Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Virginia Representative of 87th District David Ramadan, the reason Gulen Loudoun Math and IT Academy passed State Hurdle

David emigrated to the United States of America from Lebanon in 1989. He is a graduate of George Mason University (Virginia, USA) with a Masters of Arts degree in International Trade and Transactions and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Governments and Politics. He completed graduate studies at Oxford University (Oxford, England), the American Graduate School of Business (Geneva, Switzerland), Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD) and Georgetown University (Washington DC). He completed his High School at International College (IC) in Beirut, Lebanon. David served on the Board of Visitors of George Mason University (GMU); he was appointed by Governor McDonnell. He formerly served as an Adjunct Professor at his Alma-mater where he taught a course
George Mason University is also a receipant of huge $$ contributions by the Republic of Turkey, Erdogan has visited this University .
Read more here about Rep, David Ramadan’s controversy over Sharia law and the ground zero mosque.  Where does his loyalty REALLY lie? (as in liar)


Loudoun Math and IT Academy Charter School Application
Gains Approval by State Board of Education
State BOE Action Paves the Way for Local Consideration of the
Charter Application by the Loudoun County School Board
Richmond, Va. – The Loudoun Math and IT Academy (LMITA) charter school was formally approved as meeting all the necessary charter school criteria by the State Board of Education (BOE) at its meeting this week, paving the way for the Loudoun County School Board to consider the application, and ultimately, decide on its final approval.
“This is a significant step forward in the process of making the Loudoun Math and IT Academy a reality,” said Ali Gocke, a Loudoun County parent and IT professional who has spearheaded the effort to establish the charter.  “With this affirmative statement from the State Board of Education that our application meets all the necessary criteria to advance, we are looking forward to engaging the education, parent and business community in Loudoun to ensure the LMITA can truly enhance the excellent education Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is currently providing through offering an additional choice for those kids who are interested in math and information technology.”
The LMITA is seeking to establish a charter school in Loudoun County for grades 6 through 12 with a particular emphasis in the Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) and cyber security areas.  The LMITA charter school project grew out of a true grass roots effort by a group of Loudoun County parents, many of whom work in the IT field, who became interested in opportunities to have more focused math and IT education choices within LCPS. This group of parents researched charter schools across the tri-state area looking for a model that they thought may be a good fit for our community.  Through their research, they found the Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School (CSP), which is in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and has achieved significant success and recognition since its approval in 2005.  After further discussions and consideration, they decided to pursue building support for and establishing a charter school here in Loudoun modeled after the CSP concept, but that is adapted to meet the unique culture and dynamic here, as well as to provide a true enhancement to the already high level of education that is currently being provided to our children through LCPS.
By Virginia law, charter schools must have open enrollment; therefore, any student living in Loudoun County would be able to attend the Loudoun Math & IT Academy at no additional cost to the family or the school system, as long as there are available seats. Pending approval, the LMITA plans to enroll 96 students in each grade starting with 6th and 7th grades in the fall of 2013, and will add one additional grade every year from there until full enrollment is reached.
“We applaud LCPS for all it is doing to focus on the STEM areas throughout the schools, but firmly believe a free-standing charter school – one that is focused on STEM education and open to all interested Loudoun students grades 6-12 – will enhance and expand those efforts, and broaden LCPS’s capabilities to prepare Loudoun’s children not just for today’s job market or for the academic programs in today’s colleges and universities, but for those of the future,” said Gocke.
The LMITA has already received broad support throughout the community, including letters of support from the majority of Loudoun’s General Assembly delegation, many current and past members of the Board of Supervisors, business leaders and several business organizations, including the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, the Northern Virginia Technology Council and the Dulles Regional Chamber.
Having been approved as meeting the necessary criteria for a charter application by the State Board of Education, the LMITA charter will now be considered by the Loudoun County School Board, which will make the ultimate decision with regard to approval of this charter school. 
The School Board has already actively engaged on the issue of charter schools, having recently adopted revised protocols that provide for greater participation in the local evaluation process by members of the Board, which the LMITA sees as very positive.  “The more input and dialogue we are able to have with LCPS staff, Board members and the community, the better our school will be able to meet the needs and interests of the community, so we welcome as much participation as possible in the process by the Board and the community,” said Gocke.
The LMITA hopes to host a series of information sessions over the coming months to provide more information about its application and seek community feedback.  In the meantime, for more information, please visit, or follow the LMITA Facebook page for regular updates at


  1. For full details (and plenty of questions) on Ramadan, see:

  2. Thank you anonymous.
    Ramadan is born in Southern Lebanon, he is infact, not "Lebanese" but more than likely the Palastinians that fled into the south after fleeing Israel and other places. There is much friction in the country of Lebanon between the indigenous Christian population (Druze, Maronite, Catholics and Orthodox) and the newer squatters in the south like the Ramadan clan.

    The other interesting fact is Ramadan is a graduate of George Mason University, which has accepted $millions from the Turkish Government and has had a special visit from Prime Minister Erodogan himself.

    As a rule Shi'a like Ramadan don't mix with Sufis Cults but the campaign money from the Gulen Movement must make a difference.