Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gulen Charter Schools in Illinois - Useful idiot Jim Nowlan

Gulen Charter Schools in the USA: Gulen Charter School- Quest Academy Illinois Cater...: "Caterpillar has a significant amount of business in Central Asia mining where Gulen Schools are located. The larva caterpillar - a sym..."

  • JIM NOWLAN is a senior fellow at the University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs. A former Illinois legislator and aide to three unindicted governors, he is the lead author of "Illinois Politics: A Citizen's Guide" (University of Illinois Press, 2010). He can be reached via e-mail at  ANOTHER GULEN TOOL
  • Gulen Politicians-Association with Gulen dangerous for Politicians

    Although this article is a few years old it speaks of the dangers for politicians to be associated with the Gulen Movement or any of it's front groups.  Worldwide the tactic is the same, although Gulen professes to be about world peace and respect, this is a lie it is all about politics and is very involved with the politics in Turkey as well as in the USA.  If you are a politician and are reading this, you may want to think twice before you accept that next honor at a Gulen Institute Interfaith Dinner, or that next free trip to Turkey.  Think very hard about whether risking your career is worth it.  Out of the Gulen owned media Fethullah Gulen press room web site.

    Many politicians who have had close relations with moderate Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen may have a hard time these days after revelations that he urged his followers to infiltrate the state system and gain power...
    According to political observers, the sudden campaign against Gulen may have much to do with presidential elections scheduled for next May.
    The fact that the media campaign against Gulen is being conducted along with repeated film clips of the preacher with certain prominent political personalities has further strengthened claims that the target is not really the veteran religious leader but some political leaders with presidential ambitions. The films show Gulen shaking hands with political leaders, sitting with them or presenting them with awards.
    Gulen is accused of trying to grab power within the state apparatus by infiltrating various departments. Recordings of his confidential discussions with his followers reveal Gulen telling them to enter the state system, remain in the background and avoid the limelight. Gulen warned his followers in the recordings that "if they ... come out early, the world will squash their heads. They will make Muslims relive events in Algeria again."
    This was regarded as a sinister Islamic plot by Gulen to conquer the secular system from within and destroy it. Newspapers and TV stations used the recordings to launch a major offensive against Gulen and his followers and erode the credibility of everyone involved with them.
    Gulen's preaching, his efforts to set up popular schools in Turkey and abroad, his investments in the financial sector and in the media were all common knowledge for a very long time. But what was new were the claims that Gulen has been using this huge empire to plot to infiltrate the state system and act for an Islamic state "when the time comes."
    In the past, Gulen has come under criticism for "hiding his real motives" and using his preaching of tolerance and goodwill to install his followers in the judicial system and the security forces. But this time the recordings showed Gulen telling his followers to "hide your intentions" and remain anonymous.
    Once the media campaign against Gulen went into full swing, the TV stations started showing Gulen with several top leaders, led by President Suleyman Demirel and some others, and this prompted speculations that the campaign is also targeting some people who hope to become president in the elections next May. There is talk that a constitutional change should be made to allow Demirel to seek a second term as president.
    There has been talk in Turkey in the past of a constitutional change to allow Demirel to seek re-election. Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit has been one of the leading proponents of this suggestion.
    Most of the accusations against Gulen on TV and in the news reporting that the authorities are launching a probe against him and his followers are being coupled with scenes of the preacher presenting the "Tolerance Award" to Demirel, or their previous meetings where the two shake hands. Thus, the campaign to erode Gulen's credibility is also targeting President Demirel.
    Meanwhile, Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit cannot run for the presidency as he is not a university graduate so he is not being targeted in this anti-Gulen campaign. Despite his relations with Gulen in the past, the media is not mentioning or showing scenes of Ecevit with the preacher. In the past Ecevit has come under fire from various circles for supporting the moderate stance of Gulen.
    There is some talk that Parliament Speaker Yildirim Akbulut is also a distant presidential hopeful. Therefore, his pictures and films with Gulen are also being published and screened these days. If the constitutional amendment is not made Akbulut could emerge as one of the leading contenders in the presidential race.
    Meanwhile, while the politicians are indirectly criticized for their connections with Gulen, one person that receives praise is former Chief of Staff retired General Ismail Hakki Karadayi. Accusations and news about Gulen are coupled with reminders that the preacher wanted to meet Karadayi but he was rebuffed in the past. Karadayi rejected the "Tolerance Award" which Gulen wanted to present to him and this is being repeatedly mentioned in the media these days. Meanwhile, Karadayi's name is frequently being mentioned as a possible presidential candidate. Presidents are usually elected from within the Parliament but if at least 90 deputies support the candidacy of an outsider he too can become a candidate.
    Observers say that while most politicians are suffering from the campaign against Gulen only Karadayi is benefiting from the current media offensive.
    Observers also say that such campaigns and attempts to erode the credibility of presidential hopefuls may intensify as the presidential elections approach in the spring of the year 2000. 06.22.1999

    Harmony Parent the TRUTH: Harmony Science Academy hires expensive Karen Hugh...

