Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mitch Ceasar, Florida Democratic Chairman is new Lobbyist for Gulen Schools in Florida


Mitch Ceasar is taking a chance with the wealthy retired Jews in Florida that are in his district and that did admire him.  Israel and Jews don't exactly have a great relationship with Turkey.  Here is hoping that politician Mitch Caesar is really sticking to the Gulen Movement with fees $$$.

A proposed Broward charter school with ties to Fethullah Gulen, the mysterious Islamic cleric, hired Broward
Democrat Chairman Mitchell Ceasar as its lobbyist before the Broward County School Board. Known as “Gulen
Schools”, followers of Gulen have built thousands of charter schools all over the world. Last May, CBS News 60
 Minutes television program documented the growing Gulen school movement in the United States. 60 Minutes
said Gulen, living in seclusion in the Poconos mountains,appears only via video webcasts. Gulen, a Turkish
citizen, was accused of treason by calling for an Islamic coup of the Turkish government. The report
mentioned classified emails released by Wikileaks which disclosed some in the Turkish government see Gulen
as“political leader such as Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini.”
The 60 Minutes report covered accusations that Gulen schools abuse U.S. immigration laws by bringing in t
housands of Turkish citizens to teach math and science at the charter schools. An official with a Texas charter
school group called the claim not sure” saying Turkish citizens are brought over because of a lack of
“qualified” American teachers. But 60 Minutes found that visa applications for Gulen teachers listed them as
“English teachers.
” Oops! Some American teachers claim Gulen teachers are forced to give a portion of their salaries back to the
Gulen movement.
Paging the Broward Teachers Union!
Dating back to 2007, Gulen followers, under the name of Riverside Science Inc., have been trying to open a
charter school in Broward County.
Their first try, Riverside Science Academy, failed after school officials were unable to secure a lease. Just
before the start of the 2012-13 school year, the group’s second try, “Broward Math And Science School”, was
denied the right to open a Margate campus. CBS 4 News reported, “The district said each school failed to
submit documentation of certain provisions they had to meet before the July 20th  deadline. The schools in
question were given several reminders of the deadline and notified that ‘Failure to provide the required
documents within the specific timeframe terminated the charter agreement.’”
So like any other business seeking government influence, Riverside Science Inc. decided they needed a
lobbyist. According to Broward Schools lobbyist records, the group hired Mitch Ceasar in December 2012.
Caesar, a Plantation attorney, is also the chairman of the Broward Democrat Executive Committee.
Sure, local Republicans and Tea Party groups will be quick to blast Caesar for helping the controversial Gulen
followers. However, even liberals may find fault with the Gulen schools.
The New York Times reported on State of Georgia audits which found Gulen charter schools funneled money
and contracts to other Gulen followers. “The audit, released Tuesday by the Fulton County Schools near
Atlanta, found the schools made purchases like T-shirts, teacher training and video production services from
organizations with connections to school officials or Gulen followers. Those included more than $500,000 in
contracts since January 2010 with the Grace Institute, a foundation whose board has included school
leaders. In some cases the awards skirted bidding requirements, the audit said.”
Why is Mitch Caesar so eager to help followers of a shadowy Muslim cleric funnel taxpayer dollars to Turkey
and who knows where? Broward school dollars should be spent in
Broward, not in the Poconos mountains or Turkey.


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