Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement

Corrupt Politicians and Tools of the Gulen Movement
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gulen Politicians-Association with Gulen dangerous for Politicians

Although this article is a few years old it speaks of the dangers for politicians to be associated with the Gulen Movement or any of it's front groups.  Worldwide the tactic is the same, although Gulen professes to be about world peace and respect, this is a lie it is all about politics and is very involved with the politics in Turkey as well as in the USA.  If you are a politician and are reading this, you may want to think twice before you accept that next honor at a Gulen Institute Interfaith Dinner, or that next free trip to Turkey.  Think very hard about whether risking your career is worth it.  Out of the Gulen owned media Fethullah Gulen press room web site.

Many politicians who have had close relations with moderate Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen may have a hard time these days after revelations that he urged his followers to infiltrate the state system and gain power...
According to political observers, the sudden campaign against Gulen may have much to do with presidential elections scheduled for next May.
The fact that the media campaign against Gulen is being conducted along with repeated film clips of the preacher with certain prominent political personalities has further strengthened claims that the target is not really the veteran religious leader but some political leaders with presidential ambitions. The films show Gulen shaking hands with political leaders, sitting with them or presenting them with awards.
Gulen is accused of trying to grab power within the state apparatus by infiltrating various departments. Recordings of his confidential discussions with his followers reveal Gulen telling them to enter the state system, remain in the background and avoid the limelight. Gulen warned his followers in the recordings that "if they ... come out early, the world will squash their heads. They will make Muslims relive events in Algeria again."
This was regarded as a sinister Islamic plot by Gulen to conquer the secular system from within and destroy it. Newspapers and TV stations used the recordings to launch a major offensive against Gulen and his followers and erode the credibility of everyone involved with them.
Gulen's preaching, his efforts to set up popular schools in Turkey and abroad, his investments in the financial sector and in the media were all common knowledge for a very long time. But what was new were the claims that Gulen has been using this huge empire to plot to infiltrate the state system and act for an Islamic state "when the time comes."
In the past, Gulen has come under criticism for "hiding his real motives" and using his preaching of tolerance and goodwill to install his followers in the judicial system and the security forces. But this time the recordings showed Gulen telling his followers to "hide your intentions" and remain anonymous.
Once the media campaign against Gulen went into full swing, the TV stations started showing Gulen with several top leaders, led by President Suleyman Demirel and some others, and this prompted speculations that the campaign is also targeting some people who hope to become president in the elections next May. There is talk that a constitutional change should be made to allow Demirel to seek a second term as president.
There has been talk in Turkey in the past of a constitutional change to allow Demirel to seek re-election. Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit has been one of the leading proponents of this suggestion.
Most of the accusations against Gulen on TV and in the news reporting that the authorities are launching a probe against him and his followers are being coupled with scenes of the preacher presenting the "Tolerance Award" to Demirel, or their previous meetings where the two shake hands. Thus, the campaign to erode Gulen's credibility is also targeting President Demirel.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit cannot run for the presidency as he is not a university graduate so he is not being targeted in this anti-Gulen campaign. Despite his relations with Gulen in the past, the media is not mentioning or showing scenes of Ecevit with the preacher. In the past Ecevit has come under fire from various circles for supporting the moderate stance of Gulen.
There is some talk that Parliament Speaker Yildirim Akbulut is also a distant presidential hopeful. Therefore, his pictures and films with Gulen are also being published and screened these days. If the constitutional amendment is not made Akbulut could emerge as one of the leading contenders in the presidential race.
Meanwhile, while the politicians are indirectly criticized for their connections with Gulen, one person that receives praise is former Chief of Staff retired General Ismail Hakki Karadayi. Accusations and news about Gulen are coupled with reminders that the preacher wanted to meet Karadayi but he was rebuffed in the past. Karadayi rejected the "Tolerance Award" which Gulen wanted to present to him and this is being repeatedly mentioned in the media these days. Meanwhile, Karadayi's name is frequently being mentioned as a possible presidential candidate. Presidents are usually elected from within the Parliament but if at least 90 deputies support the candidacy of an outsider he too can become a candidate.
Observers say that while most politicians are suffering from the campaign against Gulen only Karadayi is benefiting from the current media offensive.
Observers also say that such campaigns and attempts to erode the credibility of presidential hopefuls may intensify as the presidential elections approach in the spring of the year 2000. 06.22.1999

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