    Harmony Parent the TRUTH: Harmony Science Academy hires expensive Karen Hugh...: "Dear Soner Tarim, Superintendant of Harmony Science Academy; Why are you spending our educational tax money irresponsibly? This is over ..."

    Gulen Tools- Rep. Eric Proctor and Senator Rick Brinkley/ Oklahoma Dove Science Academy- cover up for RAPE on campus

    The Gulen Movement uses each of their teachers, interfaith organizers, and other front groups as the new lobbying for Turkey.  Gulenists particularly like to take a photo with poltiicians or people of influence to establish some kind of credibility in the USA and whenever possible the American or Turkish flag will be close by.  They always have a camera or video handy, not to mention one of their famous "Gifts" they present in a blue box (usually a porcelin tea set or dish) the special ones will recieve a rug.
    The Dove Science Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma had a rape on campus of a 11 year old girl.  This case was later paid off when the Gulen Foundation paid the victim $60,0000 and her law firm $40,000 to keep the case out of the news.  The Gulen Schools in Oklahoma are under the management of the Cosmos Foundation in Texas. These Schools and the Discover School in Oklahoma were denied further support by the Oklahoma Public Schools, they are now sponsored by Langston University which we are sure is receiving big $$ donations from the Gulen Institute. 

    Dove Science Academys and Discovery Schools in Oklahoma are under the Cosmos Foundation in Texas, they are no longer under the Oklahoma public schools because of a rape(see article below and news story) at the Tulsa campus and financial mismanagement. They are now being sponsored by Langston University (which we are confident receive academic "grants" from the Gulen Insitute. Lately the Gulen Schools in Oklahoma have been beefing up their marketing with visits and photo opportunities with Rep Eric Proctor and Senator Rich Brinkly. Good Luck Dove Science Academy you will need it.
    Updated: 12/19/2008 10:35 pm
    Published: 12/19/2008 10:18 pm

    (Friday, December 19, 2008 5:00 pm by Kaci Christian,, Tulsa OK) – Shocking allegations at a Tulsa-area school: a high school basketball player is charged with first-degree rape. 17-year-old Donnie DeShawn Johnson is accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl in a school bathroom at Dove Science Academy on S. Memorial Dr, near I-244. That’s where we find FOX 23’s Kaci Christian. Kaci—Johnson is still in jail?

    “That’s right. Johnson is accused of attacking a little girl after school last Thursday, December 11th, and that’s when he was arrested,” reports FOX 23’s Kaci Christian. “He’s still in jail tonight, being held in lieu of $50,000 bond, while the community here reacts.”

    Michael Arroyo, 18, is a senior at Dove Science Academy in east Tulsa.

    “Everybody’s startin’ to talk about it,” Arroyo says, referring to the rape of a sixth grade girl last Thursday. “I was pretty shocked to hear about it and pretty surprised just that it could happen or that even the thought of it happening was really hard to believe.”

    Kris Stacy just dropped her son off at the school. Today is his last day, and she’s thrilled he’s graduating from high school. Like Arroyo, he takes classes in the morning at Tulsa Technology Center (TTC) and spends his time in the afternoon in class at Dove Science Academy. Stacy says her son been attending Dove since sixth grade. The charter school runs from sixth through twelfth grade, serving both middle school and high school students who want to focus on a curriculum specializing in science, mathematics and technology.

    Stacy, too, has heard about the rape.

    “I was shocked when I heard it. I was really shocked,” Stacy says. “That’s horrible. That’s horrible. So she must be sixth grade. See, that’s where my son started, was in sixth grade. I mean, I have never heard of anything like this happening at Dove. Ever. And like I said, my son has been going here for, for years, and I—this is the first time I have ever heard of anything like this happening here.” STORY CONTINUES AT FOX 23

    Dove Science Academy, Sky Foundation, Discovery School
    Evidence of affiliation with Gulen Movement

    Dove Science Academy is the name of publicly-funded charter schools in Oklahoma, located in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.  Its charter holder is the Sky Foundation, which also runs the Discovery School of Tulsa.

