Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gulen Movement Politicians- They missed the news of McGee's Senate Exit

John McGee

by Associated Press
Posted on March 8, 2012 at 10:02 AM

BOISE -- A Turkish group promoting stronger cultural ties to America with educational trips for state legislators to places like Istanbul and Ankara was forced to delete former Sen. John McGee from its host committee for an upcoming Idaho Capitol luncheon. Pacifica Institute representative Coskun Kariparduc said Wednesday he wasn't previously aware the Caldwell Republican resigned in February amid sexual harassment allegations. Last September, McGee was on one of the group's Turkish excursions for legislators -- an event that became widely known in Idaho only because McGee posted to Facebook that he and his wife were unscathed by an explosion in Ankara. Kariparduc's organization, with ties to the moderate Muslim spiritual leader Fethullah Gulen, is hosting a March 14 luncheon in the Capitol rotunda



  1. What a joke that this American should be hung out to dry when the hypocritical Turks have a major sex slave industry. Not to mention many of those bozos also have 4-5 wives and when they tire of them off to the sex slave brothels they go.

    Turkey has a long standing history of keeping concubines.Worse, muslims have a 1,700 year history of making people slaves including sex.

    When they entered places where blacks lived, they would first castrate all black men, and rape the women, in hopes of impregnating them. Somehow I guess this is viewed as holy, but the only holy I see are 'holes' in their brains.

    Months back NPR ran a feature on the turk sex slave industry...we learned that as smuggled females, these women are trapped into sexual slavery in an often bestial setting where they must 'service' 10-12 men a day. Oftentimes the men are mental and savagely beat her.

    If she ends up pregnant, off to a butcher for aborting, and within hours she is expected to be on a mattress, to once again, service these monster madmen even if still bleeding.

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    Gleaned from a LA Times article, must reading.,

    "About 5,000 women, more than half from Moldova and Ukraine, are believed to be working as sex slaves in Turkey, an agency official said. The prostitution networks make about $150 per customer, with each woman serving up to 15 clients a day."

    If this is what their Allah or MOOO-HAMed teaches the men of that so called religion, then it is about time for muslim women to stand up en masse and scream to the highest heavens that their religion is sick to the core to allow this.

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    To get a better understanding of the bestial and downright sadistic nature of the men who run this business, read on.. "The foreigners' plight was graphically brought to light last summer when security forces found 5 Ukrainian women in a windowless, 40-sq-ft underground cell in the Mediterranean resort of Antalya.

    The women had been imprisoned for 10 months by a father and son who forced them into prostitution after luring them to Turkey with promises of legitimate jobs. In her statement to police, one of the women said the father had poured boiling oil over her legs and genitals when she refused to have sex with a client. The women were rescued after a client called a free telephone help line set up by authorities last year."

    Be sure to read that LA Times article/url above to better understand how hypocritical the Turks are to chide an american man who would never in a 1,000 years believe holding hostage young girls and abusing them in the most violent, sadistic ways can in any way, shape or form be considered one and the same.

    Adults consenting to a relationship is one thing....terrorizing and raping girls along with sadistic physical actions are worlds apart..The turks should know this as they are already worlds apart..and this is why Gulen goon ball thinks he can catch up. His worlds apart is about 16 centuries world apart!

  2. Hey maybe birds of a feather flock together?
    The Gulen Movement is great at helping Americans sniff out corrupt politicians. I think we should keep around the Gulen Movement just for that.