Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gulen Schools Worldwide: Gulenist give famous trips to Turkey to Capetown, ...

Gulen Schools Worldwide: Gulenist give famous trips to Turkey to Capetown, ...: Gulenists and the famous free trips to Turkey, winning the hearts and minds of the people. Even though an insider had informed me abo...


  1. We are being snowed by the Gulenist PR machine here in Loudoun County, Virginia.

    They have built their typical groundswell of support from corrupt and/or ignorant politicians and other public figures.

    The proposed Gulen school is now under review by the Loudoun County School Board.

    Here is a list of local politicians who have sent letters of support for the Gulen crowd:

    Could you add them to your site, please?



  2. Dear Kent;
    In the true predictable nature of the Gulen Movement, they are paying for their support via: donations, awards at their interfaith dialogue dinners, photo opportunity for politicians at the Gulen Schools they visit and those famous trips to Turkey.
    You should look up some famous politicians that were in the pockets of the Gulen Movement and where they are now...Jean Schmidt, Sen McGee of Idaho (had to leave office because of a sex scandal) and now Tom Horne currently Attorney General of AZ (formerly State School superintendant of Arizona has the FBI on his tail.

    See Kent you don't get it...the Gulen Movement helps us to flush out the corrupt politicians from America. Soon the Movement will be flushed down the toiled with their corrupt politicians.

    Fight back with your votes, you are doing a world of good in your numbers there in VA, keep up the noise. Even if they win and get the school they lose. Because no one will send their kids there except other Gulenists.
    Most Americans are not so naive anymore, they are finding out every day that those fake awards and grades their kids are getting mean nothing.
    Gulen cares nothing about educating American kids. Their schools are easy - they are not out to make American kids into scholars but rather as Turkish Gulen Sympathizers that will promote the "Golden Generation" which will control the new neo-Ottoman Caliphate that Gulen hopes to create.
    So far he and his greedy followers have done well. For instance the Gulen TUSKON business group went into Iraq and recieved over $11.8 Billion in Contracts to rebuild Iraq, they currently have over 109 projects going on in Iraq: Hospitals, Schools (surprise, Surprise), commercial buildings and more.

    But as all Cults do.........they end very poorly.
    It's only a matter of time.