    A letter addressed to Dove Science Academy parents asked them to contribute to ISWEEEP, as a way of thanking the Cosmos Foundation for startup funds they provided for Dove.  The Cosmos Foundation is a Gulenist organization running the Harmony Public Schools chain of Gulen charter schools in Texas.

    Dove Science Academy students went on a school field trip to the Oklahoma City Raindrop Turkish House, a Gulenist organization.  Another Dove field trip was to the Raindrop Turkish House in Houston, for its Annual Turkic Cultures and Children’s Festival.  This was also a Gulenist event run by a Gulenist organization.

    Dove Science Academy teachers have been on Gulenist trips to Turkey.

    Dove Science Academy students participate in the Turkish Olympiads, a Gulenist competition that nearly all Gulen charter schools in the US are active in.

    Dove Science Academy has filed a number of H-1B visa applications for teachers and staff, following the modus operandi of Gulen schools in the US.  These have included applications for Turkish language teachers.

    Dove exhibits the characteristics of Gulen charter schools listed
    here.  In particular, Dove has been cited several times by government officials for deficiencies in special education.  In October 2009, the Tulsa School Board ended its charter with Dove in Tulsa; special education was a deciding factor.  Dove was able to find another authorizer and continue in business.

    land deal that involved the transfer of property from the Sky Foundation to the Rain Drop Foundation (a Gulenist organization running the Raindrop Turkish House) through Yuksel Alp Aslandogan, a major player in the Gulen Movement here in the US, shows the close connection between all these entities.  The deal involved the commercial property at 4444 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City.  The Sky Foundation purchased this property on May 28, 2008 for $780,000, sold it to Yuksel Slp Aslandogan for $1,025,000 on August 27, 2010, and he in turn sold it to the Rain Drop Foundation just 4 months later, on Dec 27, 2010, for only $650,000.  There is no evidence that fair market land prices in Oklahoma City fluctuated to such an extent between August and December 2010.

    article in the newspaper Oklahoman that appeared on May 1, 2011 discusses Dove's ties to the Gulen Movement.

    The connection with the Gulen Movement is further shown by the multiple affiliations of the following individuals, both past and present.
    Yalcin Akyildiz, a.k.a. Yalcin White
    • Principal, Dove Science Academy Oklahoma City  
    • Harmony Public Schools, South Cluster Superintendent  (Gulen charter schools)

    Bayram Annanurov
    • Teacher, Dove Science Academy
    • Teacher, Brookside-Frontier Math and Science School, Kansas City, Missouri (Gulen charter school)

    Ergin Bostanci
    • Dove Science Academy
    • Institute of Interfaith Dialog  (Gulenist)

    Kaan Camuz
    • Principal, Harmony Science Academy Austin
    • Dove Science Academy CEO, Superintendent
    • Petitioner, Dove School of Excellence Springdale, Arkansas (proposed Gulen charter school)

    Kamil Celik
    • Board Member, Dove Science Academy
    • Institute of Interfaith Dialog  (Gulenist)
    • Raindrop Turkish House  (Gulenist)

    Kazim Cicek
    • Teacher, Dove Science Academy
    • Teacher, Chesapeake Science Point, Maryland  (Gulen charter school)

    Volkan Cicek
    • Dove Science Academy
    • Board Member, Sky Foundation d.b.a. Dove Science Academy
    • Harmony Science Academy  (Gulen charter school)
    • Institute of Interfaith Dialog  (Gulenist)
    • Interfaith Dialogue Student Association  Oklahoma State University  (Gulenist)
    • Dean of Faculty of Education, Isik (Ishik) University, Iraq  (Gulenist)

    Bilal Erturk
    • President, Board, Dove Science Academy
    • Institute of Interfaith Dialog, Tulsa OK  (Gulenist)
    • President of Texas A&M's Institute of Interfaith Dialogue chapter  (Gulenist)

    Birol Furat
    • Board Member, Sky Foundation d.b.a. Dove Science Academy
    • Dove Science Academy principal
    • Principal, Lisa Academy, Arkansas  (Gulen charter school)
    • Turkish Cultural Center New York  (Gulenist)
    • Turkish Cultural Center Queens  (Gulenist)
    • Turkish Olympiads judge  (Gulenist competition)

