assist law enforcement with a little communique.