    Ilker Gure
    • Dean of Students, Dove Science Academy
    • Assistant Superintendent, Cosmos Foundation  (Gulenist)

    Mustafa Guvercin a.k.a. Mustafa Dove  (note: dove=guvercin in Turkish)
    • Principal, Dove Science Academy
    • Cluster Superintendent, Harmony Science Academy Austin  (Gulen charter school)
    • Petitioner, Pelican Math and Science Charter School, Louisiana  (proposed Gulen charter school)
    • CEO, Abramson Science and Technology Charter School, Louisiana  (Gulen charter school)
    • Executive Director, Bluebonnet Learning Center, Texas   (Gulenist business)

    Yusuf Kandir
    • Dove Science Academy
    • Harmony School of Nature and Athletics   (Gulen charter school)
    • Brookside Frontier Math and Science School   (Gulen charter school)

    Ihsan Kara
    • Board Member, Sky Foundation d.b.a. Dove Science Academy
    • Harmony Science Academy Brownsville  (Gulen charter school)

    Gultekin Kaya
    • Dove Science Academy
    • Harmony Science Academy Lubbock TX  (Gulen charter school)
    • Harmony Science Academy College Station TX   (Gulen charter school)

    Orhan Kucukoskan
    • Dove Science Academy
    • Sky Foundation
    • Raindrop Turkish House  (Gulenist)

    Asil Oztekin
    • Board Member, Sky Foundation d.b.a. Dove Science Academy
    • OSU Interfaith Dialog Student Association  (Gulenist)
    • Institute of Interfaith Dialog  (Gulenist)

    Birol Ozturk
    • Board Member, Sky Foundation d.b.a. Dove Science Academy
    • Institute of Interfaith Dialog, Oklahoma  (Gulenist)
    • Board Member, Turkish Cultural Center of Syracuse  (Gulenist)

    Fevzi Simsek
    • Principal, Dove Science Academy
    • Principal, Discovery School of Tulsa  (Gulen charter school)

    Hasan Suzuk
    • Dove Science Academy
    • Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School  (Gulen charter school)

    Can "John" Topuz
    • Dove Science Academy
    • Curriculum Consultant, Sky Foundation; paid $52,836 in 2006
    • Texas Gulf Foundation   (Gulenist)
    • Institute of Academic Studies   (Gulenist)
    • North American College  (private Gulenist post-secondary institution)

    Muhammet Turkay
    • Teacher, Dove Science Academy
    • Vice Principal, Memphis School of Excellence  (Gulen charter school)

    Hakan Yagci
    • Board Member, Sky Foundation d.b.a. Dove Science Academy
    • Principal, Harmony Science Academy College Station  (Gulen charter school)
    • Principal, Harmony School of Nature and Athletics  Dallas  (Gulen charter school)

    Zekeriya Yuksel
    • Principal/Executive Director, Dove Science Academy
    • Board Member, Sky Foundation d.b.a. Dove Science Academy
    • Harmony Science Academy San Antonio  (Gulen charter school)
    • Regional Superintendent, Harmony Public Schools  (network of Gulen charter schools)

    Gulen Politicians- Mean Jean or the "Crazy Lady of Capitol Hill"

    Evidently "Mean Jean" is under investigation by the House Ethics committee for accepting free legal services from the Turkish Coalition of America. Jean has also accepted over $30,000 in campaign contributions from out of state (OH) Turkish people. Not a surprise that Ohio is home to the second largest amount of Gulen Charter Schools - Horizon Science Academys which ironically are also under investigation.

    Rep. Jean Schmidt is being investigated by the Office of Congressional Ethics for her receipt of legal assistance from a Turkish-American group, according to a story in today’s Roll Call.
    UPDATED: Read Malia Rulon’s front page story here
    Bill Cable, spokesman for the Office of Congressional Ethics, told the Enquirer’s Malia Rulon: ”Under the rules, we are not allowed to comment about whether an investigation is going on or what stage we are in.”
    The office recommends to the House Ethics committee whether to investigate violations.
    Democrat David Krikorian, who has run against Schmidt twice in Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District, has filed a number of complaints against Schmidt with the Office of Congressional Ethics, saying Schmidt has improperly received free legal services from the Turkish Coalition of America and its defense fund.
    Schmidt has a pending defamation suit against Krikorian in Clermont County Common Pleas Court, filed after the Ohio Elections Commission ruled that Krikorian had made false statements when he accused Schmidt of taking money from Turkish interests.
    Clermont County Democratic Party chairman Dave Lane - who is no fan of Krikorian – said he will wait until the Office of Congressional Ethics makes a determination before passing judgment.
    “This thing between Schmidt and Krikorian is a mess; and it’s been a mess since the beginning,” said Lane, who backed Surya Yalamanchili over Krikorian in last year’s 2nd District primary. “It’s become a soap opera. And I guess, with a soap opera, you just have to stay tuned.”
    The Enquirer will update this story. If you’re wondering if Rep. Schmidt is your congresswoman, here’s a map of the district. You can also type in your Zip Code here.
    Meanwhile, here is Malia Rulon’s story from Aug. 1, 2010 about Schmidt’s eyebrow-raising ties to the Turkish-American groups:
    Sunday, August 1, 2010
    Complaint claims illegal free help
    By Malia Rulon
    WASHINGTON – Rep. Jean Schmidt isn’t Turkish, and there aren’t many Turks in her southern Ohio district, but the Miami Township Republican is deeply invested in a legal battle stemming from the Turkish denial of the Armenian genocide.
    And that battle could land her in a heap of trouble.
    At issue is whether Schmidt accepted what foes estimate to be at least $200,000 worth of free representation from a Turkish legal group so she could file two cases against former opponent David Krikorian, who is of Armenian descent.
    Schmidt spokesman Bruce Pfaff told The Enquirer that the Schmidt campaign hired the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund to represent her in both cases against Krikorian. Pfaff said she is in the process of setting up a legal expense fund to pay the organization’s fees.
    Krikorian, who ran unsuccessfully as an independent in 2008 and as a Democrat in this year’s primary, has filed a complaint over this issue with the Office of Congressional Ethics, which forwards complaints of merit to the official House ethics committee for further action. Investigations aren’t typically made public unless a sanction is made. Krikorian’s complaint is dated July 13.
    He alleges that Schmidt, or her campaign, accepted free legal services from TALDF, which would be a violation of campaign finance laws or House gift rules, or both.
    If it turns out she violated campaign finance laws or House rules, she could face a fine, a reprimand, or much more – such as an ethics investigation.
    Haven’t gotten the bill yet
    Since her first case filed with the Ohio Elections Commission in May 2009, Schmidt’s campaign finance reports have not indicated any payment or debt for legal services, or any in-kind gifts from TALDF for the work. A separate lawsuit was filed against Krikorian this past June. Again, no payments were listed in her latest campaign finance report, which covers activity until June 30.
    Schmidt spokesman Pfaff said that’s because the cases are still going on. He turned down a request to speak to the congresswoman directly.
    “I don’t believe that there has been a bill for their services to this point,” he said, adding that the lawyers are waiting for the legal expense fund to be set up before submitting a bill.
    But statements made under oath in August 2009 by Bruce Fein, who handles cases for TALDF and is representing Schmidt, and former Schmidt chief of staff Barry Bennett seem to contradict this. They suggest the TALDF would pay the legal bills for Schmidt’s case.
    When asked whether TALDF had charged the Schmidt campaign any money for representation, Fein said: “The answer is no. We stated that we would do this and we would not charge them legal fees.”
    Krikorian’s lawyer asked Bennett, “And there’s no ethics issue associated with Turkish American Legal Defense Funds paying for Ms. Schmidt’s legal fees?”
    Bennett replied: “No, not that I’m aware of.”
    These statements were made in depositions taken for the Ohio Elections Commission case. They were submitted to the Office of Congressional Ethics as part of Krikorian’s request for a formal investigation.
    ‘We have not paid them’
    So the question becomes: Were Schmidt’s lawyers paid, and if so, by whom?
    Pfaff said he didn’t know the answer. “We have not paid them,” he said.
    Schmidt has been represented by three lawyers: Fein and David Salzman, both of Fein & Salzman in Washington, who are also listed as contacts on the TALDF Web site; and Donald C. Brey of Chester, Willcox & Saxbe in Columbus.
    The Enquirer reached Fein by phone to ask whether Schmidt had paid Fein & Salzman. He said, “I’ve stated all that I’m going to say on the record,” before hanging up.
    Brey did not return phone and e-mail messages seeking comment.
    According to the Federal Election Commission, as long as no bills have been submitted or paid, then no laws have been violated. Schmidt would be required to report the cost of the legal services when the bill is received, listed either as a debt or paid for by campaign funds or a legal expense fund.
    Pfaff has said in previous news reports that the lawyers spent more than 200 hours on the case. There were travel fees involved for them as well as a witness, court reporting fees and other costs. He declined to estimate the total cost.
    In his complaint, Krikorian guessed that the total cost could range from $200,000 to $500,000, which would exceed what Schmidt’s congressional office or campaign is legally allowed to accept.
    Christopher P. Finney, a Cincinnati lawyer who is representing Krikorian, said he finds it highly unlikely, not to mention extremely unusual, that any law firm would go 15 months without submitting a bill, especially when the costs are that high.
    Pfaff said Schmidt’s office has been in touch with the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, commonly referred to as the House ethics committee, since the “very beginning.” When asked for a specific date, he said, “conversations,” and a request for an advisory opinion from the committee, occurred in September 2009.
    A long feud
    Schmidt’s first case was filed in May 2009, and Pfaff said there was a delay in formally communicating with the committee because it took several months to figure out how to proceed.
    He said the committee responded in writing in February. He declined to release the committee’s letter because it’s protected by “congressional privilege” and could be used in Schmidt’s pending case against Krikorian. The Enquirer turned down an offer to view the document unless it could report on what it said.
    “I want people to recognize that David Krikorian is willing to say or do anything to attack the congresswoman with little or no proof. He has no understanding of how long it takes to get things through the House committee here, and he has no understanding of what discussions we’ve had with the House committee on this matter,” he added.
    Schmidt’s legal battles with Krikorian go back to the 2008 election. In a complaint filed with the Ohio Elections Commission in May 2009, she alleged that Krikorian had made false and damaging statements on his campaign website when he said she took “blood money” to deny the Armenian genocide, in which more than a million Armenians were killed by Turks at the end of World War I. The Turkish government says there were massacres on both sides in the conflict as the Ottoman Empire collapsed.
    For the record, Schmidt said she does not believe that the events of 1915 constitute a genocide. Regardless, she argued before the OEC that the campaign donations she received from Turkish sources came from American donors and not the Turkish government, which would be illegal.
    The OEC ruled in her favor in October, issuing a written reprimand to Krikorian for making false statements.
    Then this June, Schmidt filed a lawsuit against Krikorian in Clermont County Common Pleas Court seeking $6.8 million in compensatory and punitive damages, alleging that Krikorian had again accused her of taking “blood money” from the Turks.
    Schmidt has long been a darling of the Turkish community.
    In May 2009, right after filing the Ohio Elections Commission complaint against Krikorian, she traveled to Turkey, courtesy of the Turkish Coalition of America. The following month, an editorial she wrote was published in Today’s Zaman, a Turkish newspaper.
    In Congress, she has praised the founding of Turkey on the House floor, opposed legislation recognizing the Armenian genocide, and joined the Caucus on U.S.-Turkish Relations. She has also marched as grand marshal in a Turkish Day Parade, lunched with a group of Turks at Cafe Istanbul in Newport, and raised thousands in campaign contributions from Turkish Americans.
    According to the last census, there are just 3,159 Turks in Ohio, including 297 in the 2nd Congressional District.
    Schmidt’s response
    Rep. Jean Schmidt’s office declined to give The Enquirer a copy of the letter from the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct.
    They sent the following e-mail summarizing it:
    The letter from the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct shows:
    1. The Committee on Standards is well aware of all the facts surrounding our case.
    2. These facts include the fact that Congresswoman Schmidt is represented by TALDF and it is aware of the relationship between TALDF and TCA.
    3. The Committee has seen a copy of the action filed at the Ohio Elections Commission (OEC).
    4. The Committee is aware that we have not received a bill and why.
    5. The legal expenses incurred in connection with the Elections Commission action were directly related to her candidacy for federal office – one of the specific permissible types of actions under the Committee’s Legal Expense Fund regulations.
    6. There is no restriction under the Committee’s Legal Expense Fund Regulations that would bar the establishment of such a trust fund to pay past legal expenses, so long as no solicitation or receipt of donations occurred before the Committee’s written approval of the trust agreement.
    7. Jean has complied with all House rules and regulations. The information sent by Mr. Krikorian to the Office of Congressional Ethics is without